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White Papers 1

  • Frequency Testing Constructs & Some Implications

  • Some Broader Implications of Frequency Testing

  • Frequency Testing Pertaining to the Spirit World

  • Some Clinical Insights on the Spirit in the Womb Environment

  • Is There Such a Thing as Multiple Past Lives (Reincarnation)?

  • Generational Effects Manifest in the Living

  • Principles of "Ascension"

  • We Live in a World of Metaphors...and Some Notes about Our Work

  • Autism Spectrum Rectification Process - New Insights


WP1: Frequency Testing Constructs & Some Implications

Our experience with frequency testing began with Emotional Release Therapy, which testing related mainly to frequency ranges associated with key emotions in the context of a linear scale. For us, this practice was then developed and matured further mainly with Dr. Leslie Feinberg’s NeuroModulation Technique (NMT). In the latter modality there is a good deal of testing of the total system burdens (TSB) of Information Faults (IF’s) associated with manifesting mind/body problems to be addressed by a practitioner. This is done in NMT according to a log scale (to the base 10). A true log scale is essential in NMT due to its capacity to handle the tremendously high numbers associated with human cells, circuits and microorganisms as well as associated Information Faults (IF’s) to be cleared or rectified in some manner. Log values are necessary because the testing numbers of human cells, bacterium, intestinal flora and mind/body information faults (IF's), etc. are often in the billions and trillions.

The cells and other structures of the body hold a tremendous amount of information which is accessible under the right conditions using muscle response testing (MRT). This information may exceed biologically what is a available through lab tests as well as extend into other areas such as revealing emotional and mental states, However, the idea of testing and checking frequencies by kinesiological type muscle response testing not only for health related conditions but for other aspects of life has probably best been advocated by David Hawkins, the author of the popular book Power Versus Force. [1]  Assuming that testing of other things besides what is limited to health issues also has some potential value, as Hawkins suggests, we have taken his lead and applied the idea extensively.

In doing so, however, we have found that the frequency testing landscape is not exactly a smooth road—for a number of reasons. And, as we have said elsewhere, frequency testing is both an art and a science (and there is science to back it up, see SCIENCE 1, RESEARCH 1). There are principles and procedures involved that can help assure good results, not the least of which is a personal neutrality with regard to the outcome of any particular test—not always so easy to achieve. It also does not work for any detrimental purposes nor for predicting future events and can be easily swayed or skewed in the direction of anticipated or desired outcomes. Skewed results are also a generally unacknowledged factor in the realm of biological and medical research conclusions due to the quantum observer effect and the principle of entanglement in quantum physics (see SCIENCE 1, 2 & RESEARCH 1, 2). Desired experimental outcomes create themselves through both avarice as well as provable mental quantum effects.

We have, however, found MRT excellent for gauging personal frequencies of individuals and as a reflection or metric of such things as personal health and issue severity as well as an indication, if deemed appropriate, of personal integrity and even the associated level or possession of one’s Light and Truth. It has also been very useful for testing such things as supplements, books, seminars, modalities (and their creators), websites, public figures (including politicians), health advocate personalities, causes, salespersons, promotions, spirits, mentors, gurus, etc.


The fact that such pertinent information is registered and stored in the Zero Point Field, or the Universal Information Field (the term coined by Dr. Feinberg) and accessible under the right conditions is, when one thinks about it, truly profound. It goes along with the scriptural concept that nothing is hidden…at least not from the Lord (and He and his Universe is not much for keeping secrets from the truly inquiring mind and heart).

However, getting back to David Hawkins, we have found in our work some serious issues with his frequency constructs popular among alternative health practitioners. Though Hawkins asserts he is using a logarithmic scale, we find this highly unlikely. His assignments of frequencies to emotions and related states of mind, etc. only make sense to us if they are mapped on a straight line, that is, a linear scale.

Without getting too complicated, this consideration is important because the number 1000 on a linear scale is just that, 1000 units of one. Whereas 1000 on a log scale (such as to the base 10) is actually infinity. The difference between personal frequencies, for example, of 1000 on a linear scale and 1000 on a logarithmic scale is pretty close to infinite.  In our estimation this detail can foster erroneous and even dangerous conclusions.


For example, in the realm of spirituality and morals, and as a result of this apparent error, Walker seems to have made the mistake of assigning purportedly enlightened mortals such as Buddha and Confucius into the same category as Christ. Our own testing suggests, for example, that Buddha, at the height of his mortal powers, had a log (base 10) value frequency of 167 and a linear frequency of 533. Neither one of these is anywhere near1000 nor do these values even reach Walker’s minimum [evidently linear] enlightenment standard of 700. The values we tested for Buddha are, in fact, very high personal frequency values but do not compare in the slightest with that of Christ, whose frequency achieved a true logarithmic 1000 at His death and Resurrection. The highest logarithmic frequency we get for anyone (mortal) currently living on this planet is log 246.

