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Science and Neuro-Genix 


Alternative health, the power of intention, and the world of physics, and even neuroscience, have become relatively new and unlikely compatriots. The field of quantum physics has brought the traditional mechanistic concepts of Newtonian science through a transition that can no longer avoid the implications of human intention and consciousness or, for that matter, even a higher consciousness that governs the universe. (See also BACKGROUND and RESEARCH pages: 1- 4)


Such quantum physics concepts as the Observer Effect, Entanglement, and the Uncertainty Principle have shaken the traditional scientific notions of cause and effect. The universe has become an altogether different place than Isaac Newton ever conceived. Even the great Einstein, who taught us that time and space are relative to the observer and that everything is indeed made of energy was tested to his limits by the ideas and discoveries of such quantum pioneers as Bohr, Heisenberg and Schrödinger. (1)  The behavior of quantum systems struck Einstein as "spooky." Nevertheless, quantum physics has been proven to provide an accurate understanding of the actual realm of physical principles that underlie the world as we know and experience it.

Such mind bending phenomena include electrons that are not there unless someone is looking, (2)  communication between atomic particles that is instantaneous (exceeding the speed of light) (3)  and events in the present that effect and even change events in the past. (4)  However, Einstein was correct when he blurted out that "God does not play dice with the universe." (5) There is no effect that does not have a cause...or perhaps a number of causes. Quantum physics simply serves to open our minds to an expanded set of causes in time and space, and perhaps even beyond that. Quantum physics or mechanics also teaches us that everyone and everything in the universe is connected.


Connections. So, how does all this apply to alternative health and to NeuroGenix in particular? Well known author and researcher, Brené Brown, looking for the bottom line principles of life, concluded that our purpose in this life is to form connections. Interestingly, connections are not only what quantum physics attests it is also what health and wellness is about. This is no coincidence. The connections to our feelings, to our aspirations and inspirations, to our loved ones and associates, to God, to our fears and our traumas— all these connections are real and have a substantial effect upon our wellbeing, our experience of the world and our place in it. Not only that, but from a quantum standpoint these connections are made up of potentially quantifiable energy and information. We are all connected to each other and everything— though we do choose to be more connected to some things than to others (we also inherit connections that may not have been the result of mortal choices). Rather, the question is: what is the nature of our connections? Are they healthy, empowering, validating... or negative in some way? How does the totality of our connections to people, work, ideas and things balance out? Do these connections embody responsibilities? Where in this equation do our dysfunctions lie? What are the impediments to our optimum connections with each other and to the fullness of life? And, again, according to Ms Brown, in order to form the connections for which we were intended we must be vulnerable— willing to risk failure and rejection in order, as she puts it, to "dare greatly" and realize the full extent of life. (6) That is, to be whom we were created to be. This applies to all aspects of health and, by extension, to the health of those around us, including that of the planet and its inhabitants. It also, as we firmly believe, presupposes that we come here with a purpose. It also appears to us that in most cases each of us is impeded to some degree from achieving that purpose by faulty information, much of which is stored and operative at normally inaccessible levels in the mind/body, and that the resolution of this in a quantum therapeutic nature is our (NeuroGenix) particular purpose.


Those in the scientific community that would likely go along with our approach to health and wellness are a fortunately growing minority who might best be described as having become mavericks in their fields— risking their reputations for their un-mainstream convictions. Certainly people like Dr. Richard Gerber and former National Institute of Health (NIH) researcher Candice Pert, PhD, and Noetic scientist, Dr. Dean Rabin would be sympathetic, all of whom have penned landmark publications relative to this field. Their books as well as some others deemed pertinent are found in our suggested reading list (RESEARCH 1). Implications for health posed by the principles of quantum physics and the existence of energetic force fields cannot seriously be denied.(7)


Energy force fields. With respect to our work there are several fundamental technical concepts that we will attempt to explain. First, it is perhaps helpful to understand that our world and the entire universe is made up of energy fields. The most powerful of these that we know of scienfifically are those associated with sub-atomic particles, atoms and molecular structures. Since the atoms and molecules themselves actually occupy less than one percent of the space in which they reside the perceived effects we know as "physical" are actually the result of energetic force fields. Otherwise nothing would appear or feel solid or sustain any of the other characteristics that our physical senses indicate. (8)


