Appendix B - White Papers

Frequency Testing

Multiple Past LIves ?

Generational Effects

Principles of "Ascension"

Crisis in Western Medicine

We Live in a World of Metaphors...and a Few Notes on Our Work

Autism Spectrum - New Insights

Disability as a Crutch and Other Diversions

Family Myths

Shame & Bipolar Disorder


B1: White Paper - Frequency Testing 

By Gary A Ede

Our experience with frequency testing began with Emotional Release Therapy, which testing related mainly to frequency ranges associated with key emotions in the context of a linear scale. This practice was then developed and matured further mainly with Dr. Leslie Feinberg’s NeuroModulation Technique (NMT). In the latter modality there is a good deal of testing of the total system burdens (TSB) of Information Faults (IF’s) associated with manifesting mind/body problems to be addressed by a practitioner. This is done in NMT according to a log scale (to the base 10). A true log scale is essential in NMT due to its capacity to handle the tremendously high numbers associated with human cells, circuits and microorganisms as well as associated Information Faults (IF’s) to be cleared or rectified in some manner. The numbers are often in the billions and trillions.

However, the idea of testing and checking frequencies by kinesiological type muscle response testing not only for health related conditions but for other aspects of life has probably best been advocated by David Hawkins, the author of the popular book Power Versus Force. Assuming that testing of other things besides what is limited to health issues also has some potential value, as Hawkins suggests, we have taken his lead and applied the idea extensively.

In doing so, however, we have found that the frequency testing landscape is not exactly a smooth road—for a number of reasons. And, as we have said elsewhere, frequency testing is both an art and a science (and there is science to back it up, see SCIENCE 1, RESEARCH 1). There are principles and procedures involved that can help assure good results, not the least of which is a personal neutrality with regard to the outcome of any particular test—not always so easy to achieve. It also does not work for any detrimental purposes nor for predicting future events and can be easily swayed or skewed in the direction of anticipated or desired outcomes. This is also a generally unacknowledged factor in the realm of medical research conclusions due to the quantum observer effect and the principle of entanglement in quantum physics (see SCIENCE 1, 2 & RESEARCH 1, 2).

We have, however, found it excellent for gauging personal frequencies of individuals and as a reflection or metric of such things as personal health and issue severity as well as an indication, if deemed appropriate, of personal integrity and even the associated level or possession of one’s Light and Truth. It has also been very useful for testing such things as supplements, books, seminars, modalities (and their creators), websites, public figures (including politicians), health advocate personalities, causes, salespersons, promotions, spirits, mentors, gurus, etc.

The fact that such pertinent information is registered and stored in the Zero Point Field, or the Universal Information Field (the term coined by Dr. Feinberg) and accessible under the right conditions is, when one thinks about it, truly profound. It goes along with the scriptural concept that nothing is hidden…at least not from the Lord (and He and his Universe is not much for keeping secrets from the truly inquiring mind and heart).

However, getting back to David Hawkins, we have found in our work some serious issues with his popular frequency constructs. Though Hawkins asserts he is using a log scale we find this highly unlikely. His assignments of frequencies to emotions and related states of mind, etc. only make sense to us if they are mapped on a straight line, that is, a linear scale.

Without getting too complicated this is important because the number 1000 on a linear scale is just that, 1000 units of one. Whereas 1000 on a log scale (such as to the base 10) is actually infinity. The difference between personal frequencies, for example, of 1000 on a linear scale and 1000 on a logarithmic scale is pretty close to infinite!  As a result of this apparent error Walker seems to have made the mistake of assigning purportedly enlightened mortals such as Buddha and Confucius to the same category as Christ. Our own testing suggests, for example, that Buddha, at the height of his mortal powers, had a log value frequency of 232 and a linear frequency of 785. Neither one of these is 1000 but the linear value gets the closest and also meets and exceeds Walker’s minimum enlightenment standard of 700. These are, in fact, very high personal frequency values but do not compare in the slightest with that of Christ, whose frequency achieved a true logarithmic 1000 at His death and Resurrection. The highest logarithmic frequency we get for anyone (mortal) currently living on this planet is log 246.,

Consequently, there is a tendency among alternative health practitioners and New Ager's (for lack of a better term) to lump all so-called masters into a 700—1000 frequency bucket associated with “enlightenment.” Whereas our testing does not support this idea at all. In fact, if we single out certain characters such as Djwal Khul, favorite of the late New Age notables Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey 1 (and others who have channeled him) we find his actual frequency to be a mere log 41. Other so-called masters we have measured fall essentially in the same range (at the low end of the scales there is very little difference between log and linear values).

These frequencies are actually right in the middle of the range for evil spirits as well as many human spirits that have died but not gone to the Light. We find so-called spirit guides and ascended masters essentially in this category. They do have knowledge but they are low frequency and are mainly interested in gaining power and control over mortals. We have also found that this category of spirits are often anxious to attach themselves to alternative health practitioners and bring with them the benefit of being able to read as well as infect human energy systems. They are often welcomed by practitioners because they, living in the realm of energy as they do, can often provide a rapid diagnosis and are seemingly good for business.

We have also found a considerable difference between the frequencies of the living and the dead—particularly if the living have not prepared for death—that is, apparently having to do with whether they have dealt with their mortal issues and inherited weaknesses. If not, in their confusion and loss of bearings at death they often fail to go to the Light and their personal frequencies drop from, let’s say,  typically a mortal metric log value of 122, to a log value of 43—where they will remain for an indefinite period or until they start asking the right questions. However, if a mortal has at least a log value of 172 (integrity, according to our scale) they will undoubtedly go to the Light and be able to continue to progress.

Frequency testing is simply an extension of regular muscle response testing (MRT) using an appropriate indicator muscle. This can be done, for example, using one’s self as a surrogate or a human reception/transmission device interacting with the everywhere present Zero Point or Universal Information Field according to the power of intention and the information being sought. Prayer can be a very important component in the process. If done properly and for the right reasons such testing can be very revealing and will, as a byproduct, often lead one to the conclusion that things actually and in reality are seldom as they appear.


