The manner in which we process regular external and internal information has a major impact on our feelings, thoughts and actions. Any blockage or routing issues in our neurological pathways can alter or impede how we manage the skills of such things as daily living, academic or career progress and social behavior. Performance in these areas also affect our state of mind and wellbeing.


Studies now confirm that there are not only changes in brain pathway structures related to childhood stressors and traumas but also correlations with physical, mental and emotional health issues arising later in adult life. Drugs and obsessive media choices also alter the brain's synaptic pathways. (2)  (see/click             and footnotes 1 & 2 below and also the RESEARCH pages).


Many of the issues addressed by Neuro-Genix pertain to data processing impediments residing or lodged in various neurological circuits. This may apply to any age from womb to grave. When an experience triggers an negative unconscious memory the neurons firing in the present are the same neurons that fired when the trauma occurred. Unconsciously the past is always being relived in the present.  In this manner we all experience to some degree a form of PTSD (post-traumatic stress syndrome) and its associated health detriments. (3)


Neuro-Genix Brain integration includes the full complement of Dr. Charles Krebs LEAP diagnostic and correction protocols combined with a powerful array of other tools to provide an effective framework for thorough dysfunction correction and release of acquired performance constraints.                                            


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Generational Healing Process

We know now, that the negative effects of trauma are passed down through the generations. For example, serious Jewish Holocaust and PTSD studies include such titles as, "The Holocaust is still traumatizing the children of survivors on a genetic level," and "Holocaust survivors pass on trauma to their children’s genes." Traumatic experiences "biologically embed" themselves in select genes or in the manner of their expression. (1) The same is also true to some degree for other sources of episodic stress.


Besides harmful emotions stored in DNA, body parts and organs there are, for example, detrimental linkages to negative emotions, beliefs, diseases and dysfunction in various branches of the family tree as well as residual associated energetic force fields. For total health it is imperative for these to be cleared and normalized. 


Neuro-Genix utilizes informational and energetic methods of identifying and healing of generational related dysfunction, the beneficial effects of which extend throughout time and space as well as forward and backward through the client lineage.


We use principles of quantum physics to identify and resolve generational information faults and to make their corrections (see also SCIENCE and RESEARCH pages).





Brain Integration Processes



The past, present and future are

   all one great NOW with God                                                                                 J Smith


Life Purpose Process

Dual Core Process 

William Wordsworth, the English poet, understood the truth that the human spirit comes to mortality from a former realm, and that it comes "trailing clouds of glory." (5)  However, the physical womb, birth and infancy experience present challenges for which our pre-mortal spirits were not formerly accustomed and for which they necessarily, therefore, could not be fully prepared. The effects of these challenges almost invariably result in some degree of stress and even trauma — factors which often contribute to internal doubt and divergence from the higher purpose we brought with us. THis happens particularly at unconscious levels.


Subsequently much of our adult life is spent in a struggle coming to terms with our divine purpose and the promises we made pre-mortally to each other and to God. This divine purpose is now generally mingled with other less inspired programs running in the unconscious and impeding to some degree our divine destiny due to stress and trauma. (6)


The life purpose process deals with identification and release of erroneous and dysfunctional emotions and beliefs that constrain effective access to one’s life purpose. Attunement and alignment to one’s purpose is a wellspring of immense power.

The Dual Core Process is a tried and proven in-depth broad spectrum healing treatment. It deals with numerous categories of dysfunction including physical and emotional. It concludes with certain brain integration pathways designed to solidify corrections and minimize time required for treatment integration associated with the effects of client emotional or energetic release.


The Dual Core Process is one of our most commonly used tools and is often used in conjunction with other processes such as Brain Integration, Audit Trails, Emotional Release and Generational Miasms as specific and appropriate application need arises. 

Audit Trail Process

This process deals with issues pertaining to earlier life (usually childhood) but operating dysfunctionally in the present. Most people have triggers in their environment and relationships which evoke counterproductive responses related to these root emotions. Typically associated with these negative root emotions are dysfunctional beliefs which accumulate energy over time and operate in opposition to happiness, personal power and wellbeing.


This includes compartmentalized and generalized effects and all forms of dysfunctional habituation operating in the mind/body. The Audit Trail is often used effectively with cases of sexual and other childhood abuse.


For just one example out of many possibilities, an abused child, besides suffering from the abuse, will often form erroneous associated beliefs such as "God does not love me" or "I deserve abuse" or "I deserve to be punished", etc.  These unconscious beliefs operate throughout life-- attracting more of the same--interfering with attainment of happiness and successful relationships.

Addiction Removal Process

Addictions come in a wide variety of forms and generally comprise an energetic and informational component of almost every mind/body. Everybody has them. Also, and importantly, over time addictions have effects upon the human spirit that carry over beyond the grave.


Though drugs, alcohol, nicotine, gambling and over-eating are obvious culprits any lasting, repetitive or closed loop (overly repetitive thoughts) emotional state may prove addictive. Additionally, a surprising amount of addictive energy is flowing to and through us from our ancestors.