Additionally there are other force fields that arise out of the particular combinations in which the atoms and molecules are assembled. Besides such now routine medical procedures as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Electrocardiogram's (ECG) and Electroencephalogram's (EEG), energetic wave forms can include gravitational fields associated with mass, magnetic fields associated with certain materials and actions as well as, in the case of the human body, a variety of energetic fields that include magnetic, light and, possibly, scalar waves. (9) There are also what have become known as "subtle energy" fields, such as those associated with certain energy channels (meridians) and energy centers (chakras) identified already millennia ago in the East (and since verified scientifically— see RESEARCH 1). Consequently, the human body would appear to someone who could view the full spectrum of energies as a composition of swirling energy centers, functions, channels and systems. And, in our case as humans as well as with all life forms, there is a spirit analog that intertwines, interacts and energizes the mind/body energy fields described. (10)  We are also surrounded by ubiquitous energy in the form of what is known in science as the Zero Point Field (ZPF)— suspected by some to be an effect left over from the so-called Big Bang of creation (for a further discussion of the ZPF and the Big Bank theory see RESEARCH 3, and footnote #'s 5 & 6). This energetic field is also a useful holographic information storage medium. (11)


The important point is this:  Any approach to health that does not acknowledge and deal with the true nature of the physical world, which is teeming with information fields and perhaps infinite possibilities, is limited by definition. Not only is everything in our body or in the world actually quite different than it appears to our finite senses, everything in the universe is also interconnected through these force fields. Mental thought processes also create force fields that intersect and propagate by similar means. Everything in existence is oscillating or vibrating. Everything has a frequency and its own force field. Whether it be a rock, a kidney, or a negative emotion or thought, it has a frequency. A diseased kidney will have a different frequency from a healthy kidney. A negative thought or feeling will have a different frequency from a positive one. If a diseased organ's frequency can be changed to its ideal state  it will cease to degrade and may even heal. Though we use what we believe to be much more exact and efficient methods, a focus on body and disease frequencies and their rectification has much to do with the basic theory behind the practice of homeopathy. 


More on frequencies: However, even if a problematic frequency is adjusted during a treatment, what is to keep it from degrading back into its pre-treatment condition? It should be obvious that if the precursory conditions are not corrected that allowed or facilitated the disease or dysfunction to develop the treatment has only temporary effect and must be repeated some indeterminate number of times. This was the problem that Dr. Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy, faced — the symptomatic health problem treated would always return until its underlying energetic origins finally overcame the host client. The real solution, we believe, pertains to the underlying cause rather than (though also important) the frequency and associated data of the manifesting problem. Except for an incident resulting in structural damage, and even then, the problematic event has a "history." Not only does our clinical experience suggest that this is true but science is now discovering for itself that childhood stresses and traumas, for example, are correlated with both physical and emotional conditions later in life (see the RESEARCH pages). Certainly this makes perfect sense. However, even the frequency or signature of the root is not sufficient to address because of the tendrils and subsequent deleterious history and habituation this pernicious energy and its associated information has wrought in the host's subsequent life path. The root trauma has downstream effects and becomes an attractor field for similar accumulated events and multiplying negative effects in person's lives.


The identifiable precursory events, at least in terms of their signature, are in fact linked to later life dysfunctions of all types and are traceable to and from their roots. Since the circuits and cells of the mind/body are actually a vast storage medium in their own right it is, in fact, quite easy to use either direct or surrogate muscle testing (see RESEARCH 1) to identify not only the time of a negative root event in a person's life but also, if necessary, to identify the nature of the emotion as well as other related negative effects. Associated with the root stress there is usually some degree of erroneous belief that develops in the subconscious mind about self or the world, that then becomes a stealthy self-defeating program. This takes on a sort of life of its own-- a program that often becomes a low frequency attractor field that draws and accumulates similar energetic events into the person's life path. Though false and self-defeating such a belief and its negative energetic attraction field, if left unaddressed, will periodically reinforce itself over the remainder of the subject's life— accumulating erroneous proof that it is actually true. Examples might be feelings of being undeserving of good health or that he/she deserves to be punished, etc. There are enumerable possibilities. A common source is the timing of the birth of a person's next sibling ("I am no longer the object of my parents love," or "I am not good enough"). The maintenance of these pernicious programs also requires a certain amount of unconscious and energy draining and detrimental self-deception. These are the things that the self-help advocates of the world are always trying to get people to jettison, mostly unsuccessfully. They stand not only in the way of success; they also stand in the way of health.