B2: White Paper - Multiple Past Lives ?

Our work experience has included and allowed some degree of extension into the pre-mortal nature of our spirits, their subsequent occupancy and development in the mortal womb, their birth process and their life to and through mortality. Consequently,  our clinical experience has clearly underscored that the personal spirit does not spring into existence at conception or birth but rather has, in the words or the poet Wordsworth, arrived here '"...trailing clouds of glory, [such that] our life's star hath had elsewhere its setting and cometh from afar." However, we have found that mortal earth life is clearly a one-time proposition and the womb and physical birth process is unique to each spirit. That is, they do not bring any history of a previous physical birth with them. Even though they have lived and had experiences prior to birth the womb and birth trauma experiences are a totally new challenge for them. And these experiences are critical and fundamental to mortal progression (as also are mortal life's experiences for progression into the next realm. Furthermore, we cannot delve into any pedigree to any ancestor of ours (or yours) who has past through the veil of death that is not still out there in the realm of post-mortal identities operating at some level of knowledge, activity (or lack of it) and a testable personal frequency. This is important. Though some have been resurrected, no-one has been reincarnated.

According to Wikipedia reincarnation or the concept of multiple past lives is a central tenet of all major Indian religions, namely Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism and a belief in some form of human rebirth was held by such historic western figures as Pythagoras, Plato, and Socrates. Though some have attempted to recruit the ancient enigmatic Egyptian religion into this category, such was clearly not the case with the Egyptians who firmly believed in a one-time physical resurrection (hence their labors with mummification).

At any rate, it should be noted that those belief systems that did embrace the concept of human rebirth were, as far as we can determine, mainly non-Christian and operating without the belief of an atoning sacrifice by the Son of God. Consequently, it seems quite natural that another explanation for the attainment of any form of human progression and perfection would develop in the vacuum of a specific Godly redemption provided by an "infinite and eternal sacrifice" (by Christ) in order to deal with man’s obvious failings and weaknesses.

Furthermore, the idea of an eternal identity coupled with a physical body struck the Eastern sages as unseemly. In fact, the concept of an ultimate human resurrection strained the imagination and sensibilities of many in the West, not only with such as Plato and Pythagoras, but even within Christendom. In fact, since the physical body seems to be rife with issues the idea that mankind’s ultimate destiny must be confined to some sort of spiritual manifestation has acquired an increasing number of adherents across the globe. This is also partly fueled by Christianity’s basic loss of both faith in the resurrection and the knowledge of godhood as mankind’s destiny—the very purpose for which we were created and one for which the human spirit longs.

So ideas about human karmic progression have increasingly crept onto the stage of religion and spirituality. There is this apparently strong logic that rightly assumes that godhood is so high and exalted yet while leaving this rather common earth life as essentially the only training ground, that it must take a number (even a vast number) of laps around the track of life to get it right. Consequently, considering the vast distance one must cover from basic humanity with all its frailties to becoming a Master or a god, the process, according to this logic, must require a whole series of physical incarnations—until the physical body is no longer required as a training experience. However, here is the catch, this whole edifice lacks a cornerstone. And that cornerstone is Christ. Not to be confused with “the Christ” which in its New Age manifestations is simply a physical shell for some incarnated mentor briefly passing through on his/her way to some nether realm. To rectify these and other false notions it necessarily follows that God, the Father, is not some so-called ascended master, but rather a Holy Exalted physical being who desires and even makes possible for us to become like Him, perfect physical body and all.

Though totally beyond our normal comprehension in terms of every imaginable metric we are His offspring and it is His intention to raise us to His level of life if we will allow it. Consequently we have, essentially all of us, largely failed to understand what it is He did for us when He sent His Son to take upon himself a physical body, allow himself to die in a sacrificial rite, and then to break the bands of death through the Resurrection.

We have also found that mortal human experiences or memories seemingly from past lives actually come from something like Carl Jung’s racial memories passed down through the generations or are attributable to imprinted memories coming from deceiving spirits and/or from disembodied spirits who actually had the experiences themselves. Traumatic memories are those most likely to be passed on through our lineage and there is now ample scientific evidence of this latter phenomenon (See the following White Paper: Generational Effects Manifest in the Living).

Boiled down to its lowest common denominator and the thing that Lucifer does not want us to understand is that the Lord’s human proposition is really quite simple. Our instructions are to “come unto Him.” And if we do that regularly, consistently and as prescribed we may partake of the “gifts of the Divine Nature” until we are worthy to live with Him and enjoy the kind of Life He lives. And, the keeper of the Gate is “the Holy One of Israel” and “He employeth no servant there.” There is no other Gate, and there is no other way, and there is no other Name given under Heaven that will allow access. And even if one could experience a thousand incarnations he/she would never learn or acquire what is actually required. What is actually required is the Divine Nature—made available through an active, dedicated and energetic embrace of and participation in the Atonement of Jesus Christ. What God set out to do was to make us like Him. And it is through Christ that He does it.

The Atonement, in fact, and the resultant Light and Word of Christ, is the power that created the universe and the power that holds the universe in place. It is the force which occupies and activates all matter and which imposes order on the otherwise normal state of chaos and entropy. It also keeps Lucifer within his bounds and ultimately, after we are proven, destroys the works of darkness and deception. Any other attempted path to godhood constitutes the Savior’s analogy of the “thief and robber” that attempts to climb up some “other way.”


