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Why is your work done remotely?  During the years that we have been practicing alternative health we have lived on four different continents and on an island. Though our clinical training and experience always included significant hands-on, we necessarily maintained and serviced family members and clients remotely throughout this extended sojourn. Consequently we found that remote work was less taxing both for ourselves and our clients and that the principles we learned through training, research, experience and inspiration all lent themselves to the efficacy of what emerged as our remote methodology. Quite simply, it's efficient and it works.


Are there any distance limitations to your work?  No. The quantum communication principles involved are universal, fundamental and omnipresent throughout the universe and there is no diminution of effect involved with distance. Propagation of the waves that carry healing intentional thought energy and information are instantaneous. Prayer is an example. Consequently, we regularly serve international clients.


What is this about changing client history (e.g. Retrocausality)?  Underscored by research into brain integration, those things which we have experienced in the past are always with us in some form. The scientific community is learning through the field of epigenetics that our personal history extends generationally both through and beyond our DNA. Personal "history" for our purposes is actually a set of complex factors that include the interaction of energetic/informational fields that extend beyond mortality. At Neuro-Genix we have embraced and developed methods and tools for adjusting, modifying as well as releasing and correcting aspects of client history that impede optimum health and performance. The resultant effects range from subtle to profound. Changing client history generally incorporates the application of what we term as Audit Trails. Please see below.


What is an Audit Trail?  The Audit Trail (actually Emotion/Belief Audit Trail EB/ATP process) becomes applicable when testing suggests that there is an emotional or energetic root associated with a particular health complaint. The mind/body is guided by Neuro-Genix methods to identify fully the energetic information associated with the dysfunction origins. This process deals with the emotions attached to an original causal event of internalized trauma or stress and brings to unconscious awareness related erroneous beliefs. These operate as self-defeating programs in the subconscious including negative energetic threads as well as compartmentalized and habituation effects that accumulate strength over a lifetime. These must be identified within the mind/body for release and replacement. The EB/ATP is essentially a process of energetic/informational data assembly, removal and replacement of information faults (IF's) based on ideal standards. The result is that the original negative root event acquires a beneficially modified meaning and impact that carries over into every subsequent related interaction in life— past, present and future. (1)


Does it matter how old a client is?  No, we have worked with everything from fetuses in the womb to World War II survivors. Children usually respond most easily as they generally have less history to deal with. A desire to be free of bio-physical and emotional chains is the main enabling criteria.


For what sort of issues would I want treatment from Neuro-Genix?  Almost any dysfunction physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. can fall within the spectrum of our services. As explained elsewhere on this website almost any ailment or performance issue has energetic and informational roots or components that, if properly addressed, will result in improved health, state of mind and better specific and overall performance. The manifesting symptoms are, of course, also addressed.


Can I schedule treatment?  We no longer market our services. We can only accept clients as permitted by our limits of strength and the as permitted by the Lord. If permitted to proceed with a new client we do not charge for the services rendered. The information on this website is mainly for educational purposes.


What would I experience during treatment?  Since Neuro-Genix remote treatment processes do not require live communication over devices  the client may generally go about his/her daily business as usual. We prefer to confine our communication to email and will respond the same day with a brief report. This allows us to optimize our clinical time and energy. A treatment processes typically runs one to two hours in duration. There is also in most cases an integration period for the client mind/body while the process program continues to run in the background of the client autonomic control system (ACS). This may range anywhere from five hours to several days and in some cases even longer. During initial integration periods some feelings related to emotions being released may surface with some notable sensitivity. This will usually pass in a matter of hours. 


Will Full Spectrum Brain Integration (FSBI) make me smarter?  Brain integration and formatting will probably not raise your IQ. Rather you will have greater access to brain function. You will likely perform better on a variety of tasks and experience improved physical coordination and mental acuity. Your brain will process data quicker and more efficiently. FSBI effectively removes neural roadblocks and restores the brain's normally designed flow of information processing through the body's brain and neurological pathways. The central brain, spinal, heart and intestinal as well as peripheral nervous systems are also involved. Neurological functions are re-synchronized and coordinated throughout the mind/body so they operate properly, restoring innate learning ability and greatly assisting in fulfillment of personal potential.


Does a person have to know that you are working on them?  Not necessarily. We can expect best results when a client or subject is aware of the work and desiring to improve and embrace health. However, it is possible to perform therapeutic processes for persons who may not be aware of treatment at the request of family members or friends. In such cases we seek permission from the Lord and what might be termed the subject's "higher self." Remote testing methods and prayer are always employed to determine permission for treatment and likelihood of a significant measure of success. Please note that when doing work for subjects as requested by others there is necessarily some concern on our part relative to objectives and intentions.*


With respect to generational factors is it possible that our ancestors are interested in this work?  Definitely. Our ancestors are very much alive in the spirit realm and, like mortals, will have varying degrees of interest as well as awareness of this work— particularly when negative emotions and erroneous beliefs are addressed. Many ancestors are keenly interested in the welfare of their descendants, as well as their own welfare. Most of them have passed through the veil of death with a certain amount of unresolved emotional and spiritual baggage that pertains to and links them to us. Some are, due to confusion, worldly preoccupations and obsessions in mortality, even now earthbound, having missed an opportunity to move on. Such issues can also resolve as a result of this work.


How are the number and type of treatment sessions determined?  Utilizing remote communication tools and with permission we test for both the appropriate procedures and processes as well as the minimum and maximum sessions indicated. The ultimate determination of both procedure and number of sessions rests with the client.


How is treatment progress documented?  In line with its methodology Neuro-Genix uses energetic/informational metrics to gauge such things as relative severity and issue resolution progression and will report such. Since some changes in health conditions are often subtle over time it is also important for both Neuro-Genix and the client to establish the conditions manifesting prior to initial treatment for the purpose of monitoring improvement.


Service fees? Though energy work requires time and energy, we no longer charge for our work. The results for our treatments are gauged in terms of Information Faults (IF's) cleared and reprogrammed. IF's are measured on an infinite logarithmic scale. Literally trillions of mind/body IF's are usually cleared in a single session. The resultant benefits extend outwards through time, space and lineage. And as far as we know there is nothing like this available anywhere on the planet. We have at times taken donations from those who can afford it.


Is there a scientific basis for your work?  Yes. We might term our methodology a gestalt a whole that is more than the sum of its parts. Though we have brought our methods together in some unique ways the principles Neuro-Genix employs may largely be found in the reference sections, footnotes and studies cited in the SCIENCE and RESEARCH pages and the Methodology column under BACKGROUND.


Does your work include past life regressions? No. We do include therapeutic work with personal history of the pre-mortal spirit and also deal with client ancestral/generational issues including Carl Jung's and other more recent scientific concepts of racial memories. We have found that so-called past or previous life regression requires a practitioner belief in reincarnation and creates an opening for darkness and deception.


There is a lot of information here. Can you summarize what you do in a single sentence?  With the necessary permissions we work with the mind/body and the universe's ordered energy/ matter systems to correct and rectify health related dysfunctions in their totality whether inherited or acquired.    * * *

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Neuro-Genix Q & A

1)  Past Present And Future Exist All At Once - Unraveling Secrets Of Quantum Physics:  Jan. 2015. php#ixzz3UhzL8nzT; "The past, present and future are all one great NOW with the Lord." Joseph Smith.

* Well intentioned friends and family may also exhibit rescue or control energy that actually works against a subject's highest good. In such cases it is the persons requesting the work for another that may need the initial therapeutic attention. In some instances it is near impossible for a person to achieve his/her destiny when locked in an unconscious struggle against others expectations and their unwitting control energy.

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