Consequently, there is a tendency among alternative health practitioners and New Ager's (for lack of a better term) to lump all so-called masters into a 700—1000 frequency bucket associated with “enlightenment.” Whereas our testing does not support this idea at all. In fact, if we single out certain characters such as purported ascended master Djwal Khul, favorite of the late New Age notables Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey [2] (and others who have channeled him) we find his actual frequency to be a mere log 34. Other so-called ascended masters we have measured fall essentially in the same range (at the low end of the scales there is very little difference between log and linear values). This value range relates to evil spirits and and many of the spirits of the unrepentant dead.

The frequencies of these purported "ascended masters," whom, we are told have worked their way through countless incarnations, are actually right in the range for evil spirits. Many human spirits that have died but not gone to the Light are also in the same relative frequency range. We find so-called spirit guides and ascended masters essentially in this category. They do have knowledge but they are low frequency and are mainly interested in gaining power and control over mortals. We have also found that this category of spirits are often anxious to attach themselves to alternative health practitioners and bring with them the benefit of being able to read as well as infect human energy systems. They are often welcomed by practitioners because they, living in the realm of energy as they do, can often provide a rapid diagnosis and are seemingly good for business.

We have also found a considerable difference between the frequencies of the living and the dead—particularly if the living have not prepared for death—that is, apparently having to do with whether they have dealt with their mortal issues and inherited weaknesses. If not, in their confusion and loss of bearings at death they often fail to go to the Light and their personal frequencies drop from, let’s say,  typically a mortal metric log value of 122, to a log value of 42—where they will remain for an indefinite period or until they start asking the right questions. However, if a mortal has at least a log value of 172 (integrity, according to our scale) they will undoubtedly go to the Light and be able to continue to progress.

Frequency testing is simply an extension of regular muscle response testing (MRT) using an appropriate indicator muscle. This can be done, for example, using one’s self as a surrogate or a human reception/transmission device interacting with the everywhere present Zero Point or Universal Information Field according to the power of intention and the information being sought.


Prayer can be a very important component in the process. If done properly and for the right reasons such testing can be very revealing and will, as a byproduct, often lead one to the conclusion that things actually and in reality are seldom as they appear. We would also point out here that energy is not the bottom line in this work. Rather, it is information. It is information that we are working with such that energy is involved in the capacity of information storage, transmission and expression. It is information, or the "Word" that is the bedrock that governs everything. In this sense we are not traditional energy workers.

1) Hawkins, David, MD, PhD, Power Versus Force, The Hidden Determinants of Human behavior, 1995, 1998, 2004, 2012, Veritas Publishing.

2) Helena Blavatsky started her career as a spiritualist medium providing seances for Russian and German nobility but later evolved the concept of ascended masters with whom she purported to converse, providing under their instruction, a comprehensive pseudo-spiritual framework known as Theosophy. Theosophy caught on in Europe and particularly in Germany between the World Wars. It was also anti-Semitic and served to energize and support Hitler and the Nazi SS. The German, Rudolf Steiner, founder of the Waldorf Schools, represents an offshoot of Theosophy (and if one examines some of the school's student materials some rather strange topics will be observed). And though Blavatsky ended her life and career in New York, her beliefs were mainly promulgated in the US by disciples Annie Besant and Alice Bailey. It is really Alice Bailey that has put a version of Theosophy on the map. To further the cause, in 1922 she and her 32 degree Masonic Husband, Foster Bailey, started the Lucifer Publishing Company. The reader may be excused if taking this enterprise name as a cue or clue to the nature of the associated movement. In 1925 the Bailey's wisely changed the name to Lucis Trust. Under the driving force of the prolific Alice Bailey the Lucis Trust became a trusted key Nongovernmental Governmental Organization (NGO) of the United Nations and a key participant and ally of the longtime Assistant Secretary Deputy General of the UN, Robert Mueller. These two launched numerous UN programs including the World Core Curriculum (WCC including the "teachings of Alice Baily and the Tibetan...Djwhal Khul," e.g. Blavetsky's pet demon) the downstream inspiration for the red-headed step child curriculum known as Common Core (see: Besides denuding any vestiges of real learning the emphasis was stealthily shifted to early sexualization of children and destruction of children's national and tribal/familial identities (the same is true of Common Core). It may also be noted here that there is virtually no nation in which the various United Nation's organizations have had a physical presence in which there is not documentation of child and sexual abuse and other abominations. I take no reticence nor pleasure in stating that the UN is a haven for perverts. It is also a wellspring for the New Age and promulgation of Satanic New Word Order (NWO) doctrines and philosophies for which the progressive wing of the Democratic Party in the US is essentially the political expression.


WP2: Some Broader Implications of Frequency Testing

In our clinical work, now spanning many years, we have found our diagnostic testing to be extremely accurate and reliable for the purposes for which it was developed. We attribute this not only to the methodology we have evolved but also to the support of the Spirit of the Lord that has assisted in both the development of our work as well as its ongoing effectiveness. This is not meant to enhance our reputation or evoke personal honor. Rather, it is acknowledgment of the true power behind our work, that is of “He who arose with healing in His wings” (Mal 4:2). We should also note here that for a long time we have not marketed our work. We regard it as both a cause and a view into the sacred territory of life, humanity and God’s creations.

