Brain Integration

There are energetic and information signatures or roots that constitute blockages of communication circuits which hinder brain function and performance. These are frequently associated with childhood trauma and stress when neurological development is immature and vulnerable. Other factors may include a variety of environmental and generational components. For true and lasting brain integration it is necessary to release and replace these root signatures, their energetic threads of human dysfunction (that also extend into the present) and their emotional triggers. Clearing and balancing all the affected circuits, pathways and force fields removes learning difficulties and can improve performance in virtually all areas of life.


Optimum and lasting Briain Integration involves more than just the brain. Not only are there millions of relevant neurons asscociated with the spine, heart, intestinal tract and periphery there are also electromagnetic and other energetic force fields involved. Compromised processing issues often exist within and between brain hemispheres and throughout other neurological structures, fields and systems of the mind/body. 


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Emotional Release

Western as well as almost all alternative approaches to health generally fail to adequately address energetic root causes. Therapeutic interventions are of limited benefit if not integrated with release and replacement of negative root emotions and linked erroneous belief patterns typically lodged in various body circuits, organs, glands and force fields. These operate and affect our behavior largely through the subconscious mind. Origins of dysfunction often extend backwards in time to early infancy, the womb, or even beyond and are accompanied by acquired erroneous beliefs about life and self.


A classic example of an emotion mind/body disease relationship would be that of cancer. Cancer of almost all types has a strong correlation with suppressed anger and lack of forgiveness. Unhealthy destructive thought patterns are typically linked to people, places, situations and objects in time and space. Unless negative energetic and informational signatures are released and replaced disease and behavioral dysfunction is perpetuated. When the origins of dysfunction and their viral unconscious programs are thoroughly addressed, released and replaced, true healing can occur. Emotional release may be achieved via several treatment pathways including what we call the Audit Trail.




Generational Healing

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Almost all healing involves generational components. Besides being a composite of our ancestor's DNA, we are also to some degree a composite of our parents and forbearers relationships, dispositions, tendencies, addictions and dysfunctions. In order to truly heal we must also locate, integrate and resolve our position as a member of an energetic and informational field/matrix that includes family — past, present and future.


Not only is there usually a generational contribution involved in our health and relationship issues, those who have passed on are actually (whether passively or actively) participating with us in morphigenic fields of energy, information and connectionregardless of whether we are conscious of it. Their issues are actually playing out in our lives as a call for help as well as a taxation on our agency and energy. There are also certain types of memories, usually traumatic, past down through our lineage.


True healing of the mind/body and its spirit necessitates dealing with all the factors in the health equation. Life style and supplements may also be part of the healing process and may be indicated. Such, however, usually prove to be secondary to energetic issues for a variety of reasons. Greater access to free will or agency is the object and result our work facilitates — thus empowering the client with a more effective lifestyle and range of behavior.  

Performance Enhancement

Enhanced client performance may be achieved on a one-time basis, such as for a critical presentation or athletic event or, more permanently via a comprehensive treatment regimen associated with brain integration and other relevant processes including what we call Standard Targets. (1)


NeuroGenix performance processes can focus on criteria that include mental processing, athletic performance, present time and space awareness, and grounding. Such processing can also include an increase in personal frequency and endorphin levels, as well as adjustment in stress factors and related neurotransmitter efficiency as dictated by the particular performance setting and objectives.




Chronic Disease

Chronic disease is the bane of western medicine. This is due to the fact that its tools are not designed to deal with the precursors, energetic context and history of a disease and this fact is evident by the growing prevalence of chronic and seemingly incurable illnesses such as MS, Parkinson's and alzheimers.


While science and western medicine are obedient to our society's demands for a quick fix, chronic diseases and dysfunctions have not only current causes but also energetic roots, threads and filaments extending backwards in time through and even beyond our birth. For genuine relief of chronic conditions these earlier data points and components must be identified, removed or adjusted. Treatment regimens are determined through testing.






Addictions are often linked to unresolved stress and trauma— particularly rooted in childhood as well as to inherited generational elements.


Addiction's simplest definition is that of a mental state characterized by compulsive engagement in physiologically rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences. Addiction may be thought of as the enemy of freedom of choice and can take on almost limitless faces and approaches to make its inroads into and constraints on human agency. 


Typically we think of addiction as pertaining to obvious things such as pornography, alcohol, drugs or gambling, but addiction and its subverted neurological reward pathways in the brain also include and often commence with various mental loops and obsessive and unconscious thought processes. Emotional states also intertwine chemically and neurologically with physiological states.




Life Purpose 
Learning Disorders

From clinical observations it is apparent that our human spirits have come here from another realm, bringing with them some degree of previous experience. This does not, however, include any experience of a previous physical or mortal life. It is clear that the physical experience of birth is new and unique and that the womb and birth present totally new circumstances for our human spirits. This clearly challenging transition from the realm of the spirit into the physical world has a profound bearing on a person's life path and total health experience.


It is also apparent that our spirits come into this stage of existence armed with some knowledge and having made certain commitments to others and to God. The result of which includes what might be termed a divine commission or purpose in life. Consequently, many of the difficulties and challenges we experience in mortality relate to a lack of congruence with this personal purpose.







Kinesiology is a system of energy flow management that owes much of its heritage to ancient Chinese medicine as well as several key people who have brought it into the modern world such as George Goodheart, John Thie, Richard Utt, Charles Krebs and others. Perhaps its greatest evolution has been in the realm of brain integration and neurological formatting. Energetic and holistic kinesiology has been integrated into the larger edifice of our work.


Like a good violin it is possible to perform with it almost any tune or to lend its acupressure point therapeutic activation and resonance as a contribution to a larger orchestration within the unique Neuro-Genix remote healing system. Kinesiological muscle testing also is a key component of our methodology.





Besides the more usual forms of learning disorders such as ADD, ADHD and dyslexia it is a fact that almost everyone suffers from some form of neurological impairment. It is essentially impossible to get through life without some idling (non-productive) neurons, blockages and routing errors of brain and other neurological pathways and associated information processing degradation. 


NeuroGenix understands that, though such impediments to optimum performance come from a variety of sources, with the possible exception of structural damage, they are almost always amenable to correction. Such corrections mainly involve Brain Integration. Also, see:                                             and the Full-Spectrum Brain Integration website:



  • What impairments are currently manifesting in your mind/body?

  • What future dysfunctions are already scheduled in your life path? 

  • Ever wonder why you have certain behavior patterns over which you have limited control ?

Other therapeutic optimization processes include chemical, physical, immunological and behavioral categories of treatment.

1) Standard Targets comprises a comprehensive set of performance and health criteria target thresholds with a focus on mental awareness and    performance.