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Acquired Generational Effects (SERVICES, SCIENCE 1,RESEARCH 2)


Addiction Removal Process (PROCESSES 1)

Addiction effects upon the human spirit (PROCESSES 1)

Adrenocorticotropic hormone=ACTH (RESEARCH 2)

Age of client, no limit (Q & A)


Allergy and Asthma Relief (HOME)

Alternative health (BACKGROUND, SCIENCE 1)

Amygdala involvement in fear & anxiety (RESEARCH 2)

Ancestors interested? (SERVICES, Q & A)

Anti-aging (HOME, PROCESSES)

Audit Trail Process (PROSESSES 1, Q & A)

Autism and Learning Disabilities (HOME)

Autonomic Control System – ACS (PROCESSES 3)

Bablis, Arthur, Australasian College of Kinesiology Mastery (ACKM) (BACKGROUND)

Background, Practitioners (BACKGROUND)

Background virus programs (PROCESSES 1, SCIENCE 1, 2)

Behavior patterns (SERVICES)


Bohr, Niels, quantum physics pioneer (SCIENCE 1, RESEARCH 3)

Bosons, Nambu–Goldstone, in many-body systems (RESEARCH 4, fn)

Brain Function (HOME, PROCESSES 1, SCIENCE 2, 3)

Brain Integration and Formatting (SERVICES, PROCESSES 1, 2, RESEARCH 1)

Brain Integration and Reprogramming (SERVICES, PROCESSES 1, 2, Q & A)

Brain Integration Process (PROCESSES 1, 2; see also

Brain integration: will it make me smarter? (Q & A; see also

Brown, Brené, TED Talk video on Power of Vulnerability (SCIENCE 1)

Cardiac (Autonomic) Nervous System (RESEARCH 2)

Cerebral data stream diagram (RAS, SCIENCE 3)

Changing client History (HOME, Q & A)

Changing life path trajectory (HOME)

Cherenkov Radiation, the Zero-Point Field of Vacuum (RESEARCH 3)

Childhood stress, effects (PROCESSES 2, RESEARCH 1)

Chinese meridians and acupressure point validity (RESEARCH 1,


Cognitive entanglement as model of brain function (RESEARCH 2, fn)

Coherence in brain function (PROCESSES 2, RAS, RESEARCH 2, 4)

Chronic Disease (HOME, SERVICES)

Clarity of thought (HOME)

Clearing Generational Chains and Miasmic effects (HOME, SERVICES)

Client age (PROCESSES 2, Q & A)

Complete brain wiring illustrated- video (RESEARCH 1)

Commissures, cross hemisphere (SCIENCE 1, RAS/SCIENCE 3)

Commissures, blocked cross-communication (PROCESSES 2, RAS)

Conjugate gaze, eye synchronization/visual input/learning (PROCESSES 2, fn)

Connections, purpose of life (SCIENCE 1)

Consciousness (SCIENCE 2, RESEARCH 1 & 2, RESEARCH 4)

Consciousness and quantum physics (RESEARCH 4)

Consciousness, distributed or holographic (RESEARCH 4)

Consultation (CHARGES, CONTACT)

Core Process (PROCESSES 1)

Corticotropin-releasing hormone=CRH (RESEARCH 2)

Data destruction, neural (RESEARCH 4)

Data markers or signatures in neuronal circuits (HOME, SERVICES, BACKGROUND, RESEARCH 1)

David Corby, College of Complimentary Medicine (CCM) (BACKGROUND)

Distributed memory, including holographic (RESEARCH 4)

Dendritic atrophy due to stress (RESEARCH 1)

Does a person need to know about work? (Q & A)

Dysfunctions, health & other (SERVICES, PROCESSES 1)

Dysfunctions and illness serving emotional needs (SERVICES)

Dysfunctions linked to family tree (PROCESSES 1)

Early childhood stress, effects (PROCESSES 3)

Effects of habitual behavior on the spirit (PROCESSES 2)

Effects of pre-natal stress on human development (SCIENCE 1,


Electromagnetic heart, waves stronger than brain (RESEARCH 2)

Electromagnetic Sensitivity (HOME)

Encoding/superbinding in brain function & memory (RESEARCH 4 fn)

Emotional effects of childhood stress & trauma (RESEARCH 1)

Emotional Release (SERVICES)

Emotional Release Therapy (SCIENCE 1)

Energetic threads, negative, removal (SCIENCE 2)

Entanglement explained (SCIENCE 1, RESEARCH 2)

Entanglement, quantum, in cognitive processes (RESEARCH 2, fn)

Entangled minds – illustration (RESEARCH 1)

Enteric (Intestinal) Nervous System “Gut Brain” (RESEARCH 2)

Epigenetics and Health (SCIENCE 1)

Expanded access to agency (HOME, BACKGROUND)

Experience during treatment (Q & A)

Fear and anxiety (RESEARCH 2)

Fear, shame and guilt, negative effects (PROCESSES 3)

Feinberg, Leslie Dr., Neuromodulation Technique (SCIENCE 1)