Obsessive/compulsive behavior, depression, self-sabotage and unconscious negative self-image programs are common components of addictive behavioral tendencies. These are often reinforced by generational components. The objective of this process comprises a reinstitution of agency and personal empowerment.

Program Removal Process

The unconscious mind has been proven to be the wellspring of much if not most of human behavior. For example, our conscious thoughts can be seen by electronic instruments arising from the unconscious several seconds before the conscious mind recognizes or registers them.


The unconscious is also where our dysfunctional beliefs and negative emotions operate and do their harm. These are virus like programs constantly running in the mental background and ever ready to surface at critical junctures. Most of these programs operate in a stealth manner such that their effects and origins are not clearly or consciously perceived.


Examples could be the unconscious belief that the client is unworthy of good health, of God's love, or of a suitable mate, or unconsciously needs to be in control of everything and everyone, etc. It could be the belief that the world is not safe or that my parents had another child because I wasn't good enough. There are literally thousands of possibilities of negative beliefs and  programs that can hamper our wellbeing and success as well as our spiritual state. These programs can be generational, acquired in infancy, the result of abuse or simply a misperception of reality in some situation. 


Such counterproductive and life-limiting programs, often acquired before the infantile brain can fully process information, are generally tucked away in visceral and primitive survival information warehouses in the mind/body. These are, fortunately, accessible and alterable.  

Pain Body/Attractor Field Process

The human psyche and neurological support system comes equipped with strong survival mechanisms that include primitive reflexes and strong early learning capacities. Besides the obvious benefits from these endowments their functions are also subject to distortion through psycho/social and environmental experiences as well as inherited factors that can be caused or triggered by various stimuli— most commonly by some form of early or generational stress.


We have found Primal Fears to often be fundamental to whole life health, wellness and success. The first person we treated with this process was a 5 year old girl that, due to an accident at age 2, had acquired fear of heights and stairways in particular. The day after the process she was able to walk up and down three flights of stairs on her own and wanted to be pushed as high as possible on the playground swing. (4) 


Fear is the opposite of the faith and trust which are the necessary ingrediants for true success in life and the peace and confidence that makes the difference in our lifepath outcomes. Primal fears are those that interfere with the objects of our life purpose and curtail the full expression of our otherwise unique agency.


The concept of the Pain Body comes from the work of Eckhart Tolle. The Pain Body has to do with a more or less constant type of embedded energy that is not necessarily confined to any one body part. The mind/ body is actually a comprehensive set of energy systems both powerful and subtle. Pain and stress energies can easily be detected through muscle response testing (MRT) and even by scanning along the body with hands trained using the energy centers in the palms.


The Pain Body is a type of energy that takes on a life of its own. It is like a parasite that lives off its host. In order to perpetuate itself it actually requires more pain. This phenomenon often coexists with unconscious forms of self-punishment and negative self-worth. The Pain Body generates an attraction force that could be said to essentially schedule or attract accidents, hurtful drama, disease and other calamities into one's life path.


The existance of a pain body and its negative attractive force is almost universal. This seeming need for pain also articulates with the brain's Reticular Activating System (see RAS). Clearly this is a critical type of health issue to address and reprogram.

Primal Fear Process


See also PROCESSES 2: Brain Integration and Learning Disorders, PROCESSES 3: Primal Fear Process, PROCESSES 4: Epigenome Process

Ancestral/Family Field Disturbance Process


The Ancestral Field Disturbance Process is an outgrowth of our clinical work in the area of generational effects upon health and wellness and has also been influenced by the clinical work of the Germans Dr. Samual Hannemann and Dr. Birt Hellinger as well as the work of Denny Johnson (RayID) here in the US. (7)  This process examines and seeks to rectifiy as much as possible lineage field disturbances that impact both mortal clients and their more global family health conditions and relationships.


Along with the Generational Miasm and Epigenome Processes, as well as the science cited in those processes and footnotes, it is now clear that not only are emotional and character traits inherited but that there are also instances of disease and behavioral dysfunction manifested in down-line lineages as a result of earlier experiences in the lineage such as diseases, trauma, neglect, exclusion and conflict. These up-line lineage family morphogenic field disturbances are very much alive and active in members of present day mortal families.

A Pernicious Balance: Recent work and research in this particular area has been eye opening as we have found that, short of positive intervention, disturbances in family fields essentially seek balance through some negative expression in later generations. And though chaos and entropy may be considered the natural order of things and the explanation of this vicious circle or cycle, there appears to be some ryme or reason in the up and downstream relationships of such negative disturbances. Someone whose opinions were stifled or never allowed to be expressed, for example, may have a descendant with inoperative vocal chords. A victim of sexual abuse may have one or more descendants that are predators. Left to itself the apparent balance of the field is a pernicious one unless some rectification is made. The answer here, as with almost everything, has to do with not only awareness of the issues but more especially with the application of the Atonement. It is because of the latter and particularly through its application that a more positive balance in the disturbed family field can be achieved. Also see/click:


The bottom line in creation as well as the present physical world as we know it suggests and attests that chaos and entropy are only held in check and evil ultimately rectified because of the  sacrifice of the Holy One of Israel. Every process we perform, regardless of its scientific, energetic and informational content strives to take this fact into effective account.  Also see footnotes 1 & 2 below.


