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Autism Spectrum Research

Recent research has cast a new light on autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It was found recently, for example, that a large percentage of children diagnosed with ASD behaviors have experienced accelerated mutations in certain sets of genes commencing from inception through the early developmental years. The other discovery of note with respect to this category of ASD population was the finding that there was a biased predisposition to these mutations passed to the offspring by the mothers while the fathers played no detectable role. [1]

In our own clinical testing we had previously found that some common denominators with ASD children were a lack of self-identity, feelings of shame, easily hurt/offended, mental rigidity and obsessive mental looping. And as the studies indicated above had suggested a correlated relationship with the mothers, we subsequently chose to do our own testing on any common emotional or state-of-mind link with these mothers and we found that there was one. We found that the mothers also had self-image or self-identity issues that may have set the stage for a more severe identity dysfunction in the children possibly linked to the associated mutations—with three out of four offspring effected being boys. 

Using our own methodology further testing on this cohort of mothers revealed that they struggled with male-female role identification and cultural and traditional male-female role expectations and/or issues with these traditional roles. It also emerged that the male offspring were more affected by this maternal role struggle. We get that this factor was and is active in approximately 60% of the current American ASD population. Testing also suggested that there is an increased effect or negative impact in childhood dysfunction in the present generation in the case in which role identity issues extended beyond the mother to one or more maternal grandparents. This did not extend beyond the second upline generation.

The remainder of the present day ASD population, that is those who do not fall into the above category, appear to be attributable to other factors such as early childhood stress and such things as toxins and other environmental factors as well as more random or other causes of genetic mutations. Some under whom we have studied also attribute vaccine content overloads at critical times in the neural motor development as a causative factor. Our own testing suggests that this is indeed a contributing source. There can also, of course, be overlap of causative factors involved in ASD (and often are, e.g. genertics, epigenetics, environmental toxins, vaccines, microwave radiation, stress, abuse, imbalanced biome flora, etc.). There is recent reserch that suggest retroviruses and human and animal DNA fragments have found there way into the our bodies through transfusions and injectants. [2] [3]

Explanation for the geometric rise in ASD may, it seems, be logically found in two or three basic factors related to the above. As far as maternal role identification issues these may well be related to the alteration of male and female role functions associated with the changing expectations and demands upon individuals and parents as society has evolved from agrarian and traditional male/female roles through both the industrial and then technological and their asssociated cultural revolutions in our society. The woman, in particular, was no longer required to take care of the home and raise the children—a role that not only served society as a whole but also generally guaranteed her own welfare. And as this once traditional role is no longer necessarily the case the woman has a much larger range of choices that are, however, still compounded by traditional instincts of bearing and raising children. And this modern conundrum is only being accentuated by current societal and cultural opportunities, challenges and pressures as well as by advocates of an astonishing spectrum of proposed gender choices that are even now supported by some elementary school curricula.

The other major factors that might also contribute to or explain the geometric increases in ASD would appear to be correlated with an increase in: 1) toxins in the environment (including vaccine adjuvents) and: 2) the anxiety and tensions associated with the increasingly rapid pace of life and its various associated pressures and demands. These may also be linked to the alteration and breakdown of traditional roles and lifestyles. And though there are a host of emotional fears and issues related, as we have said before, a lack of identity was found to be perhaps the most salient feature we found in autistic children. And this fact has, it seems to us, far reaching implications for not only the welfare and healing of these children but also with respect to what we may expect in the world of health henceforth. 

The present state of affairs that now includes the cultural suggestion of lessened gender identification with its necessarily broader opportunity of gender confusion speaks to us of a wider and more pervasive set of neurological impacts on the rising generations—such that we may not only anticipate a continuation of the ASD pandemic but likely an assortment of other neurological disorders cropping up in our youth, their further adult lives, as well as future generations. New Age ideas of evolving our genotypes into some super race, are potentially playing havoc with the unique and marvelous systems with which our Creator has endowed us.

