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For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.  2 Tim. 1:7

Primal Fear Release Process

The Neuro-Genix Primal Fear Process is designed to locate and release deep-seated unconscious inherited or acquired fears that interfere with human health, performance and well-being.

This process has emerged as a result of working through the various emotional layers that surround the core of health and wellness. While the release of fears and negative emotions are addressed in a number of our processes we have found that some negative emotional markers are more deeply seated than others and therefore require special attention. These embedded emotions, usually fears, can be both general and specific and when activated or triggered may result in stealthy as well as powerful avoidance of whatever it is that has become associated with a specific primal fear.


What is happening is basically a subconscious process. This relates to a sensitivity in the unconscious or subconscious (amygadla) that has been activated by a trigger— evoking primal survival behaviors that surround certain energetic root fears. These behaviors usually relate to deeply embedded perceptions and/or misperceptions at a subconscious level powerfully related to survival--possibly stemming from childhood and/or previous generations. These beliefs and avoidance patterns may have actually served a genuine survival purpose at one time but have eventually become inappropriate. An example would be a child who avoids severe punishment (or even death) by abdicating self-will but is later unable to establish normal rights and boundaries as an adult.


Early childhood stress and feelings such as abandonment, loss of face and shame are commonly involved in establishing primal fears. Irrational or inappropriate fears also may arise from misperceptions of the actual danger of a situation, or as a result of a conditioned response whereby a normal event becomes linked to a perception of danger. Actual physiological changes including altered synaptic pathways and hormone and enzyme levels can and do result. (1) Ever thereafter a certain word, topic, piece of music, situation or facet of a relationship may trigger avoidance behavior by virtue of being energetically linked to primal fear(s). At best, such avoidance may be only dimly perceived by the subject's conscious mind. Such a fear based avoidance mechanism may actually manifest as a character flaw over which the subject has little awareness or control. 


Not only do these fears keep people from dealing with certain important aspects in their lives, the protective walls constructed around them also keep people from even considering dealing with these fears. There is a sort of energetic early warning system that deflects attention away from them. And this is not entirely random or accidental. The world in which we live has acquired the capacity to create and foster these fears beginning already in the womb. Furthermore, trauma, powerful stressors as well as chronic stress over some period of time, especially during early childhood developmental periods, result in neurological damage and synaptic rewiring that, while it may in some instances produce unique character, more often cheats the victim from a full access to life. (2), (3) For more details relative to the neurological aspects of these fears and their physiological effects see the RESEARCH pages and the Brain Integration material.


When self-sabotaging markers, belief centers and their programs are triggered the host/subject feels threatened (at some level) and will naturally move into a fight or flight mode though often masked over time by what have become habitual avoidance reflexes. These triggered reactions are rooted in fear emotions associated with the brain's amygdala and its neurological connections. The result is an activated and alarmed subconscious that tells the conscious mind to avoid, to escape, to run. Energetically it says, in effect, “If you do this, you will die!”  Being typically a survival mechanism that no longer serves the host’s best interests it is, unfortunately, essentially hard wired and operates under its own volition serving perniciously to block the realization of a full and healthy life. Almost everyone has these impediments operating at some level, usually very deep in the mind/body and counter-productively in their life paths. Achieving the purpose or purposes for which we were created can and does have its challenges. Few are exempt.


Fear, shame and guilt. Health and healing processes can operate at all levels of the mind/body and even beyond. However, much of what is done in the health field deals mainly with symptoms or surface issues. If total health is the client objective the willingness to be open and vulnerable is a vital prerequisite. (4)  Related to fear are the emotions of shame and guilt. Other than hatred and murderous intent these are the very lowest frequency emotions in existence. Their low frequency degrades the overall mind/body and is particularly harmful to the body components in which they are lodged becoming more susceptible to illness and injury. The opposite of fear is faith or trust including a willingness to believe that our Creator is rooting for us regardless of where we are stuck and to realize that when Light shines into dark crevices they are no longer so dark. Personal success seminars are always trying to persuade us that our limits are artificial, which is not exactly true. Consequently such approaches never really get at the root of our limitations because, as we have said before, they are essentially hard wired.   We can do New Year's resolutions, affirmations, mantras and meditations until the sun grows cold while never changing the roots of our limiting beliefs and behaviors. Unless there is a congruence between the conscious and the unconscious and between the heart and the head there will be no lasting change. Neither the Lord nor His quantum universe support such contradictions.


We have, consequently, found it necessary to develop a comprehensive fear impediment removal and replacement process that thoroughly or exhaustively plumbs the depths of the dysfunctional and erroneous aspects of the survival mechanisms and effectively separates the harmful from the legitimate. This also and very much requires a facilitated energetic divine mind/body template (DM/BT’s) reference point and associated information download into the mind/body. (5) Besides restoring neurological circuits to their normal order, unless the pernicious roots are taken out entirely they will grow back (they have a sort of survival instinct of their own). This is the reason and the source for repeat business for many parctitioners.


Consequently, the human ACS (Autonomic Control System, or other-than-conscious mind that basically runs our myriads of life processes in the background) must also be led to identify and register the specific negative and disruptive emotional frequencies and signatures involved in client health challenges. The actual root frequencies must be identified and registered mainly for client internal awareness. Such may be measured as a log hertz value as an external metric but must mainly be identified, registered and brought to some adequate level of awareness within the host/client mind/body ACS. (6)


In conjunction with the above the invariably linked erroneous beliefs must also be accurately identified as well as the manner in which said beliefs have manifested energetically and informationally in the host/client’s life.  This includes all resultant forms of self-deceptive behavior. The identification and registration processes are internal to the client and are not necessary to record externally, unless required: 1) by the client for reporting purposes, or 2) in the case that this information may be necessary for further therapeutic analysis to build upon for subsequent treatment. In other words, the client mind/body must be brought to some level of internal awareness of the problem (information faults: IF's) in order for it to be resolved. Since most negative programs are lodged in the unconscious this process may or may not involve conscious awareness.