1) The manner in which traits and experiences are passed down through generations include a number of factors. However recent research has provided very strong evidence for genetic and epigenetic transmission to occupy a major role. PTSD and Holocaust studies have been significant in this regard. See, for example, R Yehuda, E Binder, Holocaust survivors pass on trauma to their children’s genes: Pre-conception trauma results in transmission of epigenetic changes from the exposed parents to their children, Aug. 2015, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York and Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Munich; Dilaterious effects identified thus far include changed hormone levels and an altered  specific epigenetic gene mythelation/ expression mechanism. Researchers Yahuda and Binder concentrated on epigenetic changes in the FKBP5 gene. “FKPB5 determines how effectively the organism can react to stress hormones, and so regulates the entire stress hormone system. FKBP5 is altered in several diseases such as post-traumatic stress disorder or major depression and has now been associated with intergenerational effects.” (emphasis ours);  See also: H Thomson,  Study of Holocaust survivors finds trauma passed on to children's genes (Can you inherit a memory of trauma?) ,  N Kellerman, Transmission of Holocaust Trauma, National Israeli Center for Psychosocial Support of Survivors of the Holocaust, The Guardian, Genetics, Friday 21 August 2015; T Rodriguez, Descendants of Holocaust Survivors Have Altered Stress Hormones: Parents' traumatic experience may hamper their offspring's ability to bounce back from trauma, Scientific American,  Feb 12, 2015; N Kellerman, Epigenetic transmission of Holocaust Trauma: Can nightmares be inherited? AMCHA, Israel. A Rathi, The Holocaust is still traumatizing the children of survivors on a genetic level, Aug. 24, 2015,Quartz,; Also: Trauma-induced changes to genes may lead to post-traumatic stress disorder: Traumatic experiences "biologically embed" themselves in select genes, altering their functions and leading to the development of post-traumatic stress disorder, new research suggests, 2010, Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health; M Uddin, et. al. Epigenetic and immune function profiles associated with posttraumatic stress disorder. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2010; DOI: 10.1073/pnas.0910794107.

2) The rate of sensory data input as well as the time duration and emotional charge associated with its incremental flow are factors in the degree of effective processing and its application to real world situations. Also, different types of learning shape their own synaptic pathways in the brain, such as reading books versus reading and sensory input from electronic media. Rapid fire audio/visual input, for example, may serve to avoid, attenuate or compromise deeper level thinking and mental processing--and with lasting effects upon brain function. See: F Jabir, The Reading Brain in the Digital Age: The Science of Paper versus Screens, Apr., 2013 Scientific American; D Christakis, MD, MPH. Early Television Exposure and Subsequent Attentional Problems in Children, 2004, Pediatrics 113.4: 1-2; R Sylwester, The Effects of Electronic Media On A Developing Brain, College of Education, University of Oregon,; J Healy, ENDANGERED MINDS: WHY CHILDREN DON'T THINK AND WHAT WE CAN DO ABOUT IT (1990, Touchstone).

3) Some degree of embedded trauma can be found registered in the neurological and other structures of the mind/body in almost all cases of human dysfunction. See: Gelbard-Sagiv, et al. Internally Generated Reactivation of Single Neurons in Human Hippocampus During Free Recall, Science 3 October 2008: Vol. 322 no. 5898 pp. 96-101. Jafapour, et al. Replay of Very Early Encoding Representations during Recollection. Journal of Neuroscience,  Jan 2014: 242-248. PTSD is, in fact, the classic example. See also: Sherin,  Post- traumatic stress disorder: the neurobiological impact of psychological trauma, Dialogues of Clinical Neuroscience, Sep 2011; 13(3): 263–278. See also footnote # 1 above.

4) The child had fallen down a cement stairway and received a cut on her head that required stiches. At age five she would only go down stairs gingerly with one hand on the railing and the other hand held by an adult. She would not go near the edge of a mezzanine or balcony and on a swing she would not let anyone push her more than one or two feet of motion. Due to the process (and her desire) this all changed virtually and actually overnight. Depending on the age several processes are usually required. Legitimate fears are not removed by this process.

5) Wordsworth, William, Ode 536 (lines 59-66): Intimations of Immortality, "Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting: The Soul that rises with us, our life's Star, Hath had elsewhere its setting, And cometh from afar: Not in entire forgetfulness, And not in utter nakedness, But trailing clouds of glory do we come From God, who is our home...",

6) Some decades ago in a meeting with the lecturer and trainer, Stephen Covey, I shared with him my frustration with my then current life affirmations. His response was to inform me that I had no right to determine my affirmations. He took out his wallet and showed me his affirmations and said that he got them through prayer and reading the Holy Scriptures.

7) Though there is much to be learned from the clinical work of the persons named we do not fully embrace or endorse their procedures or philosphiical beliefs.