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The Zero Pont Field (ZPF), as it is known in science, also occupies an important place within our approach to health— particularly with respect to the necessary universal interconnectivity of all matter and its nature of an infinite informational repository. In terms of some subject background, according to quantum physicists the Zero Point Field (ZPF) is a giant reservoir of energy. Quantum mechanics has unarguably demonstrated that there is no such thing as a true vacuum. What we tend to think of as a sheer void is, in subatomic terms, actually a hive of activity. No atomic particle ever stays completely at rest but rather is constantly in motion due to a ground state field of energy constantly interacting with all subatomic matter— and, by extension, all matter. The basic substructure of the universe is a sea of light and quantum force fields. The universe is in reality a seething maelstrom of subatomic particles fleetingly popping into and out of existence. All elementary particles interact with each other by exchanging energy through other quantum particles combining and annihilating each other in less than an instant (10    fraction of a second), causing random fluctuations of energy without any apparent cause. The fleeting particles generated during these brief moments are considered virtual particles. They differ from real particles because they may only exist during the exchange. 


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Zero-point energy is the energy present in the most empty state of space and at the lowest possible energy level— the closest that motion of subatomic matter ever gets to zero. Because of the quantum uncertainty principle (1)  there will always be some residual activity due to the virtual particle exchange. Atomic particles are only in a single position when required by an observation— otherwise they are in what is termed an energetic superposition (sort of poised wherever necessary to materialize when and where necessary to maintain this illusion we know as the physical world). Most physicists subtract zero-point energy from their equations as a nuisance, thinking its effects are uniform and should therefore cancel out in any equation. Nevertheless, what quantum calculations show is that we and our universe live in a sea of energy and the true nature of it is not really known. Physicists have found that the energy in the Zero Point Field keeps acting on particles so that they never come to rest but always keep moving, even in conditions of absolute zero (- 273   Celsius). It is clear, however, that this movement of energy exists within as well as serves to create numerous and even ubiquitous force fields. (2)


Consequently, we exist not only within a quantum sea of energy but also amidst a vast web of resultant interactive field forces—forces with the ability to influence objects at a distance— seemingly any distance. In this puzzling vast new but very real world, quantum fields are mediated by exchange of energy, which is constantly redistributed in a dynamic pattern. This constant exchange is an intrinsic property of particles, so that even so-called real particles are essentially nothing more than little knots of energy that briefly emerge and disappear back into the underlying force field. According to quantum field theory, the individual entity is transient and insubstantial. Consequently, these fluctuations in the atomic world amount to a ceaseless exchange of energy. This emission and re-absorption of virtual particles occurs not only among photons and electrons but with all the quantum particles in the universe. And every exchange of each virtual particle radiates energy and creates an association with the whole spectrum of creation. According to some scientists the ZPF energy in a single cubic meter of space is enough to boil all the oceans of the world— an idea that has fostered numerous attempts to harness this energy as well as a good deal of quasi-science and science fiction.


Information: On the other hand, and more pertinent to our present purpose, one of the most important aspects of the force fields and energy waves described is that they are encoders and carriers of information. They, in turn, are also governed by information. Such can be simply background and non-essential noise factored out of some random experiment, a vicious circle of human mental negative entropy, or an energetic cycle of ascension— according to the quality and capacity of the information. As explained elsewhere each wave contains information and the interference patterns associated with overlapping waves is a form of energy encoding. There are fairly constant force fields around us as well as the resultant interactions with those fields that are generated by human and physical activities. Consequently, these resultant complex wave interference patterns amount to a constant accumulation of information with a virtually infinite capacity (the reason it has also been termed the Universal Information Field). According to the laws of physics the interactive waves generated by virtually all activity in the universe, including that associated even with thought, are necessarily imprinted and stored in the everywhere present Zero Point Field. This is a sobering as well as a useful concept and one that has many interesting ramifications— not only for health and wellness but for life in general. (3, 4, 5)





1) Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle: There cannot be a state in which a system sits motionless at the bottom of its potential well, for then its position and momentum would both be completely determined to arbitrarily great [but physically impossible] precision. Therefore, the lowest-energy state (the ground state) of the system must have a distribution in position and momentum that satisfies the uncertainty principle, which implies its energy must be greater than the minimum of the potential well. In other words there is never an absolute lack of particle movement or energy. W. Heisenberg, Über den anschaulichen Inhalt der quantentheoretischen Kinematik und Mechanik [Reads: The content that can actually be visualized of quantum theoretical kinematics and mechanics]. Zeitschrift für Physik [Journal of Physics] 43 (3): 172–198. [html version available in NASA Technical reports]

2) See: Chia, Zero Point Field and Non-locality, For an interesting discussion see also: Baksa, The Zero Point Field: How Thoughts Become Matter? According to the physicist David Bohm, distance between objects may actually be an illusion arising out of the "implicate order" of the universe. In this view not only is everything connected but that its connection arises out of a fundamental sameness based on an underlying order that we can only dimly perceive. See: D Bohm, Wholeness and the Implicate Order, 2002, Routledge, NY. The most recent proof of non-locality was accomplished by a research team in the Netherlands. See: Sorry, Einstein. Quantum Study Suggests ‘Spooky Action’ Is Real, New York Times, Oct 21, 2015 references a new study headed by B Hensen at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, Amsterdam. See also REFERENCE 2, footnote # 5 for original publication reference in the journal Nature.