Moving from the above background, the object here is to touch on some items that have emerged from our broader use of frequency testing that could be of interest to the reader. As we evolved the application of informational frequency testing from diagnostic and clinical to metrics pertinent to other considerations several surprises were in store. [1] For example, we use this method to test the level of Light and Truth or the relative validity of all sorts of things. These may include nutritional supplements, books, seminars, instruction materials, videos, belief systems and people. If someone is advocating a course of action or belief to be accepted or adopted on our part, we want to know the level of truth associated both with the action or belief as well as the person or persons advocating it. We always pray to the Lord for clarity and neutrality before conducting such testing.

The results of these broader testing activities (e.g. beyond regular diagnostic use) have provided many insights, not the least of which is that the world is seldom what it appears (not really a surprise, but many of the emerging details were). Whether it be supplement claims or Internet topics with millions of hits, the validity quotient of declared content often ranges from low to non-existent. In our experience products and services often (usually) have a negative correlation with their hype or supposed scientific research support. The websites make marvelous claims couched in a lot of pseudoscience but mainly rely on the placebo effect.

Also, as another example of a broader application of testing, since much of what we deal with in our clinical work involves generational roots and issues, the metrics we use on our subjects necessarily carry over into the emotional and spiritual state of their ancestors. Consequently, we get diagnostic snapshots of the situation with not only our subjects but also their forebears. While this has become a necessary component of our work, it has also provided us with information that has greatly affected our view of life, death and the conditions that exist in that nether world of the hereafter.

For example, now when we hear someone in church or a funeral, talk about the departed being welcomed into the arms of loving family members who have preceded them in death we find, unfortunately, that this is usually not the case. For this blissful reunion of spirits so often portrayed by relatives of the deceased to occur, both the newly departed and the ancestors involved would have to have a frequency (a level of Light and Truth) of around or above perfect integrity (e.g. log 172 on the scale we use).

In this regard the following experience may be instructive. While visiting with family in Provo, Utah, we went for a walk that included what was clearly a Latter-Day Saint cemetery. The vast majority of gravestones had etched on their surface’s images of temples and messages of hope and of warm family reunions on the other side of the veil. Consequently, we became curious as to the average frequency of the spirits of those whose bodies lay beneath us, literally in the hundreds (considering this to be a reasonable representative sample). Consequently, we were amazed to get an average frequency of only log 43. This is within a few frequency points of the average of any graveyard in the US [Not Paradise].


So, what was the issue here? Why so low? Don’t we have more truth than anyone else? Subsequently we tested to see what the most common state of mind was among these spirits. It was, interestingly, “futility.” It seems that, at some level on their path through life they had given up on the reality of LDS objectives of godhood, eternal marriage and “forever families.”. Further testing on this cohort of spirits suggested that the wives wanted to be with their husbands in eternity a 2 out of 10, and the husbands with their wives slightly higher, a 3 out of 10. Also. interesting, they only wanted to be with their children an average of 2 out of 10.

Conclusion: Though there are certainly exalted individuals among the LDS dead, spiritually we may not be where we would like to think we are. While we teach celestial marriage and eternal family units, we generally do not live it. We do not live the transforming principles we have received. We know personally too many people who, by the time they reach old age, just want peace and quiet. The catch is, that if we do not find lasting peace here, we are in for a rude awakening when we find ourselves on the other side of the veil. It turns out that too many of us sit in a fearful darkness over there occupied with negative obsessive thoughts. If we have the good sense and the power to go to the Light, we will still find that nothing in our character is overlooked and being with family is no guarantee.

We have observed that there is indeed progress possible after death, but it is mainly available to those who had not the opportunity here or who took at least reasonable advantage of spiritually guided progress and change (e.g. repentance) in mortality. There is no magic wand waved over our character as we pass through the veil. Whatever spiritual and emotional baggage we have at that fateful time sticks to us like glue. Those who did not apply themselves here, even if they make it to the Light after death, often haven’t the power to progress. Rather, we have observed that they get stuck in endless loops in which their habitual thoughts, weaknesses, personal myths and disposition to do things their way simply bog them down and cancel the Light that could guide them. The keys to progress both here and there are obedience and willingness to learn and change. Heavenly Father provides constant opportunity to progress but many of us do not realize that this is a game for keeps and we miss the road signs and are not ready when the bell rings for the final lap.

Question: So, what are the road signs people are missing? Answer: The first principles and ordinances of the Restored Gospel. The problem is that when it comes to repentance everybody thinks that they already did that. The catch is that these principles are to be applied continuously. So, why do so many senior family members not want to be together? Because they have not made daily repentance a priority throughout their lives. They have not come closer together in the Lord. Too many have simply developed a co-existence mentality and comfort-zone behavior patterns. How many pages of scripture can we read without encountering the concept of repentance? Among the first instructions given to Adam and Eve were to repent and call upon God…for evermore! This means everyone and all the time. There is no other way to achieve a celestial character and no other way to achieve a celestial union.

