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Living in a Metaphorical World

In scientific research, a great deal of our thinking is in terms of theories... Thus, it might be said that a theory is primarily a form of insight, i.e. a way of looking at the world, and not a form of knowledge of how the world is.   ― David Bohm, Quantum Physicist, Wholeness and the Implicate Order

White Paper:

      We Live in a World of Metaphors ... and Some Notes about Our Work



When one of our mentors in a discussion session described a popular therapeutic modality as a metaphor, it set us to thinking about the concept. He was making the point that the tools of a particular modality were only related to the actual client effect through some intermediate mechanism. That is, the intended therapeutic action was not direct but rather indirect, and that since the intermediate mechanisms of change were not clearly understood he felt he could classify his therapeutic approach as superior--that is, a better metaphor.


In our personal understanding of the world and its operations metaphors can, by simplification, serve a purpose and lend power to some degree of comprehension of a more complicated process. However, metaphors are also, by definition, removed to some possibly effective degree from their object and its actual operation. A metaphor can be useful to help conceptualize something more complex, but may also necessarily omit some critical detail.


Observations regarding the possible advantages and disadvantages of metaphors could conceivably apply to just about any existing approach to health and wellness. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) we understand, for example, that activation of designated acupressure points on the surface of the skin are said to relate to the health of internal organs and tissue systems. There are some relevant theoretical frameworks available, but we do not know exactly how such a system works. The Chinese learned over millennia of practice to assist one’s health by addressing their concepts of acupoints, chakra energy centers and meridian channels. However, their descriptions of the associated functions strike one as mystical in nature and do not really explain (at least not to the Western mind) what is actually going on…that is, except in what might be described in metaphorical terms. However, are we so certain that our western anatomical/biophysical conceptualization metaphor is superior, or the last word on the subject of health?

While we act like we do know, one might logically pose the question: Does anyone really know what is going on in the medical health world or even the larger physical world? 


In the midst of our seemingly worshipful Western attitude towards science and medicine, why would we pose such a question? According to the pioneer quantum scientist, Werner Heisenberg, we may not as yet have a very comprehensive understanding of the physical world. He says, for example, "the smallest units of matter are not physical objects in the ordinary sense; they are forms, ideas which can be expressed unambiguously only in mathematical language." [1] 

As an observation from a renowned quantum physicist, what does this mean? This language does not fit our smug Newtonian view of the world around us. Consequently, if we don't clearly understand the physical world, can we really understand the underlying mechanisms of health and disease? We have libraries, books and online materials festooned with full color pictures of organs, diagrams of functional pathways, and lots of scholarly articles constantly shedding new light on facets of the brain, human anatomy and health. However, as it turns out, we don’t even have a good solid (pun intended) enduring definition of the physical world and how it works. Quantum physics proposes the latest understanding, and it is so counter-intuitive as to boggle the mind. Our modern-day science consists mainly of a growing set of observations of physical phenomenon rather than a true understanding of them, that is at the quantum level, we must conclude that science is itself a metaphor [and medical science only a subset]. And though there is overlap and they are certainly related to each other, science and physics are not the same thing, and mathematics is something else yet.


Mathematics, though pure in itself, is unfortunately too often the instrument or servant of skewed conclusions and erroneous correlations. Everything else necessarily possesses an element of probability and conjecture.

Classical Newtonian physics has turned out to be just a special case within quantum physics and, remarkably, after over 350 years since its description by Isaac Newton we still do not understand things like gravity or magnetism. We simply observe and make calculations and predictions derived from the observations—and, interestingly, this essentially describes modern science. Which begs the question:

Can modern science actually explain our world?

This is not to take away the tremendous accomplishments of science but the idea that it is explaining our world in a comprehensive manner is, from what we now know, not even debatable. And even though quantum physics has taken over some realms of serious science, it has made little inroads into western medicine where Newtonian physics still occupies center stage, with transistors and MRI machines representing a slender quantum contribution to the field. A surgeon, guided by Newtonian cause and effect, may remove a tumor successfully but likely has little idea of how it got there and no idea of its energetic signature and informational roots—roots that may, for example, extend into patient childhood and beyond (and since its energetic signature was not addressed, possibly regenerate the original problem or express itself in some other negative manner).

The brilliant mathematician, Dr. Morris Kline, points out that science is actually “rationalized  fiction” and that our most modern physics “leaves us with the incredible conclusion that essentially there is no solid matter in the external world and raises the question, of what substance are we human beings composed.” [2]  He points out that all we really have to describe things is mathematics, and a great deal of scientific descriptions and conclusions hinge on seeming correlations, the probability of events and apparent cause and effect relationships.


Thanks to the pioneering work of quantum physicists, such as John Archibald Wheeler, [3] who proposed that information is the very essence of existence, many physicists are now moving towards the conclusion that matter is just a form of energy, which seems to be what Einstein's formula was telling us all along with his E=mc2 (Energy = mass x the speed of light [c] squared). Mass is made of energy and that is what is liberated in an atomic explosion. Energy is NOT the end-all and be-all as many alternative health practitioners have supposed, but rather is a storage medium and conduit of the Universe's basic building block, that is, information.

In order to obtain a better perspective, if we look at the physical world up close, like really close (e.g. at the molecular level), we see that the apparently solid physical world is actually almost all open space. In fact, over 99% of apparently physical solids is actually open space occupied mainly by force fields. It is really the molecular force fields that are impacting our physical senses (and our own personal force fields and sensory preceptors) that give us our very limited experience of the informational and energetic "physical" world. Consequently, our sensory perception is a very crude and constrained sample or subset of the real world.