B3: White Paper - Generational Effects Manifest in the Living


Human dysfunction generally has a variety of causes and sources but our clinical experience has continued to single out emotional and energetic roots for the vast majority of human diseases and disorders. Even physical accidents and structural damage often has its roots in emotional and generational sources. Whether it be genetic (DNA), epigenetic (DNA expression), morphic and other force fields, our experience suggests that human agency is tied far more than one would guess into a matrix of determinant energy and information that has extremely strong links to the family structure—living and dead. Every negative aspect that has not been cancelled out by positive ones has a life cycle that will reappear later in the lineage in a pernicious way unless counteracted sufficiently. The manifestation of dysfunction and disease among the living may actually be seen as a source of information—generally a message for change in the living family that will, if understood and accomplished, provide great benefits to the living family as well as to the forbearers rectifying energetic imbalances that may have originated or served as conduits for even earlier family field disturbances.

It is unfortunate that negative events and conditions that constitute family field disturbances may manifest in a new living generation in the form of a child or children with disability or disease. Such is frequently a message or effort to balance a previous generations or ancestor’s imbalance. The extra attention and effort expended with such a child may be serving a larger purpose in the overall family field as well as often creating a situation among the living family that actually achieves a higher order.

Disability in an adult life may be causality speaking to us about our own bad habits or it may also be the voice of previous generations still laboring with the effects of their unresolved issues. Most human dysfunction has some of these elements and components that can assist in the alleviation of suffering if properly identified and addressed—energetically and informationally. The most essential and fundamental bedrock or building block of creation and of this physical world is, in fact, information. Information is everywhere. Everything that happens is telling us something. And things that aren’t happening are also telling us something. The universe is full of information and much of it is accessible at any given moment. The question is whether we are sensitive to it, receiving it and, if we are, how we are handling it? What is it telling us?

Let us be clear. This is not a discussion of physic clairvoyance. Though such a thing does certainly exist it is actually in almost all cases a low frequency window into limited and skewed possibilities and data. The information of which we speak is obtained only through attunement to and through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. And a determination to accept nothing short of absolute truth regardless the of the price required or extracted.

B4: White Paper - Principles of "Ascension"

First off, Is there such a thing? Since this topic is becoming progressively popular let’s begin by discussing just what ascension is…or maybe what it isn’t. Ascension might be described as the object of all worship and human striving. It is really the holy grail of human thought, philosophy, science and pseudo-science. It is the object of the alchemists, sages and philosophers of almost all ages—the transformation of the human soul into a higher order of being that transcends the limits of mortality and allows the initiate to mingle with the gods.

The alchemist’s purported conversion of lead into gold, besides a source of income from inevitably disappointed monarchs and princes, was actually a veiled symbol of the ultimate transformation. The earliest efforts of the alchemists was a misguided effort to achieve the “Gloria Mundi” or the eternal life seemingly enjoyed by the pre-flood Patriarchs who wielded great power in their physical mortal lives and then moved on into an eternal realm of godhood.

The subject has received renewed interest in the hands of New Age gurus and among fringe and shadowy religious figures. It is the source and object of any number of “inner circle” sorts of groups and movements that promise the “higher knowledge” that facilitates some form of ascension into higher realms and powers. These have a certain amount of appeal to those who feel disenfranchised or are impatient or dissatisfied with their present state of affairs, including some not feeling sufficiently fed by their current religious leadership.

We can sympathize with the above. It is a common feeling and the yearnings of the human soul often go unheeded or unsatisfied. However, most avenues to raising personal frequencies and so-called ascension are counterfeits which, even if they are promulgated by sincere people, are actually the vehicles of deception authored by Lucifer and his evil spirit minions. The spiritual manifestations of support in these misguided efforts are supplied by very anxious demons who arrange themselves however necessary to manage the deception.


Furthermore, as we test the frequencies of such mortal mentors who are advocating their path to higher frequencies, higher knowledge and ascension we find these same persons often within a frequency range of log 35 to 71. Though these are mortals, ironically these are demonic frequencies. We also find that they have swarms of evil spirits attached or associated with them as well as numerous disembodied spirits (spirits of the dead who have not gone upward into the Light) and that those unsuspecting persons who have been drawn into their orbit have also picked up any number of such spirits that are now working upon them to influence their subsequent behavior, actually bringing down their frequency and drawing them into forms of mind control, immorality and addiction.

Satan does his best in every age to complicate and counterfeit the true path to ascension or godhood. The actual and only true path is a straight one that leads directly to our Heavenly Father through the Atonement of His Son. As discussed elsewhere (see White Paper: Multiple Past Lives?) there is no number of incarnations that could ever elevate one to the level of Christ. It is only done through partaking of His Divine Nature. And that can only be accomplished through service directed by the Spirit of the Lord, duly authorized ordinances and the proper, regular and effective offering of acceptable sacrifices in the form of a “broken heart and a contrite spirit.”

If we wish to experience the sort of life that God does we must acquire the necessary gifts of His nature and there is No Other Way and there is no other path of re-circulation available through mortality. It is a one-time shot. And one can see or should see that to obscure this important fact is a great accomplishment for Lucifer and a serious short-circuit in saving knowledge. Those who suppose they have had other facts and experiences revealed to them, such as past and future incarnation life experiences, are being duped by evil spirits. And any mortal who purports to having experienced ascension in or out of a religious organization and that advocates anything that deviates from the true path briefly outlined above will, guaranteed, exhibit a frequency of below log 100 (for reference, Integrity resonates at log 172 on this scale; see White Paper: Frequency Testing). The path is actually so simple that it takes a child to grasp it... or, our becoming as a child. Otherwise we fail to comprehend and embrace what a marvelous thing it was and is that Christ did for us, and to deny His power to change our mortal nature..


B5: White Paper - The Crisis in Western Medicine

The current trends and situation of western medicine is unsustainable for a variety of reasons. Obamacare is not the only problem. The burgeoning costs of health care are not only out of control, they are sustaining a fossilized approach to health that has abandoned the wisdom of the ages while ironically failing to see the potential benefits of quantum and other unique approaches to health.