The world is designed (by the Adversary) to keep our minds focused anywhere but on the mark. Satan is highly successful at this. Even our service and worship are mostly a matter of having our body where it is supposed to be at the right times and filling in all the appropriate check boxes. We are living the forms. Not much different from Moses’ day. Moses tried to sanctify his people so that they could behold the face of God. Since it did not work, we look upon them as primitive and ignorant. However, how many of us have beheld the face of God?

It seems like the real problem is not taking things seriously. By virtue of regular activity do we as members of the Lord’s Restored Church have a ticket on the Gospel Express? And that, if we do not get off, will deposit us safely at the Celestial Station? And do we suppose all our previous friends and family will be there waiting to embrace us? Our work and clinical experience says otherwise. That is not to say that our beliefs are not true. It simply is saying that we do not apply them. We do not seem to understand that what the Lord set out to do for us was to perfect us. But we have been too busy to allow Him to do it. We are too often, figuratively speaking, the nobility invited to the marriage supper (e.g. spiritual feast) of the Lamb that had too many other important things to do (see Luke 14:11-24).


Instead it is the halt, the lame, the blind, the poor and the transients that will be there. The first shall be last and the last will be first. The order of heaven is the opposite of here. All too often the honorable here will find that they already had their reward. Why will the little people be first? Because they are not proud. Since they are humble and willing to be obedient the Lord can work with them. He can make out of them what He wants. He will make these the rulers in His kingdom.



[1] It should be noted at this point that frequency testing using personal indicator muscles has a good deal of both anecdotal as well as scientific support. Though the broader application of this informational tool was, to our knowledge, first suggested by David Hawkins in his landmark book, Power versus Force. However, as we have noted elsewhere), we do have concerns issues with some of Hawkins’ constructs. (see above:  WP1: Frequency Testing Constructs & Some Implications)

Spirit 1

WP3: Implications of Frequency Testing Pertaining to the Spirit World

In a previous discussion on the topic of our use of frequency testing we mentioned that it had drawn us into the realm of the dead, that is, the world or worlds inhabited by the spirits of the dead. This was actually a natural evolution of our work due to the fact that essentially everyone has energetic, emotional and spiritual connections with their fore-bearers. In order to assist in the release of negative aspects of these connections and inherited behavior traits we found it useful to apply the same tools and processes we use for mortal issues and subjects to the appropriate ancestors. Our testing methodology allows us to identify the origins of generational roots of dysfunctional behaviors over the generations of a subject (subject to permission of the Lord). In conjunction with this we can also test and determine personal frequencies and states of mind of a subject’s ancestors.

This has opened up a window of information regarding the state of affairs and aspects of the spirit world or worlds (as there are definitely different neighborhoods) that has been interesting and informative. Though our knowledge is still rudimentary what we do know now from our clinical experience in this area is instructive. The following are some observations and generalizations:

  1. There is a threshold in the spirit world between Light and Darkness. The threshold is at a frequency of log 76 (on the scale we use). To go to or be in the Light a spirit must have at least a log 76 personal frequency. Anything below log 76 is a level of Hell.

  2. When most people die there is a vast drop in their personal frequency. If, for example, their average personal frequency in life was log 122 (average human adult frequency), their frequency upon entering the spirit world will have dropped to an average of log 42 (e.g. they find themselves in Darkness).

  3. If the deceased average frequency in mortality was lower than average their frequency in the realm of spirits will be even lower than log 42. It can be as low log 19 (Hitler’s spirit was log 21 at death).

  4. The higher the average frequency was for a person in life the less of a drop there will be in personal frequency after death. For example, if one’s average frequency in life was log 150 their spirit will likely be around log 65 at death. If a person’s average frequency in life was log 172 (perfect integrity) their frequency will drop only slightly. At log 190 there will generally be no drop in personal frequency.

  5. The majority of people, regardless of their belief systems, find themselves immediately after death somewhere within a spectrum of Darkness (e.g. log 18 – 75). This is Hell.

  6. In the Darkness the spirits experience fear, confusion, anger, frustration, and whatever passions possessed them in life, though often accentuated. Many get stuck in loops of dysfunctional thoughts and passions right after death. If they do not move on their level of native intelligence will further diminish.

  7. This state of the spirit in Darkness is not necessarily static. They can progress toward the Light if their desires are good and, especially, if they pray or ask questions of the Lord. At this point it is totally up to them. There are no angels or ancestors beckoning.

  8. Joyful family reunions upon death are the exception, not the rule. Everyone involved in such an event must be near, at or above a personal frequency of log 172 (complete integrity) to be allowed on such an occasion.

  9. If a person’s spirit crosses into the threshold of Light (log 76) from a lower frequency, they will have the opportunity to progress further into the Light based upon their desires, their propensity to pray and willingness to learn and change. However, some spirits are uncomfortable in the Light and return to the Darkness. Some of these will hang around mortals and attach to or seek to influence them. The same is true of some disembodied spirits that never sought the Light.