Electronic and scientific instruments give us peepholes into this larger world but, from the perspective of the whole of existence, still constitute hardly more than random samples. Could we see this larger world with perfect full-spectrum eyes we would see a kaleidoscopic scene of swirling, spinning, oscillating, vibrating forms of energies and their various connections, entanglements and relationships. If we could see and comprehend the world and our surroundings with these full-spectrum super-human eyes, this more actual world of energy (and its informational basis and controls) would make much more sense to us (assuming our brain could process it). This is, in fact, the real world in which our therapeutic work operates. And rather than being energy work, it is the bedrock of information which governs all existence and all processes that informs our work.

The mentor, mentioned at the beginning of this article, was indirectly making the point that his own modality (or metaphor) was more accurate—that is, closer in concept to an effective reality then his competition. Whereas our own work has not settled entirely on any of our various mentors' metaphors, it actually has taken its own path to realization based on our own particular (though still limited) understandings of the real world and through empirical feedback from clinical results. Our work has ever striven to achieve not only the most accurate conceptualization of what is really going on and what is really possible, but also an exhaustive attempt to identify all the pertinent factors or levers that can be articulated for success. In other words, the more accurate the metaphor the more effective and powerful the result. This includes a heavy reliance upon neurological science, quantum physics and our belief in a Higher Being’s beneficial disposition towards His children and the existence of master information templates that can also be operationally referenced.

There are, in fact, divine templates in the mind of God for the human family and attempts to modify the human body outside of these templates is playing with both Creation and Fire.

The relationaship of consciousness to the physical world

With respect to quantum physics and making an even longer story necessarily somewhat shorter, quantum mechanics (as it is also known) emerged when some brilliant minds realized they were witnessing certain phenomena that could not be explained by classical physics—which more recent view of physics has been proven beyond any doubt and is now the gold standard. However, it is a gold standard that few people really understand and that has had limited impact due to this fact. The rather notorious and mind-bending metaphysical implications emerging out of quantum physics have energized some sectors of alternative medicine but do not extend much beyond application of some jargon and a bit of hocus-pocus.

However, as we have trainined in various modalities, regardless of the qualitiy of each metaphor, we have seen positive clinical results that extend beyond the placebo effect. We attribute this, at least in some degree, to what the late Wayne Dyer referred as the Power of Intention. [4] The power of personal intention is very real, and it so happens that this segways right into the subject of quantum physics.


What is sometimes troubling to the scientist and fascinating to the non-scientist is the grudgingly revealed undeniable relationship between consciousness and the physical world. Furthermore, the brilliant theoretical physicist, David Bohm, one of the early quantum pioneers, concluded that even quantum physics was not the ultimate but just another level of representation (e.g. another metaphor) of a more basic and fundamental “implicit order” behind or underscoring everything that exists. [5] Though we rely heavily on quantum principles in our work including quantum entanglement and the so-called observer effect, we also agree with Bohm’s conclusion—that there is something more basic and fundamental behind it all.


A Summary of Relevant Principles

We suggest here that there are certain facts related to the above commentary that lend themselves to and inform the work we do. Consequently, if we are to have a more effective understanding of the world that has been created for us and, therefore, a greater ability to interact successfully with it, we suggest it is helpful to understand the following:

1) Everything in existence has its own level of built-in intelligence to which it adheres.
2) Everything in existence has its own associated and intrinsic energy fields.
3) These energy fields are governed by the information and intelligence they contain and this information is never destroyed.
4) At various levels everything that exists communicates with everything else (including through ubiquitous energy fields such as the Zero Point and Higgs fields and in some cases creates or translates into what are known as scalar waves).
5) Whether it be a kidney, a tumor, an electron or a quark, everything that exists consists of a granularity that vibrates, oscillates, spins or all of the above.

6) In order to adequately address optimum health a human being must be comprehended as a composite of oscillating systems and their entanglements, connections and relationships to each other and to other systems.
7) Everything that exists has an informational/energetic "signature" including any human dysfunction (for example, a pain, a diseased organ or a tumor each has an informational energetic signature which includes an associated frequency).
8) The information content of energy fields and signatures are both accessible and potentially re-programmable through utilization of the natural human and universal energetic fields and the data and intelligence contained therein. 
9) Every human disease or dysfunction has a historical record that can be traced and audited. Without this information being addressed, systemic imbalances will persist in some form.
10) This energetic/informational record will also usually include relevant and related data associated with the energetic/ informational family field and at least one or more ancestors.

11) Included in the human body's amazing systems is its capacity to store and reveal a tremendous amount of information about itself as well as its ability to serve as a transmission/receiving apparatus with access to and exchange information with external, individual and universal force fields.
12) We also take as a given that there is in existence within the mind of God and the Universal Information Field (Zero Point Field) a set of divine mind/body templates available for informational/energetic therapeutic reference.

We believe that it is safe to say that the future of human health may be referred to as vibrational medicine and that energy and information are the building blocks of the universe, with information (e.g. “the Word”) being the most fundamental.

The innate intelligence in everything and the implicit order (or Higher Consciousness) is what governs the Universe. In our work we acknowledge a personal, collective and a higher consciousness and work to articulate with each in a manner that makes both scientific and metaphysical sense. It is a unique form of intercession empowered by several levels and types of knowledge and experience. And the proof of these assertions is that it works. 

If we are to cure or at least relieve disease and dysfunction we must first understand the full informational and energetic context of any malady. That context may include multiple client generations, morphic and other energetic field forces and actual disease component frequencies. Given current trends, we may rightfully and increasingly look to environmental toxins and other adverse conditions in the environment, though we have found that environmental factors are as much triggers to latent and inherited weaknesses as they are explainable causes in and of themselves. Dysfunction is always a message, and its optimum and lasting resolution requires deciphering the information in the message and then dealing with it appropriately. [6]


See also:

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6) For deciphering the information, prayer is highly recommended.

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