Furthermore, we have become so accustomed to turning over all responsibility for health to the medical profession and they have, for the most part, gladly accepted the responsibility along with its fiscal rewards. The medical community and its constituents have slipped into an unhealthy abrogation of accountability on both sides. Just one common example being played out in backyards and school yards across the nation: little Sarah goes out in 40 degree weather without a jacket. She plays outside for an hour or goes to recess without even long sleeves. That night she starts coughing. The next morning she has a stuffy nose. That day at school is a repeat of the no jacket or sweater foray. Within 2 or 3 days Sarah is at the Doctor’s office getting some antibiotics. This will get rid of the infection but will have also taken some toll on her immune system. Rebounds of such infections are common. There are all kinds of variations on this theme. By the time Sara reaches her teen years her immune systems will have been compromised to some degree or another and she will, as a result of this lack of common sense on the part of the parents, now be more susceptible not only to respiratory issues but also to more serious diseases.

My wife comes from the old world. She, as her mother before her, knows how to prevent common health problems as well as how to deal with them, and essentially without doctors or pharmaceuticals. This does not mean that they would never be consulted or utilized but only when common sense measures may not be sufficient. However, our society has totally lost track of the relationship between cause and effect and there is too much money to be made providing this artificial safety net for which we have become too reliant. We run to the doctor for some instant fix for every complaint and think we need an MRI when we have a headache. But now we are paying for it.

So this component of the crisis is pretty much our own fault. And if we were just individually responsible we could fix it. But there are other serious problems that are not so easily addressed. Almost everywhere you look there are new hospital buildings going up, neighborhood clinics popping up everywhere, medical centers, surgical centers, specialty facilities, etc., which all have to be outfitted with the most recent equipment and devices. Now, it isn’t there is no need for some of this but certainly not to the extent that we are witnessing. Western medicine has become a self-serving cash cow that must constantly have all the latest equipment and service in order to be competitive and, ironically, has skewed the fiscal benefits from the doctors to the hospital itself and its owners. For this and other reasons many doctors are leaving the field and retiring early. One result of which, is a crop of less experienced doctors spread too thin (the same goes for nurses) and often with less commitment to the quality of the work.

Furthermore, the constant need to drive income through the hospital and clinic turnstiles as well as satisfy the insatiable appetite of the drug companies has warped the industry’s sense of mission and integrity. The compromises made to enhance the bottom line are all too well known to those who slave in this environment to keep up some semblance of genuine health service.

There are still hospitals and doctors who provide excellent and cost-effective service, and these should be among the models for reform. But there are other problems that remain to be addressed, and that includes having to do with the fossilized nature of almost this whole industry. Obamacare just poured a certain amount of concrete over a dysfunctional service sector and any reforms that do not address fundamental basics will simply prolong the agony. For example, besides simplifying patient care this industry deserves a serious lesson in vibrational medicine. They really have a very limited scope of understanding of the human body—one that engenders way too many surgical procedures and pharmaceutical drugs and still lacks a critical comprehension of the causes of disease. They are looking mostly in the wrong places and with the wrong methods. Their fixes tend to cause as many problems as they solve. They are largely confined to treating symptoms and with an outdated Newtonian view of their field.

Also, medical research, published articles, medical journals have all become an incestuous ring of self-aggrandizement, dogma, political correctness and a sort of priesthood of their own—much like what has been the closed political environment inside the DC Beltway. Should the reader take offence at these assertions reading the following quotations from people of the highest caliber and extremely pertinent experience may assist.


"It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” (Dr. Marcia Angell, NY Review of Books, January 15, 2009, “Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption)."

And, “The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness… The apparent endemicity of bad research behaviour is alarming. In their quest for telling a compelling story, scientists too often sculpt data to fit their preferred theory of the world. Or they retrofit hypotheses to fit their data. Journal editors deserve their fair share of criticism too. We aid and abet the worst behaviours. Our acquiescence to the impact factor fuels an unhealthy competition to win a place in a select few journals. Our love of ‘significance’ pollutes the literature with many a statistical fairy-tale…Journals are not the only miscreants. Universities are in a perpetual struggle for money and talent…” (Dr. Richard Horton, editor-in-chief, The Lancet, in The Lancet, 11 April, 2015, Vol 385, “Offline: What is Medicine’s 5 sigma?”)"


The emergence of quantum physics should also call into question much of medical studies due to such aspects as the observer effect and quantum entanglement associated with experimenter bias and studies aimed at achieving statistical significance associated with financial rewards. This is the reason many initial studies with positive significance often cannot be replicated by neutral parties.

Also on July 26, 2000 Dr. Barbara Starfield, associated at the time with the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, revealed her findings on healthcare in America. The Starfield study titled, “Is US health really the best in the world?”, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), came to the conclusion that US health care was nowhere near the best in the world and that, among other concerns, every year in the US correctly prescribed FDA approved medical drugs kill 106,000 people. Consequently, every decade, these drugs unnecessarily kill more than a million people. According to a year 2000 WHO study of the world’s top 50 health care systems the US was ranked 37th in the world at that time (Columbia was 22nd). Not only that but our costs were among or at the very highest of the entire group.

Western medicine still deserves much of the honor that it gets but it is not a carte blanche solution to our nation’s health issues and is due for a major re-examination of its role, its incentives, its responsibility, its approaches and its use of technology.


B6: White Paper - We Live in a World of Metaphors     and Some Notes about Our Work






When one of our mentors described a particular therapeutic modality as a metaphor it set us to thinking about the concept. He was making the point that the tools of a particular modality were only related to the actual client effect through some intermediate mechanisms. That is, the intended therapeutic action was not direct but rather indirect, and that the intermediate mechanisms of change were not clearly understood. However, this observation, it seemed to us, could apply to just about any existing approach to health and wellness. We understand, for example, that activation of acupressure points are said to relate to the health of organs and tissue systems. Though there are theoretical frameworks, we do not know exactly how this system works. The Chinese learned over millennia of practice to assist one’s health by addressing their concept of acupoints, chakra energy centers and meridian channels but their descriptions of the associated functions strike one as mystical in nature and do not really explain (at least not to the Western mind) what is actually going on…that is, except in what might be described as metaphorical terms. Though we hasten to add here that this does not mean that such approaches have no value or do not work.