  10. As mentioned earlier, those who have crossed the threshold of the Light (log 76) may continue to progress based upon their desires and willingness to change, but many get stuck at some lower level of the Light and do not progress. Consequently, they remain in some degree of bondage.

  11. Those spirits who do advance from lower frequency levels in the Light will find when they reach a frequency of log 132, they will now be assessed in their daily tasks or opportunities to change through service to others. These tasks are not so much assigned as simply provided through circumstances. These opportunity tasks will test their ability to be obedient to principles of the gospel and acquisition of new character traits. Some spirits, who are fixated on doing their own will, get stuck here, or they may spend years moving up and down a few frequency points until they quit trying to do human interactions and the potential service tasks their way.

  12. This point of these service and tasks opportunities in the path of progression is designed to teach the human spirits that reach this level the things they need to learn and internalize in order to continue to progress. No negative character trait is overlooked nor is it missed as an opportunity to change. If the spirits are obedient and willing, they will be taught everything they need to know and to do to become ministering angels (log 172 and above). Some spirits move right through this path and others get stuck here.

  13. The absolute limit that a non-member spirit can progress to is log 163. They must accept the Restored Gospel and receive temple ordinance in the spirit world in order to progress beyond this point.

  14. In general, spirits who have not received the gospel in mortality but receive it in the spirit world progress faster than their peers. That is, a convert in the spirit world who has frequency of log 80, for example, will generally progress much faster than a deceased member spirit who is also at log 80. Those who had more opportunity and possession of gospel principles in mortality are judged by a higher standard. The new convert in the spirit world may advance quite quickly. With respect to Church members who accepted the gospel here in mortality, it can be said that "where much is given much is expected."


We have found that these insights, gained through our testing methodology, clinical experiences, and the support of the Spirit of the Lord in our ministrations, have profound implications for how we conduct ourselves while in the flesh. Generally speaking, as Latter-Day-Saints we do not take things seriously enough nor do we effectively apply the principles of progression we have been given. The way forward is both simple and difficult. It is difficult because it is simple, and it is difficult because everything around us is calculated to obscure the truth, value, and merits of our clear objectives: simple obedience, daily repentance and personal revelation. Whether in the day-to-day grind or in the distraction of life’s worthless illusions, we forget that the object of our existence is to become ministering spirits and ultimately gods. That is the real reason Christ died. That is the real reason the Father allowed Him to die. And that is why the Father gets justifiably upset when we are indifferent and suppose we have better things to do or a better method to get there.


WP4: Some Clinical Insights on the Spirit in the Womb Environment

The Spirit coming from the premortal realm enters the fetus around the end of the third month of gestation. This will generally be associated with the first feelings of movement in the mother’s womb, often referred to as the “quickening.” At this time the fetus experiences emotional stress related to a unique, new physical experience. Approximately ten days later there is additional stress associated with the first phase of a partial closing of the veil. The human spirit in the fetus seeks support from God but feels alone due to the partial closing of the veil. Moving from the spirit realm to this earth realm may be traumatic.

The spirit, now bonded to the fetus (its body for eternity), becomes increasingly sensitive to its environment, especially Mom’s feelings, Dad’s feelings, their voices, some of the physical symptoms of mom, and feelings about leaving God. The spirit in the womb is especially sensitive to whether it is even wanted by its parents. The combined spirit and body is increasingly sensitive to the sounds and atmosphere of the home environment. The child in the womb is often like a sponge, soaking up negative emotions from the mother and other family members, and supposing it may be the cause of stress and conflict in the home.

The Spirit of the fetus comes having accepted his/her mission in life, but the confining environment of the womb (a totally new experience) and the negative impressions received in the new family environment tend to cause doubts and concerns about fulfilling its mission in life even before reaching birth. We also find that they do fret about being able to fulfill their mission in life. Some even make the decisions already in the womb that they will not be able to fulfill their mission in life because of the unexpected difficulties of physical life. The strength of character of the Spirit of the fetus is already being tested and tried during the remaining period of gestation.

In some cases, decisions made on the limited information available in the womb may have a negative impact on their life path. There is also the fact that the fetus receives already at conception a package of inherited characteristics from its parents and ancestors which includes positive and negative personality traits and even habits. The infant then becomes a combination of what it brought with it, the inherited traits, the formative experiences of the womb, and the experiences it will have in its early developmental years.

Parents and prospective parents seldom realize or understand the critical nature of the conception, womb, and early developmental periods as they relate to the health and well being of the child. Just one example, we worked with a woman who, during Processing, relived her experience of being in her parents’ room as a pre-mortal spirit when her body was conceived. She took a dislike to her father and the manner her mother was treated by her father. She maintained this dislike for her father (to a fault) from infancy, through childhood and her teens and was instrumental in her parents’ divorce.