And in this respect we have also investigated the possibility that such things as aggressive gender reversal or total dismissal of gender identification that might actually free women, for example, of the ill effects on their offspring as well as the negative effects of their own lifepath struggles. Much of current research seems to be looking at how to facilitate gender flexibility. Rather, however, what we have found is that at some fundamental level the gender roles are hardwired to such a degree that negative downstream lineal effects are not likely to be avoided regardless of altered or attempted biological and societal gender choices. At some level, we cannot escape who our parents were in the Garden and the Divine Order instituted there without inflicting some harm on the overall energetic and functional Family Field within which each of us operates. This limitation is further compounded by the fact that the spirits that come here from their premortal existance are either male or female. Gender Identity Diisorder (GID) is confined to mortal, physical, generational, biological, environmental, sociatal and emotional factors in operation post conception.

While the epigenetic functions that are layered on top of our genetic blueprint are quite flexible and adaptable, our basic genes from which our epigenome must operate are not so much. Evolution at that fundamental level can not be expected to support current fads of identity, identity crisis or cultural creations without some penalities that extend even beyond our personal orbit of accountability. Unfortunately, modern science has spent, in our opinion, too much effort in vain attempts to separate effects from their causes (e.g. the basic universal law of cause and effect) facilitating notions and behavior with unhappy endings.

However, recent science has also shed light on another important factor in this equation that deserves attention. We now know, for instance, that we, in our present generation, cannot escape the fact that what we do in our life time, in the here and now, is passed along to our offspring and descendents to a much greater degree than we ever imagined. The mechanisms by which this inheritance occurs are still being studied but the fact, now scientifically proven beyond a doubt, is that our habits and dispositions are imprinted in some epigenetic manner. In conjunction with this it is also true that present family dysfunctions often have their roots in prior generations. At any rate, the now undeniable result is that our attempts to violate or ignore the laws of health and the mores of generationally sound traditional behavior have inexplicable effects upon the next and future generations—for which it appears we are accountable after all (if not by governement, then by our offspring, descendants, and by God). Fortunately wise behavior as well as breaking ancestral chains also has its current and lineal rewards.           

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1) Iossifova, Ivan; Levya, Dan; Allena, Jeremy; Yec, Kenny; Ronemusa, Michael; Leea, Yoon-ha; Yamroma, Boris and Wiglera,Michael, Low load for disruptive mutations in autism genes and their biased transmission, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724; New York Genome Center, New York, NY 10013; and Department of Epidemiology and Population Health, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY 10461
2) As attested by a number of members of our family who work or have worked in the professional health field, as well as by medical statistics, the rate of puzzling autoimmune and other new and strange diseases has multiplied geometrically. Fifty years ago hospital patient populations and their medical diagnoses were a shadow of what we see today. It would seem that any thinking person who is aware of the present day pandemic of chronic diseases might ponder the question as to what has contributed to this obvious change in health affairs. Especially since all the curves are headed upward and the cost of health care with them. The overreaction to Covid 19 (though somewhat justified in the light of it being a lab prepared bioweapon) should be seen in a more accurate light against the backdrop of autoimmune diseases and other scourges that are killing and disabling much larger portions of our population. So, if we pause to examine the changes in our world over the past 50 years, what is different that may possibly be related to our growing health problems? Where would we look for answers? It seems obvious that some of the explanation must be found in the following societal and technological developments: 1) Increases in environmental toxins, 2) Increases in microwave radiation, 3) Fast food and food additives, 4) Growing levels of stress, and 5) Vaccines and prescription drugs. Our opinion from clinical experience and testing suggest that these are all culprits. Our testing suggests the following percentage of contribution at presnet of each category: 1) Toxins: 7%, 2) Radiation: 12% (and growing due to 5G), 3) Processed food & food additives: 8%, 4) Stress: 20%, 5) Vaccines/prescription drugs 40%. Altogether this represents 87% of the increase in serious health issues (other drugs and generational epigenetic issues likely complete the picture). Interestingly, despite our concerns about processed food and food additives (justified, in our estimation), it is really, at present, the medical community itself that appears to be our biggest enemy, followed by stress and then the growing and unpredictable  harmful effects of 5G microwave radiation. Vaccines are also a wild carda moving target. Because of their proliferation and the various excuses to mandate vaccines and a lack of understanding of the short and long term effects of vaccine adjuvents combined with human and animal DNA fragments, pernicious retroviruses and the potentially perverse operations of the reverse transcription associated with the human and animal embryos (chick, pig, bat, monkey, etc.) used in the production of vaccines with their altering effects on human DNA and health over a lifetime as well as over generations (see footnote [3] below). However, if we follow the money we will have a much better idea of what has been going on here. The fear mongering has two basic objectives: a) money, and b) power/control, with the supposed health of Americans too often a cover for deceit. The new Covid vaccines appear particularly problematic, rushed to production, lacking animal studies and tampering with permanent DNA expression and fueled by the trillions at the end of a planet wide vaccination pot-of-gold target.