However, one might logically pose the question: Does anyone really know what is going on in the medical world or even the larger physical world? Do we in the West really understand the mechanisms of health and disease? As it turns out, we don’t even have a good solid (pun intended) enduring definition of the physical world and how it works. Quantum physics proposes the latest understanding and it is so counter-intuitive as to boggle the mind. And since modern day science consists mainly of a growing set of observations of physical phenomenon rather than a true understanding of them, we must conclude that science is itself a metaphor. And though they overlap and are certainly related to each other, science and physics are not the same thing, and mathematics is something else yet.

Classical Newtonian physics has turned out to be just a special case within quantum physics and after 350 years since its description by Isaac Newton we still do not understand things like gravity or magnetism. We simply observe and make calculations and predictions derived from the observations—and, interestingly, this essentially describes modern science.

This is not to take away the tremendous accomplishments of science but the idea that it is explaining our world adequately is now not even debatable. And even though quantum physics has taken over some realms of serious science it has made little inroads into western medicine where Newtonian physics still occupies center stage, with transistors and MRI machines representing a slender quantum contribution to the field. A surgeon, guided by Newtonian cause and effect, may remove a tumor successfully but likely has little idea of how it got there and no idea of its energetic signature and informational roots—roots that may extend into patient childhood and beyond.

The brilliant mathematician, Dr. Morris Kline, points out that science is actually “rationalized  fiction” and that our most modern physics “leaves us with the incredible conclusion that essentially there is no solid matter in the external world and raises the question, of what substance are we human beings composed.” 1  He points out that all we really have to describe things is mathematics, and a great deal of that hinges on seeming correlations, the probability of events and apparent cause and effect relationships. Thanks to the pioneering work of quantum physicists, such as John Archibald Wheeler, 2  who proposed that information is the very essence of existence, many physicists are now moving towards the conclusion that matter is just a form of energy, which seems to be what Einstein was telling us all along with his formula E=mc2 (Energy = mass x the speed of light squared). Mass is made of energy and that is what is liberated in an atomic explosion. And energy is a storage medium and conduit of the Universe's basic building block, information.

For example, in order to give us a more true perspective, if we look at the physical world up close, like really close (e.g. at the molecular level), we see that the apparently solid physical world is actually almost all open space. In fact over 99% of apparently physical solids is actually open space occupied mainly by force fields. It is really the molecular force fields that are impacting our physical senses (and our own personal force fields and sensory preceptors) that give us our very limited experience of the physical world. The fact is, that our sensory perception is a very crude and constrained subset of the real world.


Electronic and scientific instruments give us peepholes into this larger world but, from the perspective of the whole of existence, still constitute hardly more than random samples. Could we see this larger world with perfect full-spectrum eyes we would see a kaleidoscopic scene of swirling, spinning, oscillating, vibrating forms of energies and their various connections, entanglements and relationships.

The mentor, mentioned at the beginning of this article, was indirectly making the point that his own modality (or metaphor) was more accurate—that is, closer in concept to an effective reality then his competition. Whereas our own work has not settled entirely on any of our various mentors' metaphors, but has actually taken its own path to realization based on our particular understandings of the real world and through empirical feedback from clinical results. Our work has ever striven to achieve not only the most accurate conceptualization of what is really going on and what is really possible, but also an exhaustive attempt to identify all the pertinent factors or levers that can be leveraged for success. In other words, the more accurate the metaphor the more effective and powerful the result. This includes a heavy relationship with neurological science, quantum physics and our belief in a Higher Being’s beneficial disposition towards His children and the existence of master information templates that can also be referenced.

With respect to quantum physics and making an even longer story necessarily somewhat shorter, quantum mechanics (as it is also known) emerged when some brilliant minds realized they were witnessing certain phenomena that could not be explained by classical physics — which newer physics has since been proven beyond any doubt and is now the gold standard. However, it is a gold standard that few people really understand and that has had limited impact due to this fact. The rather notorious and mind-bending metaphysical implications emerging out of quantum physics have energized some sectors of alternative medicine but do not extend much beyond application of some jargon.


What is troubling to the scientist and fascinating to the non-scientist is the newly revealed undeniable relationship between consciousness and the physical world. Furthermore, the brilliant theoretical physicist, David Bohm, one of the early quantum pioneers, concluded that even quantum physics was not the ultimate but just another level of representation (e.g. another metaphor) of a more basic and fundamental “implicit order” behind or underscoring everything that exists. 3  Though we rely heavily on quantum principles in our work including quantum entanglement and the so-called observer effect, we also agree with Bohm’s conclusion.


   A Summary of Some Relevant Principles

We suggest here that there are certain facts related to the above commentary that lend themselves to and inform the work we do. Consequently, if we are to have a more effective understanding of the world that has been created for us and, therefore, a greater ability to interact successfully with it, we suggest it is helpful to understand the following:

1) Everything in existence has its own level of built-in intelligence to which it adheres
2) Everything in existence has its own associated and intrinsic energy fields.
3) These energy fields are governed by the information and intelligence they contain and this information is never destroyed.
4) At various levels everything that exists communicates with everything else (including through ubiquitous energy fields such as the Zero Point and Higgs fields and in some cases scalar waves).
5) Whether it be a kidney, a tumor, an electron or a quark, everything that exists vibrates, oscillates, spins or all of the above.