This rather energetically selective or surgical approach, though sometimes challenging for both client and practitioner, is relatively painless versus other ways of dealing with these primal and emotionally charged issues that compromise one’s optimum health and performance. Also, these issues constitute unproductive baggage that many people are taking with them to the other side no less an impediment there than here. (7)  This, along with the Life Purpose Process, are primal, visceral and often fundamental to our life’s end game and our happiness as well as that of our loved ones now and beyond.

1) See Pellissier, Stress and your child's brain: New research suggests that children are affected by stress in surprising ways, parenting/ See also footnote #2 below. Stress is also unarguably the number one cause of dysfunction (in its broader sense) in adults. See also Nuss, Anxiety disorders and GABA neurotransmission: a disturbance of modulation, Department of Psychiatry, Hôpital St Antoine, AP-HP, 2 UMR  7203, INSERM ERL 1057 – Bioactive Molecules Laboratory, Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris. A particular and more extreme example of overwhelming childhood filters is that of stress associated with sexual and/or satanic abuse (often repressed and unavailable to the conscious mind). Such inevitably result in synaptic overload and deep seated and destructive emotions and belief systems generally hidden from the conscious mind and detrimental to subsequent human relationships. See also footnote # 2 below.

2) Neurological damage is accomplished through intense overwhelming sensory input into the neurological systems effectively crashing through the gates and filters that normally dampen and inhibit sensory overloads. This can happen in adulthood but more often occurs in the developmental years when neurologic pathways are less developed and more vulnerable. Sexual and satanic abuse and perceived fear of death have the most powerful effect and leave the subject with altered and damaged synaptic pathways. However, any emotionally charged perception of a threat to survival can have a similar effect—a child getting lost from its parents in a store, for instance. These effects are now well documented. See Anda, et al., The enduring effects of abuse and related adverse experiences in childhood: A convergence of evidence from neurobiology and epidemiology, European Archives of Psychiatry & Clinical Neuroscience 2006 Apr; 256(3): 174–186; Finkelhor, Browne., The Traumatic Impact of Child Sexual Abuse: A Conceptualization, American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 55(4), Oct. 1985.  Investigators have identified a number of deleterious effects including involvment with the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA), the sympathetic nervous system, and the immune system. See Putnam, Ten-Year Research Update Review: Child Sexual Abuse, Journal American Academy of Child Adolescent Psychiatry, 2003, 42(3):269–278. Conrad, What Is the Functional Significance of Chronic Stress-Induced CA3 Dendritic Retraction Within the Hippocampus?, Behavioral Cognitive Neuroscience Review, 2006 Mar. 5(1): 41–60. Also research suggests that chronic childhood stress, apart from but also overlapping with any sexual abuse, causes shrinkage of brain dendrites, which then disrupts the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal [HPA] axis leading to dysregulated glucocorticoid release. The combination of hippocampal CA3 dendritic retraction and elevated glucocorticoid release contributes to impaired spatial memory— in other words (and among other things) learning disabilities (CA3 neurons serve memory formation and pattern completion in the hippocampus and the hippocampal network). Other studies indicate there is a lack of pre-frontal cortex development in adolescents who suffered sexual abuse as children. This is the area of the brain where more mature decisions are made. See de Bellis, NEURODEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY ASSOCIATED WITH CHILDHOOD SEXUAL ABUSE, Journal of Childhood Sexual Abuse, Sep 2011 20(5): 548–587.

3) With respect to satanic ritual abuse (SRA) there is a good deal of denial of the seriousness of this practice both with regard to its existence as well as to its effects. However, for an excellent review of validated studies in this area see Clearly this is the worst kind of childhood abuse, often unavailable to victim memory recall, that carries with it serious later life difficulties.

4) For an excellent explanation of the critical role of vulnerability, or the willingness to change and be vulnerable as it relates to health and wellbeing see Brene' Brown's TED Talk presentation on the subject:

5) It stands to reason that there is in the mind of the Creator a set of mind/body templates containing all the necessary information to not only create human beings and other life forms but also the standards by which such are to be maintained. All this information exists in the Zero Point Field (ZPF) or the Universal Information Field (UIF) and is, in fact, accessible for energetic and informational reference. Such activated references intentionally assisted by the best knowledge that both Eastern and Western health concepts have achieved serve to incrementally attune client physiologies and mental states to their higher or optimum orders. In other words, all that God has revealed and all that exists within the universe can be tapped into as reference data points for optimum health purposes. See also RESEARCH 3, The Zero Point Field.

6) Various metrics are used to gauge severity of a maifesting negative condition and its resolution. Such include log values (to the base 10), a Severity Index and other measurement criteria by which the client is monitored.

7) The magic wand that wipes out all character flaws that some expect upon passing through the veil of death is a misunderstanding. The spirit must still deal with its unresolved issues as well as propensities it has acquired during physical mortality. Possibly because of monetary incentives not all published Near Death Experiences (NDE's) can be trusted. However, there are among them sufficient evidence of the fact that many spirits continue to be trapped in obsessive mental/emotional non-progressive loops or simply hamstrung in their spiritual progress by unresolved issues relating to their mortal histories and relationships. Such is particularly true of all types of addictive behavior. One of the clearest explanations of this is found in G. G. Richie's account of his personal NDE experience in his book: Return From Tomorrow. Our own clinical work also agrees with and necessarily addresses this reality.

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