False programs, more like viruses, can be removed along with all their pernicious threads, filaments and subsequently formed compartments of dysfunction that have accumulated over a lifetime. This includes the self-deceptive "games" that the virus program plays out in our otherwise valid world that skews our perceptions, compromises our integrity and short-circuits our performance. Fortunately this backpack of personal history can be changed by NeuroGenix methodology not only by the reduction or removal of such a root and its energetic "signature" and tentacles but also through actual quantum effects. It becomes to some degree as if the negative event and its subsequent consequences over a lifetime were either diminished or never even happened (see RESEARCH 1, Retrocausality, See also RESEARCH 3).


Human intention. With respect to the laws that govern health the only reason that non-medical alternative healing ever works to any degree is because of the power of human intention— a very real power. Quantum physics itself understands the power of intention and responds accordingly. However, unless an adequate knowledge of the details of a manifesting dysfunction and any self-sabotaging programs (almost always present running in the background) are also detected and released no substantial improvement will occur. Though conscious awareness can be useful it is not sufficient to simply understand that these self-defeating programs are there. They have very specific informational and energetic signatures or markers and linked programs that will never be fully comprehended by the subject's conscious mind. The best position for the conscious mind is a decision to "let go" and a willingness to embrace positive change. There is also the important aspect having to do with the mind and will of the Lord. Serious attempts to be in compliance with authorized higher powers most assuredly enhances the power of intention brought to bear on a healing situation. 


Knowledge, including scientific studies of neuroscience, generally adds to the power of a treatment. With respect to quantum healing effects specific knowledge facilitates better identification and visualization of the body systems and components involved and, therefore, more accurate guided activation of the appropriate energetic and informational pathways and circuits. Also, in this regard, we owe a great debt of gratitude to Dr. Leslie Feinberg who, more than anyone else teaching and practicing, understands the implications of quantum physics to this field. It is he that realized, for instance, that a practitioner could use such principles to engage a subject's other-than-conscious mind in an intentional therapeutic conversation based upon a diagnosis gathered from the mind/body and also that there are certain mind/body standards related to "the source of creation." (12)  One outgrowth or extension of this is our particular use of divine mind/body templates for corrective energetic/informational health reference points during therapeutic processing.


Credit due. We also must single out the work of Dr. Charles Krebs, (13)  whose life's work  has been the studiy of the brain and how to reprogram its numerous potential faults. His vast research, knowledge and experience has allowed us to transpose important details and neurological pathways into our own energetic/informational programming approach. Probably the other highly important facit incorporated in our work is that of Emotional Release Therapy (ERT). Pam Robinson's (Institute of Healing Arts) extensive experience and expertise in this area has also served our work. Interestingly and perhaps mind expanding, occasionally ERT testing will actually locate an essential client emotion point of origin that is pre-conception. (14)  This, along with ancestral effects and other factors mentioned, casts a much wider and more effective spectrum of light upon the subject of health and its potential maintenance or resolution.


Furthermore, as we have stated elsewhere, it is important to understand that the fundamental building block of creation is information. It was by the Word that the world was created. And it is by the necessary and appropriate information that anything is created, re-created and/or healed.


1) "I think that modern physics has definitely decided in favor of Plato. In fact, the smallest units of matter are not physical objects in the ordinary sense; they are forms, ideas which can be expressed unambiguously only in mathematical language." - Werner Heisenberg, pioneering German quantum physicist and source of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

2) Norton, Quantum Theory of Waves and Particles, University of Pittsburg, html. Explains wave/particle duality and electron superposition.

3) Zyga, Physicists set new record for quantum teleportation with matter qubits, Apr. 2013, See also Nölleke, et al., at the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics, Longer distance quantum teleportation achieved. Physical Science Letters, Sep. 2014; Porteurs, et al. Remote entanglement of two quantum memories by quantum state teleportation, Le LPMC,

4) See Neuro-Genix RESEARCH 1 page subject titled Retrocausality.