6) In order to adequately address optimum health a human being must be comprehended as a composite of oscillating systems and their entanglements, connections and relationships to each other and to other systems.
7) Everything that exists has an informational/energetic "signature" including any human dysfunction (for example, a pain, a diseased organ or a tumor each has an informational energetic signature which includes an associated frequency).
8) The information content of energy fields and signatures are both accessible and potentially re-programmable through utilization of the natural human and universal energetic fields and the data and intelligence contained therein. 
9) Every human disease or dysfunction has a historical record that can be traced and audited and without this information being addressed systemic imbalances will persist in some form.
10) This energetic/informational record will also usually include relevant and related data associated with the energetic/informational family field and at least one or more ancestors.
11) We also take as a given that there is in existence within the mind of God and the Universal Information Field (Zero Point Field) a set of divine mind/body templates available for therapeutic reference.

We believe that it is safe to say that the future of human health may be referred to as vibrational medicine and that energy and information are the building blocks of the universe, with information (e.g. “the Word”) being the most fundamental.

The innate intelligence in everything and the implicit order (or Higher Consciousness) is what governs the Universe. In our work we acknowledge a personal, collective and a higher consciousness and work to articulate with each in a manner that makes both scientific and metaphysical sense. It is a unique form of intercession empowered by several levels and types of knowledge and experience. And the proof of these assertions is that it usually works. 

If we are to cure or at least relieve disease and dysfunction we must first understand the full energetic and informational context of any malady, and that context may include multiple client generations. Though we may rightfully look to environmental toxins and other adverse conditions in the environment, we have found that these are as much triggers to latent and inherited dispositions as they are explainable causes in and of themselves. Dysfunction is always a message, and its optimum and lasting resolution requires deciphering the information in the message and then dealing with it appropriately.  Also see: 




1) Morris Kline, Mathematics and the Search for Knowledge, Oxford University Press, 1985, p.198
2) See: Meijer D.K.F., NeuroQuantology, Mar 2015, Vol. 13, Issue 1, pp 57-78,  John Wheeler’s world revisited
3) David Bohm, Wholeness and the Implicate Order, Routledge, 2005, p.4

“In scientific research, a great deal of our thinking is in terms of theories... Thus, it might be said that a theory is primarily a form of insight, i.e. a way of looking at the world, and not a form of knowledge of how the world is.”     ― David Bohm, Wholeness and the Implicate Order


B7: White Paper - The Autism Spectrum Rectification Process - New Insights

The term "Bombshell" is certainly overworked but its just possible that it applies in this instance. Recent research has cast a new light on autism spectrum disorder. It was found recently that a large percentage of children diagnosed with ASD behavior have experienced accelerated mutations in certain sets of genes commencing from inception through the early developmental years. The other discovery of note with respect to this category of ASD was the finding that there was a biased predisposition to these mutations passed to the offspring by the mothers while the fathers played no detectable role.

In our own clinical testing we had previously found that a common denominator with ASD children was a lack of self-identity. And as the studies indicated above suggested a relationship with the mothers we chose to do our own testing on any common emotional or state-of-mind link with the mothers and we found that there was one. The mothers also had self-image or self-identity issues that apparently set the stage for an even more severe dysfunction in the children—with three out of four offspring effected being boys.

Further energetic testing on this cohort of mothers revealed that they struggled with male-female role identification and cultural and traditional male-female role expectations and/or issues with these traditional roles and it seems that the male children were affected the most by this maternal role struggle and that this factor was and is active in approximately 60% of the current ASD population. Testing also suggested that there was an increased effect in present childhood dysfunction in the case in which role identity issues extended beyond the mother to a maternal grandparent.

The remainder of the present day ASD population appears to be attributable to other factors such as early childhood stress and things like toxins and environmental pollutions as well as more random or other causes of genetic mutations. Some under whom we have studied attribute vaccine content overloads at critical times in the neural motor development as a causative factor. Our own testing suggests that this is indeed a factor for consideration. There can also be some population overlap between the causative factors involved.

Explanation for the geometric rise in ASD may, it seems, be logically found in two or three basic factors related to the above. As far as maternal role identification issues these may well be related to the progression of male and female functions associated with the changing expectations and demands upon individuals and parents as society evolved from largely agrarian and traditional male/female roles through both the industrial and then technological revolutions in our culture and society. The woman, in particular, was no longer required to take care of the home and raise the children—a role that not only served society as a whole but also generally guaranteed her own welfare. And as this role is no longer necessarily the case the woman has a much larger range of choices that are, however, still compounded by traditional instincts of bearing and raising children. And this modern conundrum is only being accentuated by current societal and cultural opportunities and challenges.

The other major factors that might also contribute to or explain the geometric increases in ASD would appear to be correlated with an increase in 1) toxins in the environment and 2) the anxiety and tensions associated with the increasingly rapid pace of life and its various associated pressures and demands. These may also be linked to the alteration and breakdown of traditional roles and lifestyles. And though there are a host of emotional fears and issues related, as we said before, a lack of identity was found to be the most salient feature we found in autistic children. And this fact has, it seems to us, far reaching implications for not only the welfare and healing of these children but also with respect to what we may expect henceforth. 

The present state of affairs that now includes the cultural suggestion of lessened gender identification with its necessarily wider range of gender confusion speaks to us of a wider and more pervasive set of neurological impacts on the rising generations—such that we may not only anticipate a continuation of the ASD pandemic but likely an assortment of other neurological disorders cropping up in our youth and future generations.

In this respect we have also investigated the possibility that such things as aggressive gender reversal or total dismissal of gender identification might free women, for example, of the ill effects on their offspring as well as the negative effects of their own struggles. However, rather what we have found is that at some fundamental level the gender roles are hardwired such that the downstream lineal effects are not likely to be avoided regardless of altered biological parental gender choices. At some level, we cannot escape who are parents were in the Garden without inflicting some harm on the Family Field.