3) It is difficult to find anything in the literature about the dangers of reverse transcription, but that is not because their isn't any. It's just that no-one in our brave new world of technocracy wants to pay any attentio to it as we careen into custom and botique genomics. Reverse transcription is the opposite of the normal transcription in which our personal DNA transcribes instructions into our messenger RNA to be carried out in our normal bodily functions and involving an enzyme known as transcriptase. "Normal transcription is the process of synthesizing ribonucleic acid (RNA) from deoxynucleic acid (DNA). Briefly, genetically encoded sequences from the DNA genome are copied into RNA code, which is subsequently used as template and translated into specific protein(s). Commonly, in cells, a (DNA) gene that encodes a particular protein will be copied into ‘messenger RNA’ (mRNA), and then the mRNA is transported to the section of the cell where proteins are made. Then, reverse transcription is the opposite process, that is, copying RNA into DNA. Single-stranded RNA is transcribed into single-stranded DNA by the RNA-dependent DNA polymerase enzyme, reverse transcriptase (RT). This enzyme was independently discovered by Howard Temin and David Baltimore in 1970. Reverse transcription has a high error rate in transcribing RNA into DNA, since, unlike any other DNA polymerases, RT has no proofreading ability. This high error rate allows mutations to accumulate at an accelerated rate" (emphasis ours). Schinaz, R F, Kohler, J. Reverse Transcription, Emory University, Jan 2017, DOI: 10.1016/B978-0-12-809633-8.07064-3. For more on this subject please see

footnote [4] immediately below. Also, we have little understanding of how new mRNA vaccines may further disrupt normal DNA/RNA relationahips and function.

4) The suppressed research of Dr. Judy Mikovits is important to keep in mind with respect to vaccines. Dr. Mikovits, amply credentialed, holds a joint PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from George Washington University, was a Postdoctoral Scholar in Molecular Virology at the National Cancer Institute and Research Director of Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Disease. In 2006, Dr Mikovits became director of Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Disease and collaborated with Dr Frank Ruscetti searching for the cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), which suddenly became epidemic in the 1980s. CFS was occuring mainly in women and the medical community dismissed CFS as psychosomatic. However, Dr. Mikovits discovered that 67% of affected women carried a virus—called Xenotropic Murine Leukemia related Virus (XMRV)—that appeared in healthy women only 4% of the time. XMRV is also associated with prostate, breast, ovarian cancers, leukemia, and multiple myeloma. Many women with XMRV bore children with autism. In 2009, Drs. Mikovits and Ruscetti published their troubling findings in the journal Science. But the question remained: how was XMRV getting into human bloodstreams and cells? Other researchers linked the first CFS outbreak to a polio vaccine given to doctors and nurses that resulted in the “1934 Los Angeles County Hospital Epidemic.” That vaccine was cultivated on pulverized mouse brains. It turns out that retroviruses from dead animals can survive in cell lines and permanently contaminate vaccines. Dr Mikovits’ studies suggested that the XMRV Virus was present in the MMR, Polio and Encephalitis vaccines given to American children and soldiers. XMRV is so hazardous that the mere presence of affected mouse tissue in a laboratory can contaminate other tissues in the same room. Even today XMRV remains in American vaccines and the Japanese encephalitis vaccine given to military personnel. The dangers of mouse brain derived vaccines are now widely acknowledged. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics “… mouse brain derived vaccine has been associated with serious allergic and neurologic adverse events.” Dr. Mikovits asserts that "hundreds of millions of Americans may have received vaccines contaiminated with XMRV." See: and footnote [4] below.

