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Gary Ede is a former Executive Vice President of a Fortune 100 company having had oversight for both marketing and support of international business variously including the Americas, Europe, Middle East and parts of Asia. Previous titles included Worldwide Director of Digital Technology with master certifications with several software providers. Though interested in health and wellness in his youth as a runner and track athlete and in conjunction with his wife Gary eventually turned his full attention and talents to the principles of natural healing. Among Gary's credentials are advanced certificates in Pranic Healing and NeuroModulation Technique.


Maria Ede, an Austrian by birth, comes from a family with a strong heritage of both modern and natural healing. Maria, two of her sisters and a daughter are or were all Registered Nurses. Her brother worked at the Pentagon and was a scientist, chemist and developer of natural and alternative health products used by health professionals. Maria also holds international certifications in Touch For Health (ACKM, Sydney, Australia) and Holistic Kinesiology (Cert IV, CCM, Hornsby Australia) as well as many other certificates including Emotional Release Therapy.


Collectively Gary and Maria have studied with some of the very best research minds in alternative health and energetic medicine on the planet earth. Some of these include the following: Master Stephen Co (Pranic Healing), Jacque Mooney and Dr. Charles Krebs (LEAP, Brain Integration), Susan McCrossin (Crossinology, Brain Integration), Ondrej Bursek and David Corby (Holistic Kinesiology, College of Complimentary Medicine, Hornsby Australia), Arthur Bablis (Energetic Kinesiology, Australasian College of Kineseology Mastery, Sydney, Australia), Penny Booth (Holistic Kinesiology and Chinese Brain Integration), Dr. Leslie Feinberg (Neuromodulation Technique),  Pam Robinson (Emotional Release Therapy, Institute of Healing Arts). Additionally Dr. Krebs, Susan McCrossin, Ondrej Bursek and David Corby were all mentored by the late great pioneering Richard Utt (Applied Physiology).


These were and are people who have spent the better part of their lives researching and perfecting their modalities as well as passing along their knowledge to those who would receive it, interlaced with tens of thousands of clinical experiences.


There is much that we owe to the above mentors and others and could not have arrived at where we are without them. However, we primarily credit our Creator who we feel guided us to and through all that we have studied and applied—while assisting us in the discovery of each modality's strengths and the common and profound principles that underscore and support successful healing. During our 18 (x 2) years of research and clinical team work we have focused on these principles and developed our own particular approach and tools. Consequently, our work is unique. In conjunction with this uniqueness we operate in attunement to and in profound dependence upon the Lord. In line with this dependency all our work commences, progresses and ends with prayer.  We are greatly beholden to the Lord's grace and mercy.


Our work is governed and guided by higher principles, tested procedures and universal laws.

A Note About AGENCY


Agency or its lack plays out in many ways. Whether it is lower back pain or influenza preventing us from certain activities, emotional triggers that harm our relationships, or commission of a crime that would find us locked behind bars, our agency has become curtailed to some degree or another. If we are addicted to sugar or too many calories, to prescription drugs, tranquilizers or so-called recreational drugs, or to obsessive “loops” of thought or emotion, our agency is also effectively compromised.


Such are not the only sources of agency constraint. In addition to such things as cultural mores and peer pressure, we also have inherited characteristics lodged in our DNA or in the inherited epigenetic expressions of our DNA that do not always serve us well. These may also be passed down to us through what Dr. Rupert Sheldrake calls “morphic fields” as well as DNA and enzymatic DNA re-expression. We are bathed in energetic fields of influence that impact us in often unseen and unforeseen ways.


The question necessarily arises: How much agency do we really have? It can, for some of us, seem as though the deck is stacked against us. Besides the baggage we may have acquired through our lineage, the frightful and damaging sounds and energies that reach our developing fetus from the clamor of family quarrels or even war, the traumas of birth and infancy for which our immature brains are not fully prepared as well as the negative impact of the regular vicissitudes of life, how free are we to deal optimally with life's challenges and choices?



Regardless of how well off we might perceive ourselves to be, most of us are a composite of unconscious reaction patterns over which we have less than perfect control, nor are we free to be truly spontaneous or to operate or conduct ourselves optimally relative to all aspects of our envornment and daily life. We have an energetic and informational history that stretches not only back to childhood but also extends through the womb, conception, pre-mortal decisions and lessons and an ancestry that is, in fact, with us in more ways than we might anticipate.


Additionally, this is an ancestry that possibly we chose to be among and for whom we may have certain responsibilities. In fact, they are likely counting on us to take care of some unresolved issues that have been passed on to us. Consequently, a genuine willingness and desire to heal self and family can, therefore, be an important factor in our overall scheme of life...and death.


It is with all the factors relating to optimum health and human agency in mind that we have framed our work and methodologies. However, we may only assist to the degree we are in compliance with diviine will and eternal principles. Agency and good health are, after all, mainly designed as gifts related to our life purpose.               


Practitioners:       Gary & Maria Ede

Client analysis and treatment is accomplished primarily through remote means. Once the necessary information has been gathered and initial evaluation and testing completed, treatment sessions are conducted from a Neuro-Genix location based upon the principles of quantum entanglement and the "Zero Point Field" (see RESEARCH 3). With permission we then use ourselves as surrogates where necessary for the quantum energetic therapeutic connections with the specific client mind/body and the effective application of other relevant information.


Our therapeutic work is influenced by a combination of Western and Eastern approaches combined with knowledge and techniques we have developed through years of clinical practice and the identification of certain key informational principles of health as well as a studied understanding of the manner in which all life is constructed.


Appropriately, the mind/body itself contains an immense record of pertinent information accessible through kinesiological muscle response testing (MRT) and can also be used as a conduit or receiver of data from the various energy fields around us. Information is, in fact, the primary building block of creation and it is stored and accessible essentially everywhere. Since no information is ever lost or destroyed it is fortunate that its nature and application can be utilized, adjusted, altered and often put to higher or better use.


Besides the roughly 50 trillion cells of the body and the much larger number of microorganisms resident in it (which all reside and interact within communication and information networks) there are also environmental and ancestral factors at work. Additionally, neither our mind/bodies nor our spirits exist in isolation— not only from the increasing number of environmental factors but also within the context of our family — past, present and future. Our fore-bearers, family structure and birth order are all factors in our life's equation. Any treatment protocol that ignores these factors is necessarily confined to treating mainly symptoms and therefore relegated to short-term success at best.


Truly the human organism was constructed in a far more marvelous manner than any mortal has ever conceived and it is also true that we are bathed in interactive agents within a cosmic drama (including forces of opposition) awash with energy and information to an extent well beyond our limited conscious processes. Considering the number of challenges arrayed, seen and unseen, it is fortunate that we are better equipped and supported than we might think. Though the change or passage known as death is inevitable the forces that are for us are ultimately more powerful than those arrayed against us — allowing us optimally to be prepared for that ultimate transition.


Though the actual principles of health, wellness and optimum life we espouse are actually quite simple our work is not. It is taxing and there is a finite limit to client processing. Our work represents a diverse set of fields of knowledge and experience and our approach is not easily learned or copied by others (also see RESEARCH pages). 


Our work is governed and guided by higher principles, tested procedures and universal laws.  See also: METAPHORS                   

AGENCY continued

Agency 1
Method 1

Finally agreed after years of debate, Stephen Hawking of Oxford and Dr. Leonard Susskind of MIT concluded:  no information is ever lost... not even in a black hole. 

When it comes to health and wellness information is the coin of the realm the key to health & human potential.

Information is the

basic building block of the universe. 

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