Recent science has also shed light on another factor in this equation that cannot be ignored. We now know, for instance, that we, in our present generation, cannot escape the fact that what we do in the here in now is passed along to our offspring to a much greater degree than we ever imagined. The mechanisms by which this inheritance occurs are still being studied but the fact is that our habits and dispositions are imprinted in some epigenetic way now verified but not yet understood by mainstream science. In conjunction with this it is also true that present family dysfunctions often have their roots in prior generations. At any rate, the now undeniable result is that our attempts to violate the laws of health and the mores of generational sound traditional behavior have inexplicable effects upon the next and future generations—for which we are accountable after all. Fortunately wise behavior also has its lineal rewards.


B8: White Paper: Disability as a Crutch and Other Detours

We have found that in the area of disability and disease that within what is generally found to be incurable by western medicine there is a proportion of those suffering who actually have no desire to be healed or relieved of their affliction. In these cases the disability is serving some personal emotional needs or protection from responsibility to live life more to the fullest. In short, the dysfunction is held in place by serving some particular needs of the patient/client and possibly also the emotional needs of some other significant person or relationship.

In the latter case there may be a powerful co-dependent factor involved in the disability or dysfunction. In the excellent book, Codependent No More, the author describes a number of classic co-dependence situations. One of these was that of a couple who had been married a good number of years in which the wife was perpetually in a wheelchair and was pushed everywhere by her husband. It turned out, however, that the husband had a personal need to serve his wife in this manner and that his wife had a personal need to be served in this manner—the reality being that the wife was being held in a state lacking in accountability. And though this may have suited both of them it avoiding dealing with the fact that in reality the wife did not actually need a wheelchair and was missing to some extent the experiences of life to which she deserved. And the converse was likely also true of her husband.

So that, in reality, because of the above and other possible reasons, a definite proportion of disease, disability and human dysfunction is the result of settling for less than the truth, taking a path of least resistance, and avoiding a certain amount of responsibility in one’s life path, and often including the dynamics of others participating in close relationships. In such cases not only the underlying personal impediments to health must clearly be addressed but also those emotional energies involving any codependent players in the drama as well. Such that, for example, a child removed or insulated from accountability to the world’s demands upon it by an overprotective parent will never respond significantly to therapeutic treatment as long as the rescue energy of the parent is present. In this case he/she must also be the subject of therapeutic processing.

Another example of the need for involving a parent or significant other in the treatment program is illustrated by a case in which we were engaged by a mother on behalf of her married son. His particular set of dysfunctions were of significant concern to his mother but it eventually emerged that she blamed them upon her daughter-in-law for whom she had a high degree of animosity. Consequently, when we revealed to her that the fundamental impediments to her son's dysfunction resolution included her need to change, that is to deal with her combination of excessive rescue energy and personal animosity for her son’s wife, we found that our services were no longer required. 

In the above case we would have had to commence the son’s treatment with the mother. And this illustrates further the fact that much of what our work deals with is not always easy to swallow either by the clients or the other related parties involved. The reason being is that the health and healing of the core cause of the dysfunction often requires change in the energetic and informational dynamics of the client personality, character and environment—including attention to those who are holding sway or control over a significant degree of the energetic and informational living space of the subject and those involved. 

This requires a comprehension that, in reality (that is in the highest reality) most disease and dysfunction has emotional roots, threads and support that involve the energetic and spiritual health of the client and the family (this may even include ancestors and others) including family myths. Other approaches to resolution may be temporarily helpful but will inevitably fall short of the ultimate resolution.

True healing of the body, mind and spirit is, in the final analysis, only made possible by “He who arose with healing in His wings,” which requires a willingness to submit the dark and dysfunctional aspects and corners of our being, our psyche, and our soul to the illumination of Truth and Light. Some people start at the surface and peel off a few layers and feel better already and let it go at that. And that’s OK, but the time shall come when we shall see as we are seen and know as we are known. Getting ready for that Interview is the best bet.

1) Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself, by Melody Beattie, Hazelden, 1986


B9: The Family Myth by Mark Sichel, LCSW and Alicia L. Cervini, and a note on Personal Myths

What is the Family Myth and why does it have so much power over our individual growth and our family relations? What happens when the Family Myth, nurtured and prized for so long, meets its match at the hands of inevitable change? The answers to these questions can be shattering.

What is the Family Myth?

The Family Myth is a well-rehearsed notion, wholly false, about the nature of the family unit. The Family Myth dictates that surface appearance is more important than individual happiness: that what "ought" to be true must squelch what IS true. The Family Myth is the presumption that evey family member is compatible, possesses the same goals and loves one another. The Family Myth is a fantasy predicated on a like-it-or-not unified "we" -- a contract that no one seems to remember signing.

Common Family Myths generally are framed as "we" statements. "We all get along wonderfully." "We all have the same goals and like the same people." "We are all loving and accepting people and we believe in democracy and choice." The Family Myth does not usually allow for "I" statements. The Family Myth does not tolerate choice readily.

Why does the Family Myth have so much power over our individual growth and our family relations?

Family Myths are generally fantasies about the love, support, and caring nature of one's family of origin. This is what makes the dissolution of the Family Myth so terribly profound and earth shattering.

It is very easy to get caught up in the fiction of a Family Myth. The families we envision when the Family Myth is born are always happier, cleaner, better people than ourselves. The Family Myth is supposedly an ideal; unfortunately we don't always actually want to be what it is that we think we want to be. The resulting conflict between what we want in theory and what we want in reality is often a destructive one. Furthermore, in most cases, the fashioning of the Family Myth is not a democratic process. Not everyone even gets a say as to what the Family Myth is going to be.

Despite the decidedly undemocratic way in which the Family Myth is initially established, the idea of being shinier, better versions of ourselves or having the unconditional love and support of every family member is a seductive one. Consequently, in families where the Family Myth is actively propagated, we all eventually buy in. The pervasive and persuasive nature of the Family Myth is the reason you don't see blue mohawks in Norman Rockwell paintings.

When a family member makes a choice that is an act of independence -- like a blue mohawk, or a spouse of another race, or an unusual hobby, or a career other than the family business -- the Family Myth is threatened and a rupture between family members necessarily results. The typical response to such a threat, by a family under the sway of the Family Myth, is swift retribution or even a family "divorce," whereby the offending family member is cast out.