5) Vaccinegate: MRC-5 contained in Priorix Tetra - Complete genome sequencing, The Italian vaccine research and advocacy organization Corvelva recently released new data regarding the use of aborted fetal cell lines in vaccines. The research reports the results produced from the MRC 5 cell line analysis, particularly the one contained in GlaxoSmithKline’s tetravalent measles-mumps-rubella-chickenpox (MMRV) vaccine. The Corvelva team summarized their findings as follows: 1- The fetal cell line was found to belong to a male fetus. 2- The cell line presents itself in such a way that it is likely to be very old, thus consistent with the declared line of the 1960s. 3- The fetal human DNA represented in this vaccine is a complete individual genome, that is, the genomic DNA of all the chromosomes of an individual is present in the vaccine. 4- The human genomic DNA contained in this vaccine is clearly, undoubtedly abnormal, presenting important inconsistencies with a typical human genome, that is, with that of a healthy individual. 5- 560 genes known to be associated with forms of cancer were tested and all underwent major modifications. 6- There are variations whose consequences are not even known, not yet appearing in the literature, but which still affect genes involved in the induction of human cancer. 7- What is also clearly abnormal is the genome excess showing changes in the number of copies and structural variants.

"…the DNA contained in these vaccines is potentially TUMORIGENIC…" Corvelva notes that, according to the guidelines (which are found in the report), the presence of fetal DNA from cell lines MRC-5 and WI-38, as diploids, does not provide for upper limits: there is no limit to the amount they can find inside a vaccine. The motivation lies in the fact that these lines are not considered tumors because they have a “finite” (not immortalized) replicative cycle. But the reference literature is obsolete. The first genetic anomalies were found on these lines, considered negligible for the safety of vaccines 40 years ago and, as reported in the WHO guidelines, since then no updates have been made with new sequencing technologies, particularly in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS); the consequence is that inside the vaccines that have been administered for decades is the presence of a progressively more genetically modified DNA and uncontrolled quantities has been allowed. The Next NGS is the methodology used by Corvelva for metagenomic analysis and the laboratory we used is located in the United States. Our analyses are constantly confirmed by several laboratories, the continuous verification of the initially obtained data is leading to consolidate not only the data itself, but the methods themselves. What are we saying? We are saying that the DNA contained in these vaccines is potentially TUMORIGENIC and that the guidelines to which the supervisory bodies are appealing are NOT ADEQUATE. Moreover, we are publicly denouncing a SERIOUS OMISSION in taking those PRECAUTIONAL measures which, on the other hand, are urgently requested for antacid drugs.  "…this vaccine should be considered defective and potentially dangerous to human health…" Our results greatly reinforce the experimental observations of Dr. T Deisher and especially the fact that the contaminant fetal DNA present in all samples analyzed in varying quantities (thus uncontrolled) is up to 300 times higher than the limit imposed by the EMA for carcinogenic DNA (10 ng/dose, corresponding to DNA contained in approximately 1000 tumor cells, derived from a statistical calculation, while the precautionary limit is 10 pg/dose), a limit that must also be applied to MRC-5 fetal DNA which inevitably contaminates Priorix tetra. As a consequence, this vaccine should be considered defective and potentially dangerous to human health, in particular to the pediatric population which is much more vulnerable to genetic and autoimmune damage" (emphasis ours). [These latest analyses were made possible thanks to the active contribution of the French associations Association Liberté Informations Santé (ALIS), Ligue Nationale Pour la Liberté des Vaccinations (LNPLV) and the Australian Vaccination-risks Network Inc.] The Corvelva report shows graphic analysis details of the vast differences in the defective genome used in the vaccines versus normal human DNA. For more details see:, and footnote [6] below.