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (PROCESSES 2 fn)

Force fields, interactive (RESEARCH 3)

Force fields as Information storage mediums (RESEARCH 2, 3)

Force fields include electromagnetic, light, scalar waves (SCIENCE)

Force fields Involved, taken into account (SCIENCE 1, RESEARCH 1, 2, 3, 4)

Frequency testing (SCIENCE 1, Appendix B)

Full spectrum Brain Function Integration/reprogramming (HOME, SERVICES)

Games, unconscious self-deception (SCIENCE, PROCESSES 2)

Generational effects, acquired (RESEARCH 1, APPENDIX B)

Generational factors (PROCESSES 1, Q & A)

Generational Healing (HOME, PROCESSES 1, Q & A)

Generational Miasm Process (PROCESSES 1)

Genetic imprinting (SCIENCE 1, RESEARCH 2)

Gerber, Richard, MD., Vibrational Medicine (SCIENCE 1, RESEARCH 1)

Gestalt functions, hemispheric (SCIENCE 2)

Gestalt Process package (FEES)

Glia Cells, in nueronal support/maintenance (SCIENCE 2 fn, RESEARCH 2)

Glial and neuronal cell illustration (RESEARCH 2)

Glial cell role in Neurogenisis (RESEARCH 2)

Greater sense of wellbeing from NeuroGenix therapeutic work (HOME)

Gut Brain, explanation (RESEARCH 2)

Health Counseling, sometime necessary (HOME)

Heavenly bodies symbolic of people (CONTACT)

Heightened awareness (HOME)

Heisenberg, Werner, uncertainty principle (SCIENCE 1, RESEARCH 3)

Holographic models of memory (RESEARCH 4)

Holocaust epigenetic studies (SERVICES incl ftn 1-3, RESEARCH 2)

Homeopathy (SCIENCE 1)

Hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis (HPA) summary (RESEARCH 2)

Immunity (HOME)

Impairments (SERVICES 1)

Increased peace of mind (HOME)

Information, basic building block of the universe (BACKGROUND)

Information, encoded in force fields (PROCESSES 2, RESEARCH 3)

Information, the "coin of the realm" (HOME, BACKGROUND)

Intelligence (CONTACT, RESEARCH 4)

Information, never lost (BACKGROUND)

Information, The Word (BACKGROUND)

​Intelligence, in everything (RESEARCH 4)

Interactive field forces (RESEARCH 3, RAS/SCIENCE 3)

Interference wave patterns (SCIENCE 1-3 )

Key Treatment Processes (PROCESSES 1)

Kinesiology (SERVICES)

Krebs, Charles, PhD. LEAP (SCIENCE 1, RAS/SCIENCE 3, fn)

Lead Functions, Logic or Gestalt (SCIENCE 2)



Life Purpose Process (PROCESSES 1, SCIENCE 2)

Limitations to work, if any (Q & A)

Limited control of self (SERVICES, BACKGROUND, Note on Agency)

Logic functions, hemispheric (SCIENCE 2)

Long Term Potentiation, memory (RESEARCH 4)

Markers, emotionally charged neural roots (SERVICES, PROCESSES 1)

McCrossin, Susan, Crossinology Brain Integration (BACKGROUND)

Memory, distributed or holographic (RESEARCH 4)

Methodology (BACKGROUND)

Meridians, Chinese, validity of subtle energy channels (RESEARCH 1)

Multiple past lives? (APPENDIX B)

Muscle memory (RESEARCH 4)

Muscle Response Testing (RESEARCH 1)

Neural circuits, implicated in fear and anxiety (RESEARCH 2)

Neural regeneration, neurogenisis (RESEARCH 1, RESEARCH 2)

Neurobiological effects of childhood stress & trauma (RESEARCH 1)

Neurologic system, likely Newtonian and quantum (RESEARCH 4)

Neuroscience (SCIENCE 1)

Neurological science research, use of (PROCESSES 2, fn)

Neurotransmitters (SERVICES, SCIENCE 1)

Newtonian physics, subset of quantum physics (RESEARCH 4)

Number and type of treatments? (Q & A)

Observer effect, quantum physics (SCIENCE 1)

Ondrej Bursik, College of Complimentary Medicine (BACKGROUND)

Other factors in Neurogenisis, beside glial/stem (RESEARCH 2)

Oxytocin, natural pain killer, role in birth/bonding (PROCESSES 2)

Pain body, Eckhart Tolle (PROCESSES 1)

Pain Body/Attractor Field Process (PROCESSES 1)

Particle and wave fluctuations (RESEARCH 3)

Partnering with the divine (SCIENCE 1)

Past life regressions: work does not include (Q & A)

Past, present and future one great NOW (PROCESSES 1)

Performance Enhancement (HOME, SERVICES)

Penrose & Hameroff, quantum brain researchers, video (RESEARCH 2)

Pert, Candice NIH author, researcher (SCIENCE 1, RESEARCH 1)

Physical Ailments (HOME, SERVICES)

Physical effects of childhood stress & trauma (RESEARCH 1, SCIENCE 2)