5) Albert Einstein quoted this phrase this when addressing an issue of quantum mechanics in the 1920s. Einstein was resolute that the universe should be wholly predictable through physical laws, whereas ideas of Quantum mechanics were apparently suggesting that some areas of prediction could be little more than an either/or, or maybe state. Einstein would later come around to the concepts of quantum mechanics and spent the remainder of his life hunting for a grand unifying theory to link the macro world of relativity to the micro world of the quantum.

6) See Brené Brown, TEDTalk: The Power of Vulnerability,

7) Quantum Physics and our Energy Field: The Role of Quantum Physics ~ Our Body and the ‘Field’,, retrieved 3/18/2015.

8) When any two or more energetic wave functions intersect they create what is known as an interference pattern. Such a pattern contains the information from each of the original wave functions. The Zero Point Field which, by virtue of being everywhere, intersects by its very nature with virtually every other energetic wave activity in existance, thus becoming theoretically an infinite information storage medium. Since, according to the latest science, no information is ever lost or destroyed, is a fact with many interesting implications. The body's systems can also be used as a tuning device to access at least some of this information.

9) Scalar waves are theoretically created when two energetic waves of the same frequency and amplitude encounter each other and thus cancel out-- while transferring their energy into scalar waves that propagate essentially instantaneously through space. While there is much pseudoscience attached to the concept of scalar waves, "scalar field theory" does exist and plays an important role in several branches of physics. "It should be noted that while no scalar field has ever been observed in nature, the physics behind scalar field theory is still sound. In fact, it is believed that the Higgs Boson may provide the first evidence of such a field (the Higgs field is hypothesized to be a scalar field)." So-called scalar antennas have been produced that use opposing electromagnetic fields to produce the scalar waves. We have experimented with such a scalar antenna with satisfactory results. However, we could not attribute the treatment success to the scalar anrtenna or scalar wave concept. The power of human intention coupled with the principles of quantum physics would be the overriding or driving principles in either case and we could not say that there was any advantage. There is a theory that the brain, when balanced and functioning properly, may actually produce scalar waves by virtue of the intersection of energetic brain waves combining from both hemispheres. However, it is our opinion that much of alternative health claims related to scalar wave use is ill founded. The recent verification of the existence of the Higgs Boson subatomic particle has at least validated the concept of the scalar field and the presence of another ubiquitous energy field (Higgs Field) that appears to also be the source of mass for other particles and much of the universe. What this has to do with human health remains to be seen but further underscores the fact that our bodies are not only a collection of energy fields, they are also operating within a matrix of fields which sustain our world and our place in it. Attunement to its laws would therefore seem to be wise.

10) How much of an atom is empty space? Virtually all of it. The electrons occupy the space in between. One percent of every atom is composed of protons, neutrons, and electrons. The other 99% is empty space.

11) Spirits are not confined to humans and animals, but those associated with plant and mineral kingdoms are of a lessor order. 

12) NeuroModulation Technique: We have found Dr. Leslie Fienberg's NMT to be a brilliant and very powerful alternative health modality.

13) Dr. Charles Krebs author of A Revolutionary Way of Thinking and developer of the LEAP (learning Enhancement Acupressure Program), see: https://www. When in the US he is accessible through the Lydian Center: Due to the historical success of LEAP protocols in achieveing neurological reprograming on several continents Dr. Krebs is now engaged in collaborative effort in conjunction with scientists at Harvard University. See: Dr. Carl M. Anderson , DEVELOPMENT BIOPSYCHIATRY RESEARCH PROGRAM, MCLEAN HOSPITAL, HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL;

14) Pam Robinson, Emotional Release Therapy (ERT), Institute of Healing Arts,  Our work occasionally tracts aspects of data that are pre-mortal. However, on one occasion while doing ERT clinical work our treatment subject/client remembered being present in the spirit at the time and place of her conception. Interestingly, she formed opinions at that time about each of her parents that persisted through the womb, childhood and into adulthood (which did not serve her well). Our present character and personality can be made up of a surprising number of contributing sources. See P Robinson, Institute of Healing Arts, The Bright Red Bow and Emotional Liberty: The Power of Choice,

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