6) The Corvelva study described above was also republished by Mike Adams in the Natural News and the following was a response by a credentialed doctor, Jim Meehan, M.D.: "For what it is worth, I am a physician (ophthalmologist specializing in ocular immunology and inflammation) and former editor of the medical journal, "Ocular Immunology and Inflammation." I've been researching vaccines, vaccine injuries, and the mechanisms by which vaccines causes damage and dysregulation of the immune system for more than 17 years. In my professional opinion, Mike Adams is correct in his assessment and concerns regarding the unknown genetic and epigenetic effects of exposing children to injections of human DNA and residual cellular proteins. There are so many ways that this results in disease. The live virus vaccines (rubella in MMR, varicella/chickenpox, Hep A, etc.) grown on 60+ year old human cell lines derived from aborted fetuses, have been shown to be contaminated [with] DNA fragments and residual cellular proteins. Analysis of vaccines grown on the MRC-5 human cell line (derived from an aborted male fetus) found more than 560+ tumor genes well characterized for their tumorigenic (tumor forming) potentials. Furthermore, the research of Theresa Deischer, PhD, has shown that the DNA microfragments found contaminating the live virus vaccines grown in human aborted fetal cells is readily picked up by the stem cells of vaccine recipients. Once the foreign DNA fragments, human or otherwise, enter the stem cell there is the real potential that it will integrate into the host DNA. The results of this recombination event are completely unpredictable but exceedingly unlikely to be beneficial, far more likely to be detrimental. Unfortunately, none of these live virus vaccines, nor any other vaccine for that matter, have been tested for safety using the gold-standard, scientific method of experimental testing in prospective studies performed on large-populations, followed long-term, doubled-blinded, randomized, and compared with a control group that receives an inert placebo. Because vaccines are given a special designation as a 'biologic agent' and given special consideration based on emergency preparedness in the interest of the national defense, vaccines are allowed to bypass the rigorous safety studies required of all other medical interventions and drugs. Therefore, we simply don't know whether they are safe, effective, or responsible for the epidemics of chronic disease, autoimmune disease, and pediatric cancers that have made American children one of the sickest populations of children on the planet. America has the highest infant mortality of all developed countries. 54% of children today suffer from one or more of 21 chronic diseases. These are national tragedies. Are they caused by vaccines? We simply don't know because the vaccine stakeholders refuse to do the proper studies (emphasis ours)". See also:, See also: Theresa Deisher on the use of Aborted Fetal Tissue in Vaccines: Babies are Born at 5-6 Months Old Alive with Beating Hearts and No Anesthesia, It was Dr. Deisher that succeeded in shifting much of the use of fetal stem cell harvesting to that of adult stem cells.

7) Another little understood factor in the health and wellness equation is that of the operational effects of morphic and other energetic force fields. As discussed elsewhere (RESEARCH 2, White Papers 1, WP6) unresolved generational and family force fields can also be a significant player in a person's mortal life dynamics (these can be addressed through such tools as the NG GMP, FFDRP and TTMRP Processes). However, there are other informational and energetic field and wave form effects of which to take note. These include the manner and conditions in which food is harvested and produced, packaged, stored and shipped, and prepared and consumed. Everything in life has an energy and frequency associated with it. This includes vaccines, their ingredients, their forms of virus, DNA and RNA particles and elements as well as taints and residues (the phramaceutical companies have not been required to conduct adequate testing for all substances  [hardly any] found in their vaccines). Everything in the wold has a frequency including those substances that we take into our body orally, by absorbtion and by injection. If we allow negative emotions in our mind they affect our physical health. Shame (log 36), guilt (log 46) and anger (depending on type of anger, generally log 53) all have a negative impact on our personal overall frequency as well as on our physical health (if allowed to linger). The same is true with respect to the elements of our environmentassociates, physical surroundings and the things we take into our bodies. Everything has a frequency and everything has an effect, whether subtle, major or somewhere in-between. Consequently, it behooves us tp be mindful and to exercise caution and discretion in everything we do (e.g. walking through life with the Spirit of the Lord and with His discernment and direction).

See also PROCESSES 2: Brain Integration and Learning Disorders, PROCESSES 3: Primal Fear Process, PROCESSES 4: Epigenome Process.

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