Physical faculties and their spirit analogs (RESEARCH 4)

Pitocin/Syntocin, possible birth/bonding effects (PROCESSES 2)

Power of intention, quantum effects (SCIENCE 1, SCIENCE 2 fn)

Practitioners: Gary and Maria Ede (BACKGROUND)

Pranic Healing and Psychotherapy (PROCESSES 1)

Precursary events, linked to negative energetic signatures (SCIENCE 1)

Pre-natal stress, neurological effects (RESEARCH 2)

Pre-mortal expereinces possibly included (Q & A)

Primal Fear Process (PROCESSES 3)

Primitive Survival Reflexes (PROCESSES 2)

Protective (psychic/emotionsl) walls (PROCESSES 3)

Psychotherapy, pranic (PROCESSES 1)

Pranic ( force) healing (PROCESSES 1)

Program Removal Process (PROCESSES 1)

Quantum effects on the past: Retrocausality (SCIENCE)

Quantum involvement in human consciousness (PROCESSES 2 fn, RESEARCH 2)

Quantum Mechanics, Consciousness and Health (RESEARCH 1)

Quantum models of the brain (PROCESSES 2 fn, RESEARCH 2, 4)

Quantum Observations (RESEARCH 2)

Quantum physics (CONTACT, SCIENCE 1, RESEARCH 4)

Real particles, sub-atomic (RESEARCH 3)

Reincarnation, a source of deception (Q & A)

Remote health work (Q & A)

Remote quantum effects, at any distance (RESEARCH 1)

Reticular Activating System (RAS) (SCIENCE 2, RAS)

Retrocausality (Q & A, SCIENCE, RESEARCH 1)

Richard Utt, Applied Physiology (BACKGROUND)

Rife machine, banned (SCIENCE 1)

Robinson, Pam, Institute of Healing Arts (SCIENCE 1)

Root dysfunction hard wired (PROCESSES 2)

Roots of Chronic Disease (HOME, SERVICES)

Saccade control, eye function (PROCESSES 2 fn)

Samuel Hannehmann, Dr. Miasm theory (HOME, SERVICES)

Satanic abuse (PROCESSES 2 fn)

Scalar waves, source and propagation characteristics (SCIENCE 1)

Schedule an appointment (Q & A, CONTACT)

Science and NeuroGenix (SCIENCE 1, 2)

Scientific basis for work (SCIENCE 1-3, Q & A, RESEARCH 1-4)

Scientific community, attitude of (SCIENCE 1)

Schrödinger, Erwin, quantum physics pioneer (SCIENCE, RESEARCH 3)

Self-sabotage, energetic/emotional marker effects (PROCESSES 3) Sensory data flow diagram (SCIENCE 2)

Sensory overload (PROCESSES 2)

Sexual abuse (HOME, PROCESSES 2)

Signatures, energetic/informational in neuronal circuits (HOME, SERVICES, BACKGROUND, RESEARCH 1, SCIENCE 2)

Stephen Hawking, PhD., information never lost (BACKGROUND)

Suggested reading list (RESEARCH 1)

Susskind, Leonard, PhD, information never lost (BACKGROUND)

Summary of purpose of work (Q & A)

Superposition of atomic particles (RESEARCH 3)

Switching & misdirection of neural data (RAS/SCIENCE 3)

Synchrony in brain function (PROCESSES 2, SCIENCE 3, RESEARCH 2, 4)

Thalamic Reticular Activating System (RAS) (SCIENCE 2, SCIENCE 3)

Transgenerational Traumatic Memories (SCIENCE 2, Appendix B)

Trauma, effects of (HOME, SERVICES, SCIENCE 1, 2, RESEARCH 1)

Traumatic Memory, linked to/from charged emotions (RESEARCH 4)

Testimonials, not published (CONTACT)

Treatment Charges and Payment Policy (CONTACT)

Treatment documentation (BACKGROUND: Methodology, Q & A)

Tolle, Eckhart, concept of the pain body (PROCESSES)

​Tracking, visual - relative to Brain Integration (PROCESSES 2)

Transgenerational traumatic memories (SCIENCE 2; Appendix 2,B)

True vacuum, no such thing (RESEARCH 3)

Uncertainty principle, Heisenberg (SCIENCE 1)

Unconscious processes (SCIENCE 2, RESEARCH 4)

Universal Information Field – UIF (RESEARCH 3; see also ZPF)

Vaccination, neurological effects (SCIENCE 2)

Virus programs running in unconscious (SCIENCE 1)

Virtual particles, sub-atomic (RESEARCH 3)

Visual, auditory & vestibular movement (PROCESSES 2)

Waves and Particles in quantum theory (SCIENCE 1, RESEARCH 3)

Wave form communication, associated with neural circuits (SCIENCE 3)

What sets our work apart (CONTACT)

Willingness to heal (SERVICES)

Zero Point Field, involvement in consciousness (RESEARCH 4)

Zero Pont Field, energy – ZPF, explanation (RESEARCH 3, 4)

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