3) Besides the tremendous capacity of the human organism to store accessible information the ZPF, or Universal Information Field (UIF), occupies a significant and useful diagnostic and application component for our work. The mind/body can be used as a tuner device and indicator muscles as a reliable source of query and response data from both the body and the field (ZPF/UIF). The body has not only a highly accurate record of its dysfunction it also has a tremendous amount of corrective information available according to its divine blueprint and programming. However, data seriously corrupted through trauma and various vicissitudes may often benefit from an energetic reference to divine external information for ultimate correction.

4) Though there are now considerable new studies available in the journals the book, The Field, by Lynn McTaggert, probably brings together within its two covers the best summary of studies, explanations and observations related to the ZPF of any single publication we could point to. As usual we will decline to endorse every word contained therein but would like to point to one study in particular described in this fascinating volume (pp. 155-163). Two scientists, Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ, had been conducting tightly controlled experiments testing ZPF effects with remote viewing in the 1970’s and with fairly amazing results (with interest from both the NSA and CIA and even some financial support). But one in particular stood out. In summary, in this case, a person would be sent to some random geographical coordinate and then instructed to send a mental picture to another person sitting in an isolated room who was at the appointed time to make a drawing of the scenes coming into his mind. The results were judged independently on a scale of accuracy of correlation between the drawn images and actual details of the place selected. The success of this process were in the 65-85% range. However, the anomaly that caught attention was one in which the observer was at a municipal swimming pool and the receiver of the images drew the pool quite accurately except for the mysterious addition of some water tanks and related gear—that wasn’t actually there. However, some months later one of the researchers received an annual report on the city in which the swimming pool resides (Palo Alto, CA) and in it was a picture and description of the community pool taken 50 years previously showing water tanks exactly where they had been drawn. It was part of a water purification system. Clearly the ZPF contains the past as well as the present. The questions that remain pertain to the future and the legitimate modifications to the past that the principles of quantum mechanics implies. See: L McTaggert, The Field, The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe, 2008, Harper Collins.

5) Scientists with an evolutionary view of the origins of the universe use the proven existence of the ZPF as evidence of the mechanistic so-called Big Bank theory of creation—that it is an energetic “afterglow” of the singularity or the explosion that created the universe. However, the problem with this rather popular theory is that, according to some other scientists with an empirical bent, it just doesn’t fit the hard data. Quite simply the ZPF is an essentially uniform energy field of 2.78 degrees Kelvin throughout all of space while the physical universe is actually way too “lumpy” to correspond to the existence of the ZPF in any meaningful way. There are actually a plethora of problems with this theory as it has been repeatedly modified in response to new data, becoming an unwieldy kluge in the process. For a good summary see, for example: Musha & Hayman, Cosmic Background Radiation due to the Cherenkov Radiation from the Zero-Point Field of Vacuum, 2010, Journal of Space Exploration. http://www.ovaltech. ca/pdfss/Cosmic_ Background_Radiation_Due_to_ZPE_Cherenkov%20.pdf, and THE AWAKENING – Quantum Mechanics of the Human Brain and Consciousness. http://, and Mathematics/Quantum-Mechanics-of-the-Human-Brain-and-Consciousness, and Reality - The Holographic Universe, Mar. 1997, Those scientists who have seriously examined quantum physics tend to see the ZPF and the universe itself in an entirely different light. In fact, they tend to see “reality” in an entirely different light. The problem, as we see it, with stepping away from a Newtonian view of the world is to avoid the lure of occult representations of reality that usurp quantum principles for ultimately dark and unscientific destinations. Mainstream scientists, even those who see the unsettling implications, are understandably reluctant to embrace the apparent metaphysical insinuations of quantum physics. However, their peer review inspired reticence unfortunately leaves the field open for New Age and occult interpretations to lay claim to the high ground of authenticity. Truth is, rather, independent within its own sphere and can only be discovered as well as applied effectively in a conducive energetic environment— one in which truth (which is absolute and not relative) and its application is the very highest priority. Otherwise a short-circuit exists and the results are open and inevitable to compromise.

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