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Neuro-Genix full spectrum Brain Integration is a powerful program for correction of learning disabilities including but not limited to ADD, ADHD and dyslexia. Our non-invasive remote technique achieves improved:


  • Reading comprehension.

  • Memory and concentration.

  • Learning and retention skills.

  • Understanding abstract and mathematical concepts.

  • Physical coordination,  balance and performance.


Almost all human dysfunction, whether physical or behavioral has its roots in the effects of various types of stress as well as emotional and physical trauma lodged in body circuits, systems and structures.


The release and replacement

of rooted toxic feelings, emotions and negative mind-states such as anger, grief, absence of true forgiveness, obsession and depression are necessary for health, well-being and optimum performance.


The Neuro-Genix Generational Healing Processes are designed to remove the detrimental effects of inherited genetic and epigenetic dysfunction in human performance and health.


Any therapeutic program that does not include generational and family field considerations will necessarily be limited in effect. Though unique as persons, we are inevitably an interactive component of a bigger picture which must be addressed for optimum health.



  • ​Stress Management & PTSD

  • ​Performance Enhancement (academic, educational, presentation/test prep, sports)

  • Autism Spectrum

  • Electromagnetic Sensitivity

  • ​Addictive Behaviors

  • Life Purpose

  • Primal Fear Release

  • Epigenome Optimization

  • Childhood Trauma & Sexual Abuse

  • Abortion Trauma

  • Transgenerational issues

  • Fetal emotional/spiritual



Please note: We have retired and no longer offer the above services.

This web site is maintained for educational purposes only. There is a wealth of information here on a variety of topics. Please feel free to explore.

Our work can be challenging to the subject as layers of healing are peeled away revealing core issues that prevent optimum health and wellness. However, this work is an empowering journey to FREEDOM.* Also, please note that we do not market the above services. They are simply listed here for informational purposes. We only accept very few clients as directed by Above and no longer charge for our services.

In the course of our clinical experience and research into matters of health we have encountered a number of unanticipated results and observations. Perhaps the most significant of these has been the critical importance of the family with respect to human health and well-being (current mortal and ancestral). Another is that of the role of information. Information is the basic building block of creation. Our work is primarily informational. It involves energy because everything is made out of energy, though governed by the information it contains and transmits. We now know that everything that we experience (conscious or otherwise) is informational data waiting to be accessed, understood and incorporated to our benefit if we can comprehend its meaning and act accordingly. Everything in our existence is endowed with intelligence. Indeed, it could be said that all of our experiences are simply the Universe talking to us. If we are listening and receptive we are being taught what we need to know.  

​​Principle #1:  What we are at this moment is a unique composite — an accumulation of data and energy signatures that define and explain essentially who and what we are as well as our total health history and outlook. We are not only elements of our ancestors' DNA but also an epigenetic expression that includes thousands of potential variations operating within an interactive set of energetic field forces. This composite comprises elements and traces of all that we have experienced in life — every interaction, stress, reward or trauma and its effect upon our information storage and energetic systems, interwoven with and within our eternal spirit.


Included are myriads of accumulated unconscious processes that govern most of our otherwise conscious behavior. Often overlooked are lessons, covenants and promises made in our pre-mortal spirit realm. Our entire personal history, spirit's character and an essentially compromised component of agency combine to make up this unique personal composite. The actual level of agency and options open in life, the ability to express who we really are, and the level of mental and physical health available is largely governed by the above factors. 


Principle #2:  Though our body’s electrical communication circuits are physical in the material sense they are also associated with energetic signals that exist within an environment of wave forms — naturally operating within our bodies and the universe. Our composite makeup, therefore, resides within a constant ebb and flow context of energy and the inherent beneficial information these signals contain combined with information received through our spirit.


Principle #3: Regardless of age there is for each of us looming in our life path a set of health and behavioral conditions which are largely predetermined by our generational and mortal history. This history consists of the data context of the historical information and its nature and interaction within our mind/body and ancestral, family and envirnmental energy fields. Fortunately, this history can be modified fpr personal benefit.

Principle #4: Our family energy fields are, themselves, a composite of the lives, attitudes, experiences, habits, dispositions, and the love, sacrifice, violence, betrayal and unresolved abuse of previous generations as well as the lessons lodged deep within the subconscious learned in our previous spirit realm. Family field imbalances and disturbances play out as difficulties and disease among mortals — constituting a form of information which, if understood and applied, can lead to resolution and operation on higher ground for all concerned.


Principle #5: The universe was created as an ordered system by Divine Intelligence and everything in it contains its own relevant intelligence. Complete information about everything that has ever happened is also stored within the Universe and is, therefore, actually accessible. This fact has profound implications not only for health but for all we do in life.

Besides the resolution of whatever it is that brings someone to Neuro-Genix, one may also anticipate more clarity of thought, increased peace of mind, greater sense of well-being, heightened awareness and an expanded access to their agency.

* Since our clinical work experience at Neuro-Genix includes both pre and post mortal existence of the client spirit we can attest that our mortality phase is of critical meaning and importance. Our character and personality challenges that are not addressed in mortality do not disappear magically when passing through the veil of death. In the spirit's eternal path of progression nothing is overlooked. Character flaws and lack of accountability that are not dealt with here become significant obstacles to personal progress in our realm of existence beyond the veil. For more information see also White Papers 1 & 2, and                         See also

For principles of Sanctification see:


Optimum health can be an impossibility or an adventure.  It's a matter of choice. 

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