We have also found that many spirits in the womb are frightened to come to mortality and would back out if they could. The physical experience in the womb is new, unique and challenging. Additionally, many, as a result of the emotions they feel from the mother and the nature of the sounds that reach them in the womb, are troubled and feel guilty about contributing to the family’s apparent difficulties. We have also found that many spirits whose bodies are miscarried or aborted (after the first trimenster or the "quickening" of life) are deeply disappointed by missing the mortal physical experience and the attention of loving parents. The spirits of this latter category must overcome their dissappointments and learn their lessons of progression in the realm of post-mortal spirits and await the resurrection of their physical body. However, they will be resurected as children and be allowed to grow up in the millenium.


WP5: Is There Such a Thing as Multiple Past Lives (Reincarnation)?

Question: Is there such a thing as reincarnation?

Our work experience has included and allowed some degree of extension into the pre-mortal nature of our spirits, their subsequent occupancy and development in the mortal womb, their birth process and their life to and through mortality. Consequently,  our clinical experience has clearly underscored that the personal spirit does not spring into existence at conception or birth but rather has, in the words or the poet Wordsworth, arrived here '"...trailing clouds of glory, [such that] our life's star hath had elsewhere its setting and cometh from afar." However, we have found that mortal earth life is clearly a one-time proposition and the womb and physical birth process is unique to each spirit. That is, they do not bring any history of a previous physical birth with them. Even though they have lived and had experiences prior to birth, the womb and birth trauma experiences are a totally new challenge for them. And these experiences are critical and fundamental to mortal progression (as also are mortal life's experiences for progression into the next realm). Furthermore, we cannot delve into any pedigree to any ancestor of ours (or yours) who has past through the veil of death that is not still out there in the realm of post-mortal spirit identities operating at some level of knowledge, activity (or lack of it) and a testable personal frequency. This is important. Though some have been resurrected, no-one has been reincarnated. And a resurrected person is still the same person.

According to Wikipedia reincarnation or the concept of multiple past lives is a central tenet of all major Indian religions, namely Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism and a belief in some form of human rebirth was held by such historic western figures as Pythagoras, Plato, and Socrates. Though some have attempted to recruit the ancient enigmatic Egyptian religion into this category, such was clearly not the case with the Egyptians who firmly believed in a one-time physical resurrection (hence their labors with mummification).

At any rate, it should be noted that those belief systems that did embrace the concept of repeated human rebirth were, as far as we can determine, mainly non-Christian and operating without the belief of an atoning sacrifice by the Son of God. Consequently, it seems quite natural that another explanation for the attainment of any form of human progression and perfection would develop in the vacuum of a specific Godly redemption provided by an "infinite and eternal sacrifice" (by Christ) in order to deal with man’s obvious failings and weaknesses.

Furthermore, the idea of an eternal identity coupled with a physical body struck the Eastern sages as unseemly. In fact, the concept of an ultimate human resurrection strained the imagination and sensibilities of many in the West, not only with such as Plato and Pythagoras, but even within Christendom. In fact, since the physical body seems to be rife with issues the idea that mankind’s ultimate destiny must be confined to some sort of spiritual manifestation has acquired an increasing number of adherents across the globe. This is also partly fueled by Christianity’s basic loss of both faith in the resurrection and the knowledge of godhood as mankind’s physical and spiritual destiny—the very purpose for which we were created and one for which the human spirit longs.

So ideas about human karmic progression have increasingly crept onto the stage of religion and spirituality. There is this apparent logic that assumes that godhood is so high and exalted that this rather common earth life, being the only available training ground, cannot be sufficient to get the job done—that it must take a number (even a vast number) of laps around the track of life to get it right. Consequently, considering the vast distance one must cover from basic humanity with all its frailties to becoming a master or a god, the process, according to this logic, must require a whole series of physical incarnations as training laps—until the physical body is no longer required as a training experience. However, here is the catch, this whole edifice lacks a cornerstone. And that cornerstone is Christ. Not to be confused with “the Christ” which in its New Age manifestations is simply a physical shell for some incarnated mentor briefly passing through on his/her way to some nether realm.


To rectify these and other false notions it necessarily follows that God, the Father, is not some so-called ascended master or an unknowable spirit, but rather a Holy Exalted physical being who desires and even makes possible for us to become like Him, perfect physical body and all. And, though totally beyond our normal comprehension in terms of every imaginable metric, we are His offspring and it is His intention to raise us to His level of life if we seek it and if we will allow it. Consequently we have, essentially all of us, largely failed to understand what it is He, our Father in Heaven, did for us when He sent His Son to take upon himself a physical body, allow himself to die in a sacrificial rite, and then to break the bands of death through the Resurrection.

It may help to realize that Lucifer has gone to great lengths to prevent an understanding the crucial and critical role of Christ's Atonement in our path to exaltation as well as how to access and apply it for genuine benefit. AS part of the confusion he incorporates we have also found that mortal human experiences or memories seemingly from past lives actually come from something like Carl Jung’s racial memories passed down through the generations, or are attributable to imprinted memories coming from deceiving spirits and/or from disembodied spirits who actually had the experiences themselves. Traumatic memories are those most likely to be passed on through our lineage and there is now ample scientific evidence of this latter phenomenon (See the White Paper: WP 6: Generational Effects Manifest in the Living).