What happens when the Family Myth, nurtured and prized for so long, meets its match at the hands of inevitable change?

In some cases people we see who are going through a shattering family "divorce" follow the laws of the Family Myth to a tee, not realizing that the tenets of the Family Myth are not necessarily what will actually make themselves or their family happy. In other cases, individuals in the family make choices or decisions that are blatantly in opposition to the Family Myth, causing deep rifts between family members. Let's look at two case studies:

Alice* had always felt that her family wanted her to marry a man who was strong, stable, a good provider, successful and committed to raising a family. So she did. The Family Myth demanded nothing less. She did not realize, nor did her family consciously realize, that what her parents really wanted was for her to marry a man who would blend in and be unimportant and powerless in relation to themselves. As a result, Alice and her new husband, James could not understand why they were constantly embroiled in bitter family arguments over seemingly inconsequential matters. They could not understand why Alice's parents were constantly provoking them. They did not know how to manage Alice's family from a distance without getting themselves into trouble. No one in the family understood that strictly adhering to the laws of the Family Myth with no room for compromise makes no one happy.

Grace had always been Daddy's girl and Mom's Mommy. After her parents' divorce, Grace accompanied her Dad to social events and was his best pal. Her mom, on the other hand, wallowed in depression and drug abuse for years after the divorce. Grace cleaned the house, cooked, and tried to be her Mom's therapist and best friend. Grace came to therapy to work on developing her career as a singer and actress in musical theater. She also worked out her poor choices of men, and ended up marrying Rod, a successful restauranteur. Not surprisingly, along the way she also became an independent adult, breaking her ties with her dysfunctional parents.

Grace stopped being the caregiver for her mom, and instead gave her the name of a therapist. Grace became less pathologically involved with her Dad. Then, after she announced her marriage to Rod, both her parents stopped speaking to her. Grace was shattered. She had been punished for her emancipation. Grace was not aware that healing herself was against the rules of her family. She was shocked to realize that neither of her parents wanted to have connections and lives of their own, and yet they resented and envied Grace's new life. In this instance, the Family Myth was a rather dingy and broken-down one - not the utopian familial vision that most families subscribe to. However, in the most dysfunctional of families, it is not at all uncommon for the Family Myth to be the picture of dysfunction: "If I'm messed up then you'd better be, too."

Family members pay a high price for going against the grain. Grace had tired of putting her own life on hold and forced her parents to release her. Alice and James excelled and surpassed her parents in their accomplishments and education with their independent thoughts and actions. Powerless in the face of these decisions, family members responded with "divorce," the casting out of the offending family member.

Births, deaths, marriages, ageing, holidays, retirement, career successes, business failures - all the ups and downs of life - all have the potential for challenging the Family Myth and creating shattering scenarios for individuals. Both Grace and Alice were devastated by their family's rejection of them. The loss of their parents' approval shook the very foundation of their lives, leaving them hurt, disoriented and depressed.

Over time, Alice and James were able to repair their family "divorce" by acknowledging the myths of Alice's family and learning to adapt to the family's need to feel that Alice and James were submissive and accepting of them. Of course, in this healing process, Alice's family had to learn to live with the level of distance and difference exhibited by James and Alice.

It took Grace many months to work out her differences with her parents. Room had to be made in the Family Myth for Grace and Rod's marriage. Grace had to convince her parents that her own rejection of an unhealthy lifestyle was not a rejection of them.

It is neither necessary nor a good idea to give up hard won emotional growth in order to remain a member in good standing of your family. Neither should you sublimate all of your wishes and desires in order to please your family. But it is important to examine your own Family Myths. Once you understand them, you will be able to avoid a "divorce" in the family by negotiating safely the rocky paths that could challenge the Family Myth. Or, if a schism has already occurred in your family, it will be possible to see what steps can be taken to begin the healing process.

*The names of all clients have been changed to protect their identities.

Note on Personal Myths: There are also many personal myths that interfere with optimum performance and success in life. To say, for example, that "I am no good at math", most likely means I have never put forth the necessary effort or someone shamed me into thinking so. Or, "since everyone at that school is stuck up." means I don't have to bother to go there or "I don't have to deal with making new friends if I do go there." Or, "since I am confined to a wheelchair I can't really accomplish anything of any value in life". People tend to make or fall into generalizations that serve to protect or prevent them from experiencing life to the fullest. These can be myths that come in a legion of varieties and follow the path of least resistance short-circuiting our ultimate well-being. Neuro-Genix Processing can greatly assist with resolving these impediments to health, well-being and success


B10: Shame and Bipolar Disorder

- a Vicious Circle

By virtue of working with someone diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder (BD), (otherwise or formerly known as Manic-Depressive Disorder) we discovered that, though her bipolar behaviors did not manifest in any real degree until the subject was in her 40's, childhood shaming was actually the root cause. Since shame has the lowest frequency of any human emotion or feeling except for hatred and murder it cannot possibly be beneficial for a child still in his or her developmental years. testing revealed that our subject's experiences of parental administered shame began at about 19 months of age and continued until age 8. Guilt, another low frequency emotion was also stimulated in the home. In this case the subject was born and still lives in a German speaking country where shaming was often standard procedure.

Shaming tends to be a vicious circle because it eventuates in behaviors that also attracts shame. The manic phases manifest, for example, in bipolarity, bring not only unwanted or negative attention they also eventuate in a depressive stage in which the subject regrets the manic excesses and punishes his or her self all over again. It is as if the mother was there administering this poison throughout the subject's adult life whether she (the mother) is actually alive or not.

Additionally, such energetic disturbances are passed down through the family lineage both genetically and epigenetically to continue to wreck some degree of havoc in later generations and in other forms of dysfunction and disability.

For more information on this subject see: