APPENDIX A - Additional Processes

Deep Channel Clearing

Deep Channel Clearing is an effective and age-old tool for optimizing health as an outgrowth of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and pertains to an identification through muscle response testing (MRT) of one or more energetic body channels (meridians) that are found to be imbalanced conducted for the purpose of correction by this process. These channels pertain to organs and tissue systems and govern the flow of subtle energies through them as well as projections and generalizations to other related systems and body parts. The Deep Channel Clearing Process is usually done in conjunction with and complimentary to other Neuro-Genix Processes.

Each channel or meridian relates to both a body organ and a number of emotional states that include a set of acupressure points on the respective meridian. When indicated these are to be balanced and any associated emotional state released.

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Hippocampus/Amygdalae Modulation

The Hippocampus/Amygdalae Process deals with clearing and balancing these two critical neurological brain structures with an object of attaining improvement and efficiency of function including correction and removal of any communication blockages to and between them and and optimization of related data storage and retrieval operations as well as maintaining proper linkages to stored memories, emotional data and appropriate processing of the same. The Hippocampus/Amygdalae Process is a tool generally utilized in orchestration with other Neuro-Genix Processes including Brain Integration.

Light Acquisition Process

The LIght Acquisition Process pertains to enhancing the state or level of LIght and Intelligence resident in the client mind/body and relationship with the client's spirit according to its normally inherited capacity. This process may be required when the vissitudes of life and/or death have compromised inherent intelligence and wisdom and eroded personal frequency and access to personal agency.


LIght and Intelligence are inherent components and properties of the universe and everything in it. Personal light and intelligence may also be enhanced by increased synchrony with nature and the natural elements and even more so by increasing synchrony with the Divine Nature.


This Process may also be used to assist a human spirit that has not gone to the Light within a reasonable period after death.

Neural Modulation

Neuro-Genix Neural Modulation is an outgrowth of Dr. Leslie Feinberg's brilliant NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) that employs energetic conversations by the pratitioner with the Other-Than-Conscious (OTC) mind of the client for both diagnostic and corrective effect. Depending upon the version of materials NMT consists of scores of mind/body systems relating to a comprehensive list of body functions and components.


Neuro-Genix uses extended and modified forms of NMT including Divine MInd/Body Template (DM/BT) reference data and Emotion/Belief Audit Trail processing for optimum removal of disruptive negative emotional roots and their energetic threads, filaments and compartments including present time negative habituation issues.

Standard Targets

The Standard Targets Process utilizes a powerful set of human performance and health standards to optimize function and achievement in almost all areas including mental grounding, present time and space awareness, a boost in personal frequency and brain function, and regulation of various physiological operations and body detox functions. 


Standard Targets is appropriate for test and presentation preparation, athletic performance, and general well-being. Longer term benefits may be achieved by a series of Standard Targets performance processes and/or inclusion with other Neuro-Genix Processes, particularly including Brain Integration.

Survival & Deep Survival Switching

The Neuro-Genix Survival Switching & Deep Survival Switching pertains to rectifing the effects of misrouting and improper processing of neurological data coming from the senses, such as sight, sound, touch, etc. due to such things as stress, trauma, biochemical or elctromagnetic interference. This process has emerged largely from the work of Dr. Charles Krebs (LEAP Brain Integration) 1)  with additional emphasis on emotional roots linked to the various historically embedded triggers effecting client neurological switching as well as the energetic wave forms involved. Survival Switching can be a compliment to NG Brain Integration as well as other NG Processes.

Transgenerational Traumatic Memory Release

The Trans-Generational Trauma Memory Release Process pertains to the existance and removal or rectification of imprinted memories found resident in the client mind/body that were generally (though not exclusively) acquired through various forms of inheritance from previous generations. These memories can actually be found in organs, spread among the cells and cellular structures and can also be found in the energetic field forces associated with the human body and its energy and tissue systems. These memories remain and are passed down through generations generally due to their traumatic and charged emotional nature and are triggered and operate inappropriately at unconscious levels. The conveyance process may be genetic, epigenetic and/or contained in morphogenic and other field wave forms.


This Process, partially an outgrowth of Carl Jung's Racial Memory concept, also deals with implanted or artificial memories, a proven puzzeling scientific phenomenon relating to memories of events and things that did not actually happen but which have actual energetic footprints or signatures that must be surgically addressed in an energetic sense for optimum health.

1) LEAP (Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program) and I-LEAP (Integrated Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program) refer to Dr. Charles Krebs landmark work in kinesiological applications to Brain Integration and related topics.