Boiled down to its lowest common denominator and the thing that Lucifer truly does not want us to understand, is that the Lord’s human proposition is really quite simple. Our instructions are to “come unto Him.” And if we do that regularly, consistently and as prescribed we may partake of the “gifts of the Divine Nature” until we are worthy to live with Him and enjoy the kind of Life He lives. And since the keeper of the Gate is “the Holy One of Israel” and “He employeth no servant there, " there is no other Gate, and there is no other way, and there is no other Name given under Heaven that will allow access. And even if one could experience a thousand incarnations he/she would never learn or acquire what is actually required. What is actually required is the Divine Nature—made available through an active, dedicated and energetic embrace of and participation in the Atonement of Jesus Christ. What Joseph Smith and the restored scriptures teach is that, what God set out to do was to make us like Him. And it is through Christ that He does it.

The Atonement, in fact, and the resultant Light and Word of Christ, is the power that created the universe and the power that holds the universe in place. It is the force which occupies and activates all matter and which imposes order on the otherwise normal state of chaos and entropy. It also keeps Lucifer within his bounds and ultimately, after we are proven, destroys the works of darkness and deception. Any other attempted path to godhood constitutes the Savior’s analogy of the “thief and robber” that attempts to climb up some “other way.” There is no other way.


WP6: Generational Effects Manifest in the Living


Human dysfunction generally has a variety of causes and sources but our clinical experience has continued to single out emotional and energetic roots for the vast majority of human diseases and disorders. Even physical accidents and structural damage often has its roots in emotional and generational sources. Whether it be genetic (DNA), epigenetic (DNA expression), morphic and other force fields, our experience suggests that human agency is tied far more than one would guess into a matrix of determinant energy and information that has extremely strong links to the family structure—living and dead. Every negative aspect that has not been cancelled out by positive ones has a life cycle that will reappear later in the lineage in a pernicious way unless counteracted sufficiently. [1] The manifestation of dysfunction and disease among the living may actually be seen as a source of information—generally a message for change in the living family that will, if understood and accomplished, provide great benefits to the living family as well as to the forebears rectifying energetic imbalances that may have originated or served as conduits for even earlier family field disturbances.

It is unfortunate that negative events and conditions that constitute family field disturbances may manifest in a new living generation in the form of a child or children with disability or disease. Such is frequently a message or effort to balance a previous generations or ancestor’s imbalance. The extra attention and effort expended with such a child may be serving a larger purpose in the overall family field as well as often creating a situation among the living family that actually achieves a higher order.

Disability in an adult life may be causality speaking to us about our own bad habits or it may also be the voice of previous generations still laboring with the effects of their unresolved issues. Most human dysfunction has some of these elements and components that can assist in the alleviation of suffering if properly identified and addressed—energetically and informationally. The most essential and fundamental bedrock or building block of creation and of this physical world is, in fact, information. Information is everywhere. Everything that happens is telling us something. And things that aren’t happening are also telling us something. The universe is full of information and much of it is accessible at any given moment. The question is whether we are sensitive to it, receiving it and, if we are, how we are handling it? What is it telling us?

Let us be clear. This is not a discussion of psychic clairvoyance. Though such a thing does certainly exist it is actually in almost all cases a low frequency window into limited and skewed possibilities and data. The information of which we speak is obtained only through attunement to and through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. And a determination to accept nothing short of absolute truth regardless the of the price required or extracted.

1. The manner in which traits and experiences are passed down through generations include a number of factors. However recent research has provided very strong evidence for genetic and epigenetic transmission to occupy a major role. PTSD and Holocaust studies have been significant in this regard. See, for example, R Yehuda, E Binder, Holocaust survivors pass on trauma to their children’s genes: Pre-conception trauma results in transmission of epigenetic changes from the exposed parents to their children, Aug. 2015, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York and Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Munich; Deleterious effects identified thus far include changed hormone levels and an altered  specific epigenetic gene methylation/ expression mechanism. Researchers Yahuda and Binder concentrated on epigenetic changes in the FKBP5 gene. “FKPB5 determines how effectively the organism can react to stress hormones, and so regulates the entire stress hormone system. FKBP5 is altered in several diseases such as post-traumatic stress disorder or major depression and has now been associated with inter generational effects;"  H Thomson,  Study of Holocaust survivors finds trauma passed on to children's genes (Can you inherit a memory of trauma?) ,  N Kellerman, Transmission of Holocaust Trauma, National Israeli Center for Psychosocial Support of Survivors of the Holocaust, The Guardian, Genetics, Friday 21 August 2015; T Rodriguez, Descendants of Holocaust Survivors Have Altered Stress Hormones: Parents' traumatic experience may hamper their offspring's ability to bounce back from trauma, Scientific American,  Feb 12, 2015; N Kellerman, Epigenetic transmission of Holocaust Trauma: Can nightmares be inherited? AMCHA, Israel. A Rathi, The Holocaust is still traumatizing the children of survivors on a genetic level, Aug. 24, 2015,Quartz, ; Also: Trauma-induced changes to genes may lead to post-traumatic stress disorder: Traumatic experiences "biologically embed" themselves in select genes, altering their functions and leading to the development of post-traumatic stress disorder, new research suggests, 2010, Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health; M Uddin, et. al. Epigenetic and immune function profiles associated with post traumatic stress disorder. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2010; DOI: 10.1073/pnas.0910794107.


WP7: Principles of "Ascension"

First off, Is there such a thing? Since this topic is becoming progressively popular let’s begin by discussing just what ascension is…or maybe what it isn’t. Ascension might be described as the object of all worship and human striving as it relates to one's ultimate personal happiness. From the standpoint of personal well-being and personal power it is the holy grail of human thought, philosophy, science and pseudo-science. It is the object of the alchemists, sages and philosophers of almost all ages—the transformation of the human soul into a higher order of being that transcends the limits of mortality and allows the initiate to mingle with the gods.

The alchemist’s purported conversion of lead into gold, besides a source of income from inevitably disappointed monarchs and princes, was actually a veiled symbol of the ultimate transformation. The earliest efforts of the alchemists was a misguided effort to achieve the “Gloria Mundi” or the eternal life seemingly enjoyed by the antediluvian Patriarchs who wielded great power in their mortal lives and then moved on after long physical lives into an eternal realm of godhood.

The subject has received renewed interest in the hands of New Age gurus and among fringe and shadowy religious figures. It is the source and object of any number of “inner circle” sorts of groups and movements that promise the “higher knowledge” that facilitates some form of ascension into higher realms and powers. These have a certain amount of appeal to those who feel disenfranchised or are impatient or dissatisfied with their present state of affairs, including some not feeling sufficiently fed by their current religious leadership.

We can sympathize with the above. It is a common feeling and the yearnings of the human soul often go unheeded or unsatisfied. However, most avenues to raising personal frequencies and so-called ascension are counterfeits which, even if they are promulgated by sincere people, are actually the vehicles of deception authored by Lucifer and his evil spirit minions. The spiritual manifestations of support in these misguided efforts are supplied by very anxious demons who arrange themselves however necessary to manage the deception.


Furthermore, as we test the frequencies of such mortal mentors who are advocating their path to higher frequencies, higher knowledge and ascension we find these same persons often within a frequency range of log 35 to 71. Though these are mortals, ironically these are demonic frequencies. We also find that they have swarms of evil spirits attached or associated with them as well as numerous disembodied spirits (spirits of the dead who have not gone upward into the Light) and that those unsuspecting persons who have been drawn into their orbit have also picked up any number of such spirits that are now working upon them to influence their subsequent behavior, actually bringing down their frequency and drawing them into forms of mind control, immorality and addiction or, conversely, drawn into positions of super superiority (e.g. an "inner circle" mentality, with seemingly constant cues or clues of support, ultimately leading nowhere, or worse).

Satan does his best in every age to complicate and counterfeit the true path to ascension or godhood. The actual and only true path is a straight one that leads directly to our Heavenly Father through the Atonement of His Son. As discussed elsewhere (see White Paper: Is There Such a Thing as Multiple Past Lives?) there is no number of incarnations that could ever elevate one to the level of Christ. It is only done through partaking of His Divine Nature. And that can only be accomplished through service directed by the Spirit of the Lord, duly authorized ordinances and the proper, regular and effective offering of acceptable personal sacrifices in the form of a “broken heart and a contrite spirit.”

If we wish to experience the sort of life that God does we must acquire the necessary gifts of His nature and there is No Other Way and there is no other path of re-circulation available through mortality. It is a one-time shot. And one can see or should see that to obscure this important fact is a great accomplishment for Lucifer and a serious short-circuit in saving knowledge. Those who suppose they have had other facts and experiences revealed to them, such as past and future incarnation life experiences, are being duped by evil spirits. And any mortal who purports to having experienced ascension in or out of a religious organization that advocates anything that deviates from the true path briefly outlined above will, guaranteed, exhibit a frequency of below log 100 (for reference, Integrity resonates at log 172 on this scale; see the White Papers on Frequency Testing). The path is actually so simple that it takes a child to grasp it... or, our becoming as a child. Otherwise we fail to comprehend and embrace what a marvelous thing it was and is that Heavenly Father and Christ did for us, and to deny His power and willingness to change our mortal nature..


WP8: We Live in a World of Metaphors     and Some Notes about Our Work            See:

“In scientific research, a great deal of our thinking is in terms of theories... Thus, it might be said that a theory is primarily a form of insight, i.e. a way of looking at the world, and not a form of knowledge of how the world is.”     ― David Bohm, Wholeness and the Implicate Order

WP9: Autism Spectrum Rectification Process - New Insights               See:

If we follow the money we will have a better idea of